How To Pick The Best Squirrel Feeder For Your Lawn

How To Pick The Best Squirrel Feeder For Your Lawn

Squirrels are one of the most notorious feeders that raid foods of other animals and birds. This is why investing in a good squirrel feeder is important, to take their attention away from your bird’s food and have their own fun time.

As passionate birders, we have to do everything we can to help the birds eat their food in their bird feeders at various spots in the yard. However, it is a challenge to protect these bird’s food from naughty squirrels, who are always looking to steal their seeds and destroy their houses.

Check out the below listed best squirrel feeders to keep in your garden.

What is a squirrel feeder?

A squirrel feeder is basically a food container in varied designs that bird watchers use to feed the squirrels. The primary use of these feeder plans is to stop the squirrels from interfering with the bird’s food.

These feeders can trick the rowdy little animals into eating the food in their container instead of stealing from bird feeders. It acts as a distraction for squirrels so that birds can eat their seeds peacefully.

Every bird feeder is made of different materials and different purposes. Wood is the best material to be used for a feeder, as it stays cool during summers and is a sturdy choice. If you want a lightweight and hanging squirrel feeder, then look for those made of plastic material; they are also cheaper. Metal feeders are the most high-quality ones and are mostly picked for their durability.


Different types of squirrel feeders

There are various types of feeder plans available on the. You need to consider the purpose of your buying to pick the right type of feeder. 

Hanging Feeder

If you have walls or branches to place the feeders, you can use hanging feeders. These are mostly kept at high places to entice the squirrels. The squirrels enjoy playing in these hanging feeders. It is so exciting to watch them go in and out and struggle to eat the food in the hanging feeders.

Mounted feeder

Another one is a mounted feeder, which is mostly fixated to a wall, trunk, or maybe poles. A mounted feeder is more sturdy than hanging ones because of the screws secured on them that prevent them from falling. You will get lots of design options in mounted feeders and enjoy their versatility with usage and placement.

Tube feeder

The tube feeder is named because of its simplistic usage and design, which features a tube-like design with a nut dispenser. It is a great sight to watch the squirrels eat from these tube feeders. It helps store the food nicely and protects it from rain, sun, wind, and soil. Make sure you buy a durable tube feeder that can withstand chewing and gnawing by these little furry friends. 

Platform feeder

Platform feeders are also quite popular because of the simple design. You have to keep the food in an open container like a tray that is readily available for squirrels to eat. These feeders are easy to clean and refill every day. However, the food can get contaminated with various factors like soil, rain, sunlight, wind, etc. 

Best Squirrel Feeders To Buy Online

Below we have listed some of the popular, practical, sturdy, and attractive squirrel feeders that you need to try.

Cedar Squirrel Snacker Feeder by Pennington 100509197 

Squirrels can be super annoying if you don’t come up with creative ways to get rid of them. This Pennington 100509197 squirrel feeder will definitely be a good distraction. 

It is made of wood and has a very challenging design that keeps those tiny terror makers busy to get access to seeds. Cleaning this is also very easy; all you need is a splash of water to get rid of all the dirt and grime. The good thing is that it is lightweight and insect resistant; even if you leave it outside, it will remain intact. 

One other great feature of these squirrel feeder plans is their durability. No matter how many times the squirrels drop it on the ground, this feeder will not fall apart. Neither can rain, sunlight or snow break it down.

Horse Head Squirrel Feeder by Accoutrements 

We use squirrel bird feeders so that the birds can eat on bird feeders at peace. If you are looking for a funny squirrel feeder and watch some entertaining performances, try this Horsehead feeder.

It has a super unique design, and the horse head will make you laugh whenever the squirrels try to go inside it. This is made of durable vinyl material to withstand squirrels running and rough handling. The material of this horse head feeder is weatherproof and will stay strong under rain, sun, or snow exposure. The only downside is that two or more squirrels can bring it down.

Birds Choice Squirrel Jar Feeder

Keeping the squirrels satisfied and happy is a challenging task, and these annoying rodents will come to steal your food every time. Keeping a good feeder in your garden is one way of keeping them busy; this is why Birds’ choice Squirrel Jar feeder is here to help.

There are plenty of things to love about this squirrel bird feeder. First being the material; it is made of 100 percent recycled plastic and is durable. Once you buy this, you don’t have to worry about getting another feeder for a long time.

Another interesting feature is its size. The squirrels can easily go in and out to get the food without getting stuck. The glass jar is big enough to hold food to last for upto 2-3 days. You can even stash corn cobs, sunflower seeds, and peanuts. 

You can attach this squirrel feeder to a tree or pole. Now all you need to do is enjoy watching these rowdy creatures get inside the box and fill their tummy.

 Picnic Table Squirrel Table

If you want to keep your birds protected from squirrels, try a picnic table squirrel feeder to provide a comfortable space for them to eat. This mini picnic table version will be a source of entertainment for you and the squirrels too.

This hanging squirrel feeder is simple to attach; you just have to put a small picnic table on any wooden stump, posts, or tree and place a corn cob. The squirrels will come to eat before you know it. Place it away from the bird feeder, so they are not distracted by these rodents. 

This picnic table is made from cedar which is decay-resistant. The only bad thing about this feeder is that the screw at the bottom is not long enough to attach more or blogger corn cobs. It can only hold medium-sized apples and corn.

Erva Tool & Die Bird Proof Squirrel Feeder

If you are looking for a sturdy squirrel feeder that can outlast even the rowdiest squirrel group when you are away, then you need to try the Erva tool & Die feeder.

This is designed specially to outlast any squirrel. It is made of 18 gauge steel and is powder-coated to give a slight texture to the design. The best part about the design is that it will keep the birds at bay.

Cedar Squirrel Feeder by Kaytee

Handcrafted squirrel feeder plans are always the best as compared to other cedar-made feeders. They have superior quality as compared to machine-made products. This Kaytee cedar Squirrel Feeder is handmade and durable. 

It contains natural oils because of which it is resistant to decay, fungal infection, and bacteria. It is so thick that it will not crack easily. Squirrels can get access to food by moving the top cover, which is also the lid, to refill food. They can get one nut out and sit outside on the ledge comfortably. 

You can turn the front cover upside down, and it comes with a notch on edge, allowing squirrels to get the nuts. Watching the squirrels open the top cover and go inside to catch the nuts is pretty cute.

Also, you don’t need to put in much effort when it comes down to installing it. You can simply hang it on a wooden fence or tree. 

Stokes Select Lunch Box Squirrel Feeder with Metal Roof

This is a great squirrel and bird feeder from Stokes Select Lunch Box. The brand is quite popular and has been using a part of profits to protect bird habitat and birds.

This metal DIY squirrel feeder is made of good quality and is coated entirely with powder to withstand changing weather. You can easily lift off the cover to refill the lunchbox with seeds or nuts.

The one issue with the cover is that it does not have even the slightest gap to give squirrels a hint where to find the nuts; as a result, they start nibbling the plastic. To solve this issue, you can turn the cover upside down and get the food from the bottom gap or place a clip to create a gap.

This feeder is super easy to install, clean, and refill. You will definitely live with these rust-free squirrel feeders.

Gifts & Decor Woodland Brown Squirrel Outdoor Birdfeeder

This cute DIY squirrel feeder will definitely fascinate these naughty little animals. It is not only a fascinating lifelike feeder but also makes an attractive garden ornament. The feeder is made of polyresin, which makes it break-proof. However, multiple falls can cause cracks.

You can keep the nuts and seeds on the tail, which comes with a bowl-like design. The only problem with this feeder is that you cannot mount it anywhere permanently. You can drill a hole underneath to make it stable or screw it into plywood.

Unicorn Head Squirrel Feeder

There are plenty of funny squirrel feeder plans out there to try, like this Unicorn head feeder. If you want to spend a fun time with your family, friends, and kids, get this Unicorn Head Feeder and watch those squirrels have the time of their life. 

This design is really captivating and will catch the eyes of curious children as well as squirrels. It has a wide opening allowing even a fat squirrel to enter without any problem. You will burst out laughing when half of their upper body is inside the feeder. It can be filled with seeds, nuts, corn cobs, and even peanut butter.

The feeder is made of vinyl material which makes it durable and long-lasting. It can easily withstand weather changes and will make a fantastic feeder throughout the year.

Classic Squirrel Feeder with Peanuts

You need a sturdy and reliable feeder to feed the squirrels on a regular basis. If you are looking for a good squirrel bird feeder to make the favorite hanging spot for these furry little creatures, then try this Classic Squirrel Feeder.  

We love the simplistic design of this feeder; you can even DIY this squirrel feeder at home along with your kids. It is made of wood, so you don’t need to worry about it getting chewed on. It is also durable and can easily tolerate the weight of squirrels.

One more positive point of this design is that it comes with a peanut bad, saving your walk to the pet shop. This not only makes a great squirrel feeder, but even the birds love it too.

Although it is quite difficult to clean, you will have to dismount it from the tree to clean.

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Things To Consider When Buying A Squirrel Feeder

Whether you are new to bird watching or a veteran, a squirrel feeder is something you all know about. It may not seem important, but feeders can be a necessary part of keeping the squirrels happy.

When you put the food in an open container, it will not attract birds and squirrels often. This is why you need to give every animal fear of their own.

We have mentioned some important things to look for and consider when buying squirrel feeders.

The Right Size

The size of the feeder plays an important role. Once you have kept the feeder on the lawn, you will attract a lot of squirrels every morning. But is yo9ur feeder big enough to accommodate more than two squirrels? Or can you only put a small amount of food? Does it require refilling every 4-5 hours? You need to put emphasis on the size of feeders in relation to the number of foods you store in them.

When we talk about the size, you also have to consider the size of squirrels you wish to attract when choosing the feeders. 

The Right Materials

There are three main types of materials used to make feeders, and each comes with its own pros and cons. When you buy squirrel feeders, make sure to pick the right material regarding its placement and usage.

For instance, mostly squirrel feeders are made of wood, and cedar being the best material choice. It stays cool during summers; however, it may get damaged during the rainy seasons. Also, wooden feeders can be easily cracked apart by squirrels as they have a habit of chewing when food runs out.

Plastic feeders are also a popular choice because of their lightweight and quirky shapes and colorful designs. These are easy to hang on walls, branches, and beams. These can also endure different weather conditions; however, they can get extremely hot during summers and can become prone to breakage.

Metal feeders are the best in terms of quality of durability. It lasts through rainy, sunny days, summers, and winters. These are invulnerable to chewing and gnawing that usually destroys the feeders.

It is important to consider the environment and weather conditions when choosing the material of feeders.

The Right Design

Bird waters mostly place their feeders on the beautiful lawns and gardens. When picking the design of your feeder, consider how it will look on your landscape overall. Is it attractive enough to catch attention? It will be a lot of fun to watch the furry little friends group on the feeder and nibble on nuts. However, when the design is too attractive, the squirrels can become a little hesitant. 

Will the design attract squirrels to keep them distracted from bird feeders? At times the feeder design can get over-complicated, and it doesn’t attract the little furries. The key is to go for practical and simplistic designs that will crack some laughs, at the end of which your focus should be on feeding the squirrels.

Also, consider whether it is easy to clean, refill and use the feeder every day. This will decide how much effort will go every day to maintain the feeder plans. A good squirrel feeder design will have simple to use lids, easy cleaning, and drainage for feeding.

The Warranty

After you have considered all the above-mentioned factors, focus on the warranty of the product. It is important to see how much faith you can put into the company and the durability of the product. You can find several feeders with long warranties; however, they may be priced a little higher as compared to others. You can also buy some cheap ones which you can replace after every year.

The Price

Price is the last and an important factor to consider when buying almost anything. Does the material, design, quality, and features are worth the price they are charging? Will you be able to use that feeder for a long time? Or do you need it for a short time period? The price of the product should do justice to the quality, purpose, and usage of the product.

These are some of the factors that one must keep in mind when going to buy feeders. 

Final Words:

Squirrel feeders are important and practical lawn equipment to keep little furries engaged and distracted from bird feeders. These can fulfill two purposes: provide a scenic environment in your landscape and distract the squirrels from bird foods. There are different types of feeders to choose from depending on the purpose, durability, usage, and materials they are made of. Always make sure to consider important points before you buy a squirrel feeder. 


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