Anniversary Party Ideas To Celebrate That Special Bond Of Love

Anniversary Party Ideas To Celebrate That Special Bond Of Love

An anniversary party is the best way to cherish and celebrate a couple’s memories of time spent together. Organizing an anniversary party may be stressful, whether it is for yourself or a friend, But it doesn’t have to be this way. With this problem of your’s in perspective, we bring you the best anniversary party ideas. 

In the article, we have set up a list of things you will need for an anniversary party. The article covers all the aspects of an anniversary party like food, and decorations that will relieve you of stress. 

Anniversary Party Ideas

Setting up a party for celebrating the cherishing and loving time a couple spent together is a task in itself. This is the step by step guide for it:

Set a Date

One of the most important parts of a celebration is deciding a date. When deciding a date for an anniversary party, always remember to keep it as close to the anniversary date as possible. The next thing you need to do is give the guests sufficient time and invite them well in advance. 

An advance invitation will not only help the guests but also gives you enough time to plan and make arrangements for the party. When deciding on a date, keep in mind that the party you are planning is a day or evening celebration and make arrangements accordingly. If you are planning the anniversary party for a friend or associate, then always asks for their preferences and choose the anniversary party ideas accordingly.

Pick A Location

location for anniversary party

When deciding a party’s location, you have to answer many questions like, is it a day or evening celebration? Will the party be informal or formal? How many guests will there be at the party? After you have answered all these questions, it will be a breeze to decide the celebration location. 

If you are planning a small get together party, then you can do it at the couple’s house or friends if comfortable. But, if the celebration is a big scale and can’t be done at home, then a garden or park will be a perfect spot. If the party you are organizing is an outdoor party, always be sure to see the weather forecast as bad weather can ruin all the fun. 

On the other hand, if you are planning to go all out, then book a large venue like a club, resort, or hotel. But, when doing this, be sure to book in advance to avoid any last-minute disappointments.

Choose a Theme

When choosing the theme, you have to generally be thought of the event you are celebrating, and it has to be fun. For fun, you can also add some party games to the theme. The theme is where the best part begins. When playing and hosting a formal party, you have to be cohesive about the colors and decorations when choosing an anniversary party ideas.

While on the other hand, when hosting an informal and casual anniversary party, you don’t have to worry much about the colors and decorations to be matching. In casual parties, you will have little more freedom when compared to formal parties in choosing the decorations and theme.

One more common way to decide the theme is to select the theme around the couple’s wedding symbol or memories. For example, the color and the symbol for the 40th anniversary are rubies, and hence the color red must be included in everything, including the decorations. It will also inspire the guests to purchase the gifts accordingly. 

Send Out Invitations

It isn’t always necessary to send out the invitation. But, if you are planning a formal party, then it is always good to send out a printed invitation, which must include information like the dress code, location, date, and children. Always be sure to send the invitations at least a month prior to the party so that it is easy for everyone to make it to the celebration. 

When sending out the invitation, also keep the venue in mind to be sure about the facilities and space enough for guests. If, on the other hand, you are planning a small low key anniversary celebration, then making a Facebook or WhatsApp group will be enough. Making a group will not only make it easy for you but also for the guests to be updated about any changes in the planning. 

Sending an online invitation is also common nowadays. When sending out an invitation, keep in mind the following things:

  • Name of Couple
  • Anniversary year
  • Time & Date for celebration
  • Venue of celebration
  • RSVP information
  • Any other information like the dress code.

The Party Supplies

We have combined a list of items you will need for the anniversary party ideas you choose, as nothing transforms the party more than decorations. The supplies you will need for a perfect party are:

Hanging decorations

When going for a wedding anniversary decoration, you don’t need to go overboard. The decorations are not going to cost much, and adding basic things like a banner of Mr. and Mrs. at the gate or balloons will be enough. These basic decoration things will transform your anniversary party venue into a gorgeous party spot in just minutes. 


balloons for decorations.

An old but old decorative trick is using the balloons. Balloons are the most elegant way of adding simple but yet lovely decoration to your venue. There are different shapes and color balloons available, which you can also use to match your theme. 

The task which will need efforts when using balloons is selecting the type and color as well as filling them up. There are air pumps, both automatic and manual available in the market, which you can use. Baloons are best for any anniversary party ideas or themes.


Buying tableware for the party is not always essential, especially if you are having the celebration completely catered. As most of the catering services provide the cutlery and plates. 

If you’re planning a buffet-style celebration, paper tableware is a great option as it is affordable and disposable and can be easily matched with your anniversary party ideas. Easily disposable paperware will also let you relax at the end of a party and not worry about doing the dishes. 

Personal Touches

Once you are done with the basic party decorations, you can add the few personal touches to the decorations. You can add some photos, memories, and other things related to the couple. Another thing you can do is create an interactive table. 

Another thing you can have for the party is a guestbook for people to leave their messages for the couple. You can also create a wooden date box with the cards where the guests can leave the messages for date night and different things. 

Food And Drinks

food and drinks an essential part of anniversary party ideas.

No celebration is complete without drinks and food. The food and drinks to the guests are completely up to you. Some people prefer completely catered parties, whereas some prefer buffet-style serving; it all depends on what anniversary party ideas you choose. Whatever you choose, keep in mind the location and no. of guests. 

If the celebration is a small scale and to be held at the couple’s house, a buffet dinner idea is the best. In buffet, you can keep a variety of finger food, which will ensure that there is something for everyone. 

If you are planning a party for more than 30 people, a catering service is best as it will relieve you of the stress to cook. But, when choosing the food somethings to keep in mind is choosing a variety of food which can be suitable for everyone like gluten-free, vegetarian, and others if any food preference.

Capture the Moments

anniversary party photography

In the celebration, photos are one of the most important parts. Photography is something you should go for as it is something that will keep the memories alive forever. Hiring a professional photographer for the moment is best, as, in celebration, it’s easy to forget the photo sessions. But, the issue sometimes arises from the budget when hiring a professional photographer. 

To solve the budget issue, you can ask any of your friends to be your one-time photographer or get the cameras on rent, which you can place at some places for the guests to capture the moments. This will solve your budget woes as well at the end of the day, provide the lovely photos. 

You can also get some Instagram signs on tables for your friends to post the photos. the Instagram photos will also be a good way to keep the memories while inspiring the others for sane anniversary party ideas.

Final Words

Voila, these are the things you will need to know and have to throw a memorable anniversary party. In the article, the list of things and anniversary party ideas we have put together for you will help you arrange a party to remember. 

The anniversary party ideas and suggestions in the article are based on people’s experiences and are wallet-friendly. 

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