15 Mini Foods to Serve at Parties and Buffets

15 Mini Foods to Serve at Parties and Buffets

It can be easy to plan a party if you know what food would be best to serve in order to please the guests and leave them wanting more. Whether you are planning a small celebration, a classic family gathering, or a full-on party, here are some amazing buffet party food ideas for adults to please your guests. 

These buffet food party ideas for adults are best to deliver big taste in small packages. You do not need to have a high party finger food ideas budget to include these mini food dishes in your party food menu. These easy finger foods pack a powerful and yummy punch for everyone in the family to love.

1. Mini Sausage Frittatas


buffet party food ideas for adults


It is one of the best simple party food ideas for a casual buffet party or family brunch. In this delicious recipe, breakfast sausages are integrated with eggs, seasoning, and cheese. After combining, they baked in muffin cups in order to create cute and appetizing mini sausage frittatas.

This is a highly satisfying and delicious dish for breakfast and can be easily cooked for a larger crowd. Meaty, cheesy, and mouth-watering breakfast bites are amazing when they are served along with biscuits, potato pancakes, or home fries.

2. Mini Big Macs


serve mini big macs


These delicious beef sliders are one of the best mini appetizer ideas to include in your party food menu. The satisfying flavor and taste of these big macs will remind you of your favorite menu at McDonald’s. These home-cooked mini hamburgers contain a double layer of all-beef patties with an add on of special sauce, onion, cheese, lettuce, and pickle on a sesame seed bun. Mini bigs macs are best to be served in a full-on party. Trust me; it will leave your guests wanting more.

3. Mini Mac and Cheese Muffins


mini macs for parties


Dishes, including cheese and macaroni, are one of the most beloved recipes in America. It is a favorite dish among kids, which makes it a great after-school snack. This mouth-watering version of cheese and macaroni is specially made for kids and is a perfect mini appetizer idea for younger sets. 

These mac and cheese muffins are packed with four kinds of cheese for scrumptious goodness. Some evaporated milk is added to these muffins to introduce extra richness, and finally, this cheese and mac are baked in muffin cups to create perfect single size servings.

4. Mini Pancake Skewers 


Mini Pancake is mouthwatering


These delicious pancake skewers are perfect for holiday breakfast ideas. You can use prepared pancake mix in making these skewers, Add Nutella hazelnut spread to make this pancake skewers sweet. You can also substitute jam or chocolate syrup to these package skewers.

5. Mini Pie Ice Cream Sandwiches


Ice Cream Sandwitch


In these sandwiches, ice cream of vanilla flavor is sandwiched between two mini hand pies in which one is blueberry, and the other is cherry. For texture finish, the ice cream is rolled in white chocolate chips. These ice cream sandwiches are delicious and perfect for including in the party food menu.

6. Mini Cherry Pies


Mini Cherry Pies


The classic mini cherry pies are delicious to eat and cute to serve, which makes them one of the best buffet party food ideas for adults. The real trick in these pies is to bake them in a muffin. You can add decorative pastry design to these pies in order to add appeal to these mini-sized desserts.

7. Mini Pulled Pork Sandwiches


Mini Pulled Pork Sandwiches


Mini Pulled Pork Sandwiches are perfect for impressing your guests at your game day party. These sandwiches are seasoned using creole spices and are then simmered in a tangy and sweet barbecue sauce. You can serve them with some extra barbecue sauce to serve a plate full of flavor.

8. Mini Key Lime Pie Cups


Mini Key Lime Pie Cups


These delicious and adorable pies are best to serve at bridal showers or baby showers. The best part about these pie cups is that they can be made in only twenty minutes. In this dish, pre-made mini filo cups are filled with lime juice, sugar, sweetened condensed milk, and heavy cream.

9. Caprese Salsa

Caprese Salsa


The Caprese salsa is a simple but satisfying combo of juicy tomatoes, rich mozzarella cheese, and fresh basil. Opt for serving these flavor-packed toppers over grilled chicken or grilled bread for an easy and awesome appetizer.

10. Strawberry Bruschetta


Strawberry Bruschetta


The strawberry bruschetta is a perfect buffet party food idea for adults who love to party in summers and spring. It is a refreshing and mouth-watering mixture of nectarine, strawberries, basil, and grape tomato. It is served over baguette slices in combination with goat cheese. 

11. Lemon-Caper Parmesan Potato Salad Bites


Lemon-Caper Parmesan Potato Salad


It is the perfect dish to add to buffet parties. This amazing dish includes turning jacket potatoes into scrumptious potato salad bites. Caper adds a twist on the traditional dish. They add briny and bright flavor to this mouth-watering appetizer.

12. Creamed Spinach Phyllo Cups


Creamed Spinach Phyllo Cups


It is a delicious and mouth water appetizer and is a perfect appetizer to add in the party food menu. In this, the phyllo cups are toasted, which keeps these cups crispy for a long time after being filled. 

13. Mini Taco Bites


Mini Taco Bites


These are perfect for adding to the party food menu of summer and spring parties. They can be enjoyed as a healthy afternoon snack. In these taco bites, mexican spices are seasoned with ground beef filling, and then it is combined with cheese in mini taco shells. You can serve these delicious tacos with salsa and sour cream on the side.

14. Mini Pizza Bites


Mini Pizza Bites


The mini pizza bites are a super easy and perfect appetizer for buffet parties. You can add your favorite pizza ingredients like chopped bell peppers, mushrooms, or cheddar cheese to these mini pizza bites.

15. Grilled Stuffed Jalapenos


Grilled Stuffed Jalapenos


It is a perfect crowd-pleasing appetizer for parties and get-togethers. Grilled Stuffed Jalapenos are an amazing combination of cream cheese, cheddar, and bacon. These are healthy and can be made vegetarian-friendly by eliminating bacon and can replace it with toasted pecans or almonds. 



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