For some looks matter a lot, while for others safety is something that they won’t ever compromise upon. Safe walk in tubs meet these two criteria and render the most luxurious kind of bathing solution. Now many people are a bit sceptical about giving this peculiar kind of bath tub a shot in their homes. Reason is simple, it’s a new product and mostly people who have elders at home; installed it for their convenience.

What exactly is it?

A walk in tub is primarily meant for people who can’t step up and step into a tub. Moreover, sitting into it once inside; is another difficult situation for them to handle. The usual tubs never had any supportive handle bars, neither were they slip proof. On the other hand these safe walk in tubs have a door to get in, which is not a common attribute for any bath tub. These are made especially for people, who are either old or need support to walk and balance them. For these kinds of people, a fall due to slipping somewhere; may prove fatal to their lives.

This is made mostly of aluminium, which gives it the strength and doesn’t rust with time. The surface has a peculiar non-slip agent coated onto it, so the user doesn’t slip in the tub or off the tub, while entering, bathing or getting out. The surface’s non-slippery coat works even when there is water on it. That’s the best feature of it. All the tub come with a stool fitted to it, where a user can sit and bathe, since many people can’t sit on the tub floor conveniently; nor can they get up if they sit.

What are the standard fittings in these tubs?

It is evident that there is a door that closes and seals the tub to not let the water get out. Another advantage that this tub offers is the array of choices in hydrotherapy. There is multiple numbers of jets that relaxes the muscles of the body. The speed of these jets could be set by the control buttons and knobs that are fitted at a convenient height. There is also a shower wand, which can be used conveniently. The support bars are everywhere, where they could be needed the most. The size is standardized so it may always fit in the tub space of the bathroom, without the owner having to make any changes.

Overall, safe walk in tubs are a luxurious need that everyone must fit in their homes.