What Is The Best Time To Water Your Plants In Summer??

What Is The Best Time To Water Your Plants In Summer??

Go around the neighborhood and you will notice that every person has a different approach to watering the plants. Some people prefer to use the hose at the end of the day while other people start the automatic sprinklers at dawn. Timing your irrigation for the best time to water your plants will not only make the plants healthier but also save your water bill.

best time to water plants

Morning vs. Evening Watering

Much hype has been created about watering plants in the morning instead of the evening. But deciding on for the best time to water your plants really depends. The sprinkler or rain wand should be administered in the morning. This way the foliage dries really quick and prevents any possible growth of fungal spores on leaves. If you prefer evening time for gardening, then deliver the water right at the roots where it is needed the most.

Annual and Perennial Plants

It is important to know whether your plants are perennial or annual to water plants during the heatwave. 

annual plants

Annual plants finish their lifecycle in a single growing season. Marigolds, pelargoniums, and impatients are all annual. The plant’s root system is shallow and suffers when the top few inches of soil are dry during the summer. These plants should be watered frequently every day.

Perennial plants have a deep root system and they survive longer in periods of drought. False indigo and butterfly weed have taproots that go many inches below the soil. Water them twice a week slowly to let the water soak into the soil

Vegetable Gardensvegetable gardens

Drought tolerant vegetable plant does not exist. If you neglect your vegetable plants than you will encounter stunted vegetable growth and even dead plant. Cauliflower, peppers, cucumbers, celery, squash, and radish require extra water during heatwaves. These vegetable plants require constant moist soil. Use a hose, drip irrigation to water the roots avoid wetting the leaves. If you use sprinkler then use it early in the morning, so that the sun will soak excess water from the top of the leaves.

Trees and Shrubs

Don’t be fooled to think that rain shower will give your trees and shrubs adequate water. Long-lived plants and trees should be watered deeply to encourage a healthy root system. In many cases, the best time to water the plants is after a light rain shower, to take the soil moisture to deeper levels. It doesn’t matter what time of the day it is, what is important is soaking. Keep a hose at the root of the tree and let the water run to the top eight inches to moist the soil. The newly planted specimens should be watered twice to thrice a week during heatwaves because they still have small and developing root systems. Specimens with shallow roots include dogwoods, hydrangeas, magnolias, and Japanese maples. These need extra water to prevent dehydration. To maintain healthy plants for winter dormancy keep watering them through the fall.container plants

Container Plants

For Container plants, water acts as a fertilizer. If the plants will be well irrigated it will look lush otherwise the plants will get shabby and look stunted. Container plants should be watered twice a day.


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