Best Indoor Trees For a Cheerful Home

Best Indoor Trees For a Cheerful Home

The power of greenery is real. Don’t you agree? So why not bring it inside the home for a happier and energetic environment? Why not try some best indoor trees to elevate your home decor and the environment? 

Yes, you can, and the benefits of having some indoor plants or trees are enough to inspire you for this. Some of the benefits of indoor trees are pure air, positive energy, and they are also an eye-catching addition to home decor. 

However, choosing the right one for your home can sometimes be confusing, and to help you with this, we have prepared a list of the best indoor trees. These trees, which we have put on the list, are picturesque home decor and some of the best air purifying plants you can have. 

What To Consider When Buying Indoor Trees?

When going for some indoor plants or trees, some of the things to consider include:

  • Space for which you want them. This is vital as every indoor tree has its needs like light and environment, so you need to choose according to it.
  • Light is an important factor for any tree. Thus you must consider getting some low light indoor trees if you don’t have enough supply of direct sunlight. However, it all depends on your sunlight availability as most trees require at least 5-6 hours of sunlight. 
  • Space is also an aspect as some trees grow more than the others, so choose accordingly.
  • Also, consider the area for which you want the indoor trees. For example, a humid bathroom, sunny balcony, or an entryway. This is essential as each tree has its qualities and best suitable for different surroundings hence choose accordingly.
  • Also, consider what you want from your indoor plants and choose accordingly. For example, is it just for home decor, or do you want it for health benefits?

Best Indoor Trees

Once you have put all the above aspects into consideration, you can choose your indoor trees. Some of the best from which you can choose are:

Calamondin Orange Tree

Growing your own food can sometimes be a task. Isn’t it? We agree. So why not get some of the best indoor trees that can accomplish the task of both home decor and a healthy food supply?

If you agree, then the citrus mitis tree is for you. Although there are a wide variety of dwarf fruit trees that are available, this is the best for indoor uses. This is one of the tree options that adjust perfectly to indoor situations and can survive all year long.

This is one of the best air purifying plants, which also provides you with oranges all year round. It produces tiny, sour fruits and fragrant flowers in white color, which makes the room smell bewitchingly. The flowers and the fruits also make it beauteous home decor to have in your home to take your decoration game a notch up.

Jade Tree

If you want a miniature tree that gives your home interior a picturesque outlook, then the jade tree can be your choice. This is one of the indoor trees which don’t require much care and needs less space comparatively as it begins small. 

However, its size can grow up to three feet with time, and it develops thick succulent woody stems. This plant is perfect if you live in a warm region as it is a mix of well-draining trees and aims for dry conditions. These qualities of this plant make it one of the best indoor trees if you have a busy schedule. It also doesn’t require regular watering or shredding and thus perfect. 

Only thing to remember about this tree is that at least water it twice a week for the best results if you see brownish or shrivel leaves, water it more often. 

Parlor Palm

Want some indoor palm trees for home decor? If yes, then parlor palm can be one of the best indoor trees you can get. 

Amazing thing about such indoor palm trees is that they are perfect home decoration and good for air purification. Other than this, these indoor plants are also pet friendly. So get it without worrying about your little furball pet. 

The parlor palm also doesn’t require much watering or light. This makes it a perfect choice if you want some low light indoor trees. These qualities make them a good option if you want something for a dark room. The parlor palm’s low light need also makes it a good decor option for north-facing rooms or windows. 

Dumb Cane

If you are a person who wants a large greeny in your home, then dumb cane can be the best option. This is one of the best indoor trees if you have enough spare space and want air purifying plants. 

The dumb cane is a quick grower with lush green large leaves that sprout out of it. If it gets favorable conditions and care, it can reach a height of five feet. One good thing about this indoor tree is that it is also easily propagatable. All you need to do is cut off a stem and set it in water until you see roots growing out of it. Once roots appear, simply plant them in a new pot.

Weeping Fig

The good old classic weeping fig has been one of the popular indoor trees, and for a reason. This is one of the best low light indoor trees which you can get, and it also doesn’t require much watering. This makes it perfect for decor in nearly every corner of the home.

This tree’s low maintenance need also makes it perfect for those who want a greeny but don’t have time. This is also a perfect choice if you want some air purifying plants which you can put nearly anywhere in the house without worrying about much sunlight. Only thing to be careful of with this tree is that sudden temperature drops affect it. The first signs of temperature effects can be seen in the form of leaf drop.


If you live in a region where enough sunlight can be available for the indoor trees, then the yucca is for you. This is one of the best picturesque indoor trees with structural foliage and spiky leaves. 

This perfect home decor tree is a desert native and thus loves sunlight. It is also an amazing option for those who often forget to water their indoor trees as it requires minimal watering. Its extreme drought-tolerant qualities make it an astonishingly beautiful tree that you can have for warm and dry areas. The spiky leaves and thick stem also makes it a good option if you want something like a central piece in your home decor. 

Guiana Chestnut

Do you want some indoor trees to make a style statement? If yes the \n the Guiana Chestnut is a great option.

This is one of the best indoor trees which you can have for home decor. Its stem looks like a girl’s hair made by a stylist. However, it is not natural, and you will need to get a tree with a braided trunk from the store in the name of the money tree. One thing to remember about this tree is that it requires constant watering. It is native to North American wetlands and thus loves swamp-like conditions. These indoor trees can also tolerate overwatering if you provide them with proper drainage. 

The Guiana chestnut is also an excellent option if you want some air purifying plants for your home. 

Umbrella Tree

The umbrella trees are an excellent option when it comes to getting some of the best indoor trees. They are also a great option when it comes to air purification.

However, the downside of the umbrella trees is that they require proper care. These trees need proper sunlight along with adequate watering. Even overwatering can harm this tree. Thus it is care needing tree, which you can get if you have enough time. If you provide these trees with adequate care, it can grow up to a height of 8 feet. 


Having some questions about the indoor trees is obvious as when we hear the word tree, we imagine a large outdoor tree. Answer some of the questions which you might have:

How Much Space Do Indoor Trees Need?

The space requirement for the trees depends on the variety you choose. Some grow up to heights, whereas some are dwarfs. 

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost again depends on the tree you choose. Some native species are budget-friendly, but they may cost a little more if you go for some more exotic ones.

Do You Need Any Permissions Indoor Trees?

No, for indoor trees, no permission is required, like for rooftop gardens. However, if you live in a rented home, it’s better to ask your landlord. 

Are Indoor Trees Safe For Pets?

Most of the indoor trees are safe for pets, whether you get an indoor palm tree or a money tree. Only thing to remember is to look out for some specific breeds as some pets may have allergic reactions, so consult a vet.

Final Words

In modern times, air quality has gone down significantly. However, the problem with this is that there is no sure shot way to help. 

However, having some indoor trees can be a good option as they help in air purification. There are also varieties of indoor trees like citrus trees, which you can have to enjoy some organic fruits. 

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