Anyone who wants to distribute the spaces of your home according to Feng Shui, even if it were a beginner must know the energy map or Bagua, which has its origins based on the I Ching is the sacred book of changes, which used for divination, “Ba” means eight and “Gua” means trigram, and would become the oldest representation of all combinations mystical power of Ying and Yang.

The Bagua is an octagon, but we could simplify a square, which set him on the plane of our home or a particular room, indicates that 8 of the areas are most conducive to the relationships between people, marriage, family, wealth, prosperity, fame, wisdom, money and pleasure.

We should note that in the energy map called Bagua, the cardinal points are in a different position than in the western compasses, south is up, north is down, east to the right, and west to the left, when sitúes the Bagua on the plane of your house or any other room, the door should always be on the bottom.

With this simple map can make positive energy flow properly throughout every room in our home and seize them.