Although there is already a similar style tablet type to light as the iPad or the myriad Android devices from various manufacturers, which runs Windows 7, Microsoft’s entry into this sector will not occur “in style” until Windows 8 is on the street.

There have been no final official dates for this release, but it looks like that will occur sometime next year.

Windows 8 will be the first version of this platform that can run on ARM chip architecture, which will allow you to run, for example, tablets equipped with nVIDIA Tegra or Snapdragon chip from Qualcomm.

The first manufacturers to bet on Windows 8 will, in all likelihood, Samsung and Nokia. The South Korean multinational already have such a device running Windows 7, the Series 7 Slate Tablet (pun intended), so you can safely recycle this previous experience in a new device, probably lighter.

Regarding Nokia, rumors are more vague: according to an article in the French newspaper Les Echos, the branch director of the Finnish multinational gala, Paul Ansellem, said that by mid-year will be a Nokia tablet running Windows on the market.