How to Buy Vintage furniture

How to Buy Vintage furniture

If you want to get good quality furniture at a lower cost, then buy vintage furniture. It helps in adding an appealing look and originality to your house at a comparatively low cost. Vintage furniture is highly valuable, as it is artistic as well as practical. If you get good quality vintage furniture at a reasonable price, then decorating your house with artistic vintage furniture can be a smart move. 

Buying vintage furniture might sound an easy task, but it is not as you do not have to buy any other used furniture, rather you have to buy furniture from a particular era. Here are a few tips that you can follow when buying vintage furniture. 

1. Check the Quality of the Furniture

It is not necessary that all vintage furniture is high in quality; therefore, it is essential to check the quality of the furniture before buying it. A piece of vintage furniture is likely to have a few loose parts and scratches. Hence, opt for buying pieces that could be restored with minimum cost. Sellers try to die these flaws by polishing or painting them. You can use these flaws to bargain. In addition to this, avoid pieces that are made with poor workmanship and low-quality material. 

2. Properly Research Before Buying

Make sure to properly research before buying the furniture. Authentic antique furniture, as well as the quality productions, both are highly valuable. However, imitations still exist; therefore, it is essential to conduct proper research before buying vintage furniture. 

While purchasing vintage furniture, beware of imitations, many sellers often sell replicas, so make sure you do not end up buying such pieces. If you want to attain more understanding of vintage furniture, then you can use the internet to learn about it. You should properly research before you go to buy vintage furniture. 

3. Opt for Gently Used Furniture

While purchasing vintage furniture, make sure you buy gently used furniture. It is not always important that the furniture that looks fine is in good condition also. Usually, case goods like chest, cabinets, and dining room furniture are better choices as compared to the upholstered furniture. Nevertheless, if you are planning to buy vintage upholstered furniture, then it is better to buy the gently used furniture. Moreover, it is not a good idea to refurbish upholstered furniture as it is not cost-effective.

4. Pay Attention to Bones and Functioning

While buying refurbish furniture, make sure to check the structure and bones of the furniture. In addition to this, also check whether it is functioning properly, like drawers should open smoothly, and pieces of upholstered furniture should have proper frames. Many retail stores for vintage furniture often reupholster the pieces; however, you have to pay an extra price for this. If you are planning to buy plastic pieces, then they should be in good condition and not on the edge of cracking. 

5. Look for Good Sources

Before buying vintage furniture, explore different stores in your city. You might surf the internet for vintage stores near me, but that would not be sufficient. You can explore estate sales, auctions, flea markets to find vintage furniture in good condition and at a reasonable price. Once you find a reliable source, you can often visit the place to buy vintage furniture. They can also provide you with a wide range of information regarding vintage furniture, and if you often buy from the same place, there are more chances of the bargain.

6. Check the Price

Many sellers overprice the products as they know most of the customer’s bargain. If you have an idea about the price of the pieces, then you can estimate the price and bargain accordingly. You can use the defect in the pieces to bargain. If you are planning to buy online, then you should compare prices from different sites in order to get the products at the best price. 

7. Buy Furniture that Fits

When you buy vintage furniture, make sure you buy one that fits properly in your house. Take space measurements properly so that you end up buying furniture that fits your place properly and provides a distinct style. 


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