Redo Your Space with the Iconic Art Deco Interior Design

Redo Your Space with the Iconic Art Deco Interior Design

Art Deco is the short form of Arts Décoratifs, and it comprises bold geometry, rich colors, and detailed work. It has been popular since the time it got introduced, i.e., in the 1920s.

Due to incorporating luxury, symmetry, and glamour altogether, Art Deco has been inspiring the attractive designs of furniture and buildings, from homes to hotels, and it still influences contemporary designs.


If you are thinking to change your home or office’s look, you might want to think about an Art Deco style change. This style has a lot of fun, funky designs that you will love.

You will find that it can add an elegant, refined look to your home or office. Many people who own home offices or other businesses use this look in their interior design, as it is beautiful and can be mold to suit the owner’s personality.


If you are searching for some great tips to decorate a bedroom and living room with Art Deco style or thinking of opting for an Art Deco kitchen, then the given information will prove to be useful to you.

We will discuss some great ideas that you can use to decorate your bedroom with Art Deco style.

Choose Paintings Reflecting Your Persona

The first tip for decorating your bedroom with Art Deco style is to find a painting that appeals to you and your personality. The painting not only decorates your bedroom, but it is also a great way to personalize your bedroom’s entire look.

You can choose a painting that reflects your tastes, personality, favorite activities, or any other theme appropriate for your bedroom.

Redefine Your Space with Alluring Accent Pieces

Besides a painting, you need to put some accent pieces in your bedroom, such as chandeliers, floor lamps, mirrors, and so on.

These accents are not necessary for the bedroom, but they can help give your bedroom a nice touch. You can buy these accent pieces from different stores or the internet.

Opt for Color Contrasting or Color Matching

Another tip for decorating your bedroom with Art Deco style is to choose different colors and accessories for every part of your bedroom. You will also need to have some accessories that will complement the paintings’ colors and accent pieces.

For example, if you have a red bedroom, you can add red accessories such as red rugs and pillows. You can choose a red rug for the floor and red curtains to accentuate your walls.

When decorating your bedroom with Art Deco style, you need to keep some important tips in mind. Here are some of them:

Don’t Make Your Room Look Crowded

Make your room neutral so that the room does not have a distinct color representative of your bedroom and does not make your room look crowded.

It is better to leave some space between the walls and use it for your room’s storage.

Use Some Elegant Hangings

Hangings and pictures are essential accessories in your bedroom. Hang pictures that you love or place them in an appropriate place. Use wall hangings in the center of your room and place paintings where you feel comfortable hanging them.

If you are planning to use wall hangings, do not place your art on the wall right at the edge of the wall, as this will give a cluttered look to your room.

Accessorize Your Room as Per Your Taste

Decorating your bedroom is not all about placing your paintings. There are also some things that you need to consider when decorating a bedroom.

These include curtains, lamps, beds, dressers, bedspreads, tables, and even curtains that you can decorate with paint.

You can also choose your floor coverings so that the whole look of your bedroom gets coordinated.

Be It Chaotic or Glee, Let Your Furniture Do the Talking

Furniture should match and coordinate with the room’s colors, theme, and texture. It is better to choose matching pieces that will add to the look of the room.

Besides this, avoid using plain furniture in a bedroom since it gives a chaotic look. Instead, you can opt for painted and polished furniture so that your room will be more elegant and sophisticated.

In a Nutshell

Bedroom decoration ideas can also get obtained from magazines, books, and the Internet. Some websites can give you tips to decorate your bedroom. Keep in mind that many books can help you in decorating your bedroom.


Art Deco Home Showcases an Eclectic Mix

The main characteristics associated with the Art Deco style are an eclectic mixture of various materials that remains characterized by a high degree of ornate detail.

It gets characterized by an original style that remains stylized to fit into a wide variety of spaces and is an important influence on modern design.

Art Deco Décor is all About Themes That Inspire

Some of the Art Deco style’s most important characteristics include a theme that gets usually based around an idea or inspiration. However, certain aspects of the style are unique to each style.

Themes such as the use of different colors, fabrics, and geometric shapes are important aspects that can also contribute to the style’s overall look.

Art Deco Interior Makes Abstract Ideas Tangible

Some styles are more abstract, while others focus on a strong color scheme that can get seen in various colors.

Certain fabrics get used as well as the type of wood that remains used for construction. Colors that are commonly used include reds, yellows, oranges, greens, browns, and blues.

Modern Art Deco Promotes Unique Wood-Work & Textures

The way that different types of wood get used in this style is also unique. In some cases, it is a combination of different types of woods that have been carefully chosen to create various looks and textures.

Some examples of the different types of wood used in style are oak, mahogany, ash, cherry, walnut, and pine.

Vibrancy and Boldness Are What Art Deco Colors Represent

Another of the main characteristics of this style is the strong use of color. Different colors get utilized frequently, but this includes many different hues such as red, yellow, orange, green, blue, and purple.

The overall theme in Art Deco remains based on a strong color scheme and an original style that stylizes to fit into a wide range of spaces.

Art Deco Patterns Mixes Various Styles Tremendously

Although the materials used in style vary, some main types of furniture are commonly found in homes with style. One of the most common is the armoire, which was originally designed as a chest of drawers.

The styles that use different armies or chests include a combination of art Deco, Victorian, and contemporary styles.

Art Deco Interior Always Elevates the Power of Vintage

Other popular items are mirrors and tables that feature a wide variety of different colored finishes. Glassware is another popular item getting found in many homes with this style.

Furniture that features a vintage look or antique style is also popular because of its emphasis on quality rather than highly customized.

Art Deco Modern Style Matches with Victorian Style

Another unique type of style is the Art Deco Modern style. This style is very similar to the Victorian style but uses modern elements. This style usually includes a combination of a desk and chair with a table in front of it, both of which have unique details.

This particular type is very distinctive and will often get noticed in homes with many different architectural features.

Art Deco Futurist Approach Appreciates Vintage-Mod Mix Styles

An even more modern variation of the Art Deco style is the Art Deco Futurist style. This style often incorporates the colors found in Art Deco Modern style, including bright, colorful, and unique floral designs.

Many unique features of this style show in many homes, including unusual lamps, tables, desks, and even clocks.

Art Deco Dramatic Furniture & Color Vibes Can Do Miracles

The main difference between this style and many other home decor items is that the main color scheme is black and white. Different types of furniture like tables & chairs, are often incorporated into the style.

Some of the other characteristics of this style include many bold colors, with a large variety of different furniture items, such as tables, chairs, lamps, and even wall sconces.

Final Words

You should keep in mind when selecting any of the Art Deco style’s four main characteristics because not all of these characteristics are appropriate for every home.

Because of this, you need to consider which style would work best for your space. In general, your home’s design depends on the theme of the room, so you may want to work together with a design firm to make sure that the style you choose is appropriate.


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