Cockroach Droppings Identification and Reasons For It

Cockroach Droppings Identification and Reasons For It

When you find that any part of your place has a cockroach infestation, the discovery is unpleasant. While the things which come with cockroach infestation like cockroach droppings are plain awful. But do you know cockroach droppings identification? 

If not, you must be as they can harm your health, and when you know cockroach droppings identification, you can control them. This will also help you to take action before the roach infestation spread to other parts. 

In the article, we will help you learn the methods of cockroach droppings identification, which in turn will let you exterminate them before they do any damage and roach infestation spreads. This is also important as cockroach pose various health risks if their infestation is not controlled. 

What Cockroach Droppings Look Like

The first thing you need to know when you want to go for cockroach dropping identification is knowing how they look. 

In general, the cockroach droppings are black and brown pellets. They may look like awesome stains on the surface at first. You can see oval-shaped or round chunks of smears or stains on the floor or surface at the place where roach infestation is present. This is the result of cockroach droppings, which they leave behind while infesting a place. 

At the start of the roach infestation, the dropping will be so minimal and scattered that you might even don’t notice. You might just clean up the area, thinking it to be any regular stain on the surface. In the case where a place has a full cockroach infestation, you will notice various things along with the droppings. Some common things are egg cases, body parts of cockroaches, and discarded shells. 

Since now you know the basics of cockroach droppings identification, let’s move on to its other parts. 

Cockroach Droppings Classification

Roach droppings can be classified into two parts. These are:

Large Cockroach Droppings

If we want a single thumb rule for the identification of the roach droppings, then it would be – large roaches make large droppings. The smoky brown, which is an American species, and oriental cockroaches, are two large species of roaches. These two species are generally longer than 1 inch. When these two species do droppings, it is normally around the size of a grain and cylindrical in shape. 

If you look closer, you will see that the cockroach droppings have ridges. These roger run from one end to another, which gives the dropping appearance of fennel seed. This is an important thing as if you have mice in your house, you may be confused between the droppings of the two. Thus when you want to go for cockroach droppings identification, look for ridges. 

Another important difference between the droppings of the two is that mice droppings are pointed at corners. On the other hand, the cockroach droppings are round in shape at corners. Thus for identification, it is important to know what does cockroach poop looks like and differs from mice poop. 

Small Cockroach Droppings

 When you go for identification, you must know what does cockroach poop looks like. This will help you identify it more easily as the small cockroach droppings are different from that of large ones. 

Small cockroaches like german and brown-banded species leave behind black specks or tiny brown stains. The droppings may look like grains of black paper gone carse or ground coffee. The stains might be smeared, raised, or inky. 

Fraass From Baby Cockroaches

The baby roaches are known by the name of nymphs. Baby roaches droppings are similar to that of adults but smaller in size. The droppings of the large cockroach species nymphs are cylindrical in shape with ridges. While the cockroach droppings of the small species nymphs are black specks or minuscule brown. 

Know when you know what does cockroach poop looks like, let’s move on to what causes roaches. 

What Causes Roaches?

The answer to the question of what causes roaches have various aspects. These are:

Exposed Foods

The term exposed food doesn’t refer to the types of food that we eat, as cockroaches eat anything literally. They are scavengers and can eat anything from meat to any food droppings. They even eat your fallen hairs and shredded skin. Anything organic can be eaten by the cockroaches. 

Open Or Overflowing Bins

The dustbins are like a gold mine for cockroaches as there they get plenty of food to eat. Thus it is important to keep the dustbins covered as open bins outside can attract roaches inside also. 

Water Sources

Like any other insect, the cockroaches also require water for survival. This is why they love human places as they can get plenty of water from various sources like wet bathroom floors. The water need of a cockroach is very low, and they require as low as a drop of water per day to survive. 

Hiding Spaces

Cockroaches have a flexible exoskeleton, and thus even the smallest of open spaces are good for them. The spaces like cracks or holes left unattended are the best home for them. Such places attract them. 

Final Words

It is important to know if a place is infested with cockroaches, as they pose can pose various health risks. For this cockroach, droppings identification is important as it is the easiest way of knowing if your place has an infestation or not. 

When you identify cockroach infestation in your home, the best option is to call an exterminator. This is essential as pest infestation can pose many health risks. 

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