Barmak Nassirian While the Official American Association of University Admissions and Records states that a good college essay does not replace a poor academic record or low test scores, an essay successful college can tip the scales in your favor when you’re facing a candidate with a comparable academic record. The application essay for college is an opportunity to demonstrate your writing skills and reveal elements of your character that make you uniquely qualified for admission or valuable. The opening of the trial with a strong and interesting introduction take your test on the right track and gives managers the admission a good first impression of your abilities.



Carefully review the essay topic provided by the school or college. Opening your essay should begin directly with the topic you have requested. Common themes include “Write about the most difficult task you have had to overcome” or “Write about the most influential person or event you have experienced in your life.”

Repeat essay topic on several questions. Working with a direct question allows you to focus your ideas. If the essay topic is “Write about the most difficult task you had to overcome” may reiterate theme as: “What was the hardest decision I ever had to do” or “At what point in my life I had to experience a lot of doubts about myself?”.

Create a profile of your essay. The first few sentences should provide guidance for testing, so it is best to start with the end in mind. Write a sentence that summarizes what you will discuss in each of your paragraphs in the main body, and a single sentence that summarizes the test.

Write a list of 5 to 10 possible opening sentences based on your profile. Each sentence must refer clearly to the intended subject and make specific reference to the unique experience. For example, it is possible that the introduction contains phrases like: “In the time that the last frame was packing my room was that I realized I might be making the wrong decision to move,” or “The most difficult decision I actually was not affecting my life, but the lives of the members of my family. ”

Read the first few sentences aloud. Removes any confusing sentence, off topic, repetitive or too general. Narrow your list to your five favorite phrases.

Read the edited opening sentence to a friend, teacher, parent or counselor college list. Asked what is the most interesting and the most clear. If not everyone agrees, even apply outside input will help to eliminate the weaker options and provide an external perspective on your writing.

Choose two or three sentences from the list and write sentences based on individual opening paragraphs. If you struggle to write the first paragraph that this sentence is probably not the best to open your essay.


Read sample paragraphs aloud to yourself or to a group of listeners. Use the most interesting paragraph and gently insert the rest of the trial based on your outline.