Beach Party Ideas To Throw A Birthday Bash

Beach Party Ideas To Throw A Birthday Bash

What better way to celebrate summer and birthday than by throwing a beach birthday party? Sun, fun friends and family, all in one place and also there will be no need for after-party cleaning. There are endless themes for beach birthday party decorations, from mermaids to fishes and pirates to whales. With a little planning and some kick-ass beach party ideas, get ready to sink your toes in the sand, and drink cold beverages. After all, Summer is finally here!

We have mentioned some budget-friendly and lowkey beach birthday party ideas and tips to throw a perfect party. 

Find the Right Venue

It requires a little research in choosing the perfect venue for the birthday party and, in some cases, permits too. If you do not have a beach near your house, you can plan a beach themed birthday party in your backyard. 

Select a Theme

We love the beach and tropical themes for summer birthday parties. If you have found a seaside, then you are already a step ahead. Break out the grass skirts, tiki torches, and pineapples for Hawaiian themed beach birthday party ideas. Take your guests to the Caribbean dream with palm tree decor, bright hues, and dancing sounds of steel drums. You can plan a full Americana theme by featuring hot dogs, checkered napkins, seasonal pies. 

Opt for Disposable Tableware

Most beaches do not allow using glass utensils because of safety purposes. But dont worry; you can take disposable bowls, plates, napkins, cups, and straws. There are plenty of other options to choose from, like wooden spoons, paper spoons. It would be best if you opt for environment friendly, recyclable, and biodegradable options. One more benefit of using disposables is that you can simply toss the supplies in the dustbin and not worry about cleaning. 

Choose Beach-Friendly Decor

We all love the cool ocean breeze, but not when the wind blows away all the decorations. If you are looking for beach party ideas, you should consider your decoration supplies’ durability. You can look on Pinterest and Instagram for some awesome inspirations. And if you can’t find anything good enough, sea glass, seashells, rocks are always free.

Easy-to-Eat Appetizers

Most people come to birthday parties to hover at food. So you should get some appetizers and nibbles handy for the folks. You can never go wrong with finger foods like rolls, fries, bruschetta, crudites with dip. After all, we all love some sour cream dip and chips.

Yummy Mains

Do you want some fun beach birthday party ideas to get your guests involved over a plate of food? Why not build a food bar? This is perfect for picky eaters. Do not forget to add hot dogs to your menu list, a classic summer staple. You can also create a do it yourself food station for tacos and sliders. If you are running short on budget, you can do a potluck theme “you bring it, we grill it.”

Simple Sides

Do not forget to add scrumptious sides to complement the mains. Prep side dishes ahead like watermelon, potato salad, and feta salad to make hosting a lot easier. You will be firing up the grill anyway, so why not add some corns or veggie skewers to the beach party menu. Burgers and hot dogs are incomplete without chips. 

Refreshing Drinks

There nothing better than a cold beer on a hot summer day. Fruity and fresh white wine is also a staple for birthday parties. If you are planning for Mexican beach party themes and ideas, then Margaritas are a must. Also, keep a few coolers with plenty of water bottles. You can also keep a jug of juice for non-drinkers. Ice is a must- stock on a lot of it.

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Sweet Treats

Want to keep something for dessert? S’mores are the perfect sweet treat for a cozy night party on the beach. Get creative by adding bananas, strawberries, and caramel into your s’mores. You can also offer ice cream sundae with delicious toppings and specialty cones to please the guests. If not these, then lime pie cups will never fail you.

Fun and Games

Where there is a birthday party, there need to be fun games. Entertainment is a must if you want to turn your beach party into a bash. Play some music and put up a conga line or limbo contest. You can also play ber pong or gather around a bonfire after the sunset. 

Get Shady

Not everyone likes to spend time under the scorching sun; this means you will have to arrange some shade. If you dont arrange a shady place for the guests to sit, they might leave the party early. Some perfect beach party ideas to create shade is by setting colorful umbrellas, which will also work great as decorations. Also, do not forget to pack up loads of sunscreen and bug repellant for everyone. Your pals will definitely thank you.

Quick tip for proper planning and organizing:

We have mentioned a shortlist of how and when you should plan the things in order to throw the best beach party.

3-4 weeks before the party

  • Send invites and plan on the venue
  • Plan menu
  • Make a list of activities
  • Plan favors and decorations

1-3 days before the party

  • Shop for decorations
  • Prepare menu

On the day of the party

  • Finish the food prep
  • Get the location ready
  • Set up activities and games
  • Arrange for the end time of the party

Final Words:

Summers and beach go hand in hand. If you or your kids have a birthday coming up, then beach party ideas fit in perfectly. A beach birthday party is budget-friendly as well as easy to organize. You have a ground to play games and set up food counters, and no more worries about after-party tidying up. 

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