Emo I have become very fashionable for a while now and indeed for the young who follow this style does not mean belonging to an urban tribe, but goes somewhat further and associate it with one view, understand and live life, in addition to a type of dress and overall styling of the most characteristic.
Emo Movement:

While Emo begin to emerge from the 80s or late 70s and following the punk music, we have to say it is not until 90 when experiencing a real boom.
His “ideal” or the main feature of this movement is that Emos remain critical of the world around him, the central figure emo has its emotions, emotions that are strictly personal and physical.

Characteristics of haircuts and hairstyles Emo:

If anything distinguished Emo, is on her hairdo and although depending on the person wearing it can vary a bit, the truth is always usually the same or menoscon few varieties.
Authentic Emo hairstyle with bangs takes it long enough to cover part of the face. Normalemnte takes combed to the side so that this does not bother us in both eyes.
On the other hand we have to talk over the Emo hairstyles and although usually bob in the case of girls, also we can find examples of that are long manes and cueten with a little volume at the top of so we combed to the side and give the effect “hull” that seems to have this kind of hairstyle.