Providing your air conditioning minimal care is essential, otherwise you will fail to meet its real goal of spending more energy, which makes its economic cost is also higher.

For the care of it is essential that a professional check every so often and perform maintenance, especially to check coolant levels at least once a year, and as a rule this is done before each season when you need to put in use after winter.

In particular it is necessary to keep the filters clean, once it has begun to use the air conditioning, and should be done at least once a month and clean this type of control, especially if there are people at home who smoke to prevent from debris that can interfere with the normal operation of this apparatus.

It is a process that has no major complications and is usually very simple, but can differ, but most of all bring the specific indications for proper cleaning in the manual of the air conditioner. So to take this into account, so that not only we possess a much longer shelf life, but also to work properly.