Who does not enjoy the tranquility of their own home, but imagine if you could make your home like a ‘safe-cave’ where you would feel so easy and relaxed you would not be even craving for a holiday house, because the sensation of your home would make you feel like your everyday is as a holiday.

You must be thinking: “This is impossible! I always need a holiday away from all!”

With the right touch and help of modern home interior designers I can guarantee you, they can make your house the most comfortable and soothing place on earth.

Each person’s home should be like their own sanctuary. A place where you hide away from the entire cluster, all the noise and all the unnecessary troubles and problems the whole world is having. Most people come home from work each day, tired of giving their essence at the office and just feel like lying down on the sofa and relax without needing to think about anything. Imagine that in that moment, you could hear a river passing by, birds singing and the sound of tree leaves dancing in the wind. Would not that be great?

How to sooth your “safe-cave“?

Well, all this, almost all of it is possible with Soothing company’s great sense of interior design. They will not only advise you on how to turn your home into a comfortable nest but they will also help you design your house with all the details you might be needing to enjoy hours spent at home the most.

They offer an online sale of everything relaxing for your home. You can get water fountains all types; from tabletop ones to waterfall walls. This is how the Soothing Company actually began. First they were focusing on soothing walls, which became their known term on fountains for inside and outside areas. They could actually put a fountain anywhere you could think of, just to make you and your close ones feel at ease. When the success grew a bit they extended to all kinds of furniture and other things that are pleasing to the eye and even more gentle to the ear. Now they have a variety of aquariums, bonsai trees, massage chairs, mattress toppers, vanities, fireplaces, bean bag chairs (hammocks) and even saunas.

The idea

In my opinion the idea came from the connection of East’s old knowledge of ‘fengshui’ (Chinese: D); which in literal translation means ‘wind water’ and ‘five elements’; (Chinese :) which are fire, water, wind, earth and air. These two topics are two very old conceptions that actually connect everything that exists and in medical sense they are referring to the balance of every organ to the environment. In a nutshell, the connection of these two things and the soothing elements you can buy, it’s worth noting that they are pleasant and good for our state of health.

Remember the game you played when you were young, when you were pouring water from one cup to another so your friend would wet the bed? This is because the water has a very strong and on the other way soothing effect to your kidneys, that are the source of your water excretion. In many cases, whenever you will have kidney problems, the new age doctors will even advise you to drink more water and to swim more often. The water balances your kidneys and cleans them of toxics through urination. The closeness of water will always make you feel lighter and relax you. Other products that you can also buy online are mainly focusing on different ways of how to ease your body and mind. For example, anything green (bonsai tree) always sooths your eyes.

Fire as one part of the ‘five elements’ is also very important in your home, not only that you can have romantic dinners around the fireplace, but in traditional Chinese medicine it actually represents your heart. In similar way the water sooths your kidneys, fire sooths your heart and helps you to relax yourself even more. Do whatever you can to make yourself feel relaxed every step of the way, because we all know only this way we get things done properly in our lives.