13 Beautiful Colorado Birds To Watch

13 Beautiful Colorado Birds To Watch

Colorado is a home for many species of birds and has no shortage of striking backdrops for them to roost and nest. It is located on the central migration flyway and with a huge variety of habitats to explore. There are several Colorado birds to watch that several birders realize, from stunning alpine species to the risk prairie birds. So here is the list of Colorado birds that you should see.

Great Sage-Grouse

Several birders initially plan to visit Colorado for the purposes of searching the different mysterious species of prairie-chickens and sage-grouse. The great sage-grouse is one of the easiest birds to view. The big populations on the sage fields in the corner of the northwestern state. The Gunnison sage-grouse is very rarer, and it is located in the small region of southwestern Colorado. At the same time, the lesser and greater prairie-chickens are in the northeastern and southeastern corners of the state.

Brown-Capped Rosy-Finch

Rosy finches are famous Colorado birds to seek out in winter. The Brown-capped rosy-finch is found in the mountains of central Colorado year-round with the more extensive range in winter. See in the barren rocky regions and the sides of snowfields for rosy-finch, as well as its cousins, the Gray-crowned rosy-finch and black rosy-finch. While still found in Colorado, those two birds are fewer numbers and more hard to find.

Broad-Tailed Hummingbird

The summer visit to Colorado would not be complete without seeing western hummingbirds. Moreover, the broad-tailed hummingbird can be seen in the western half of Colorado in botanical gardens, yards, and flowering meadows with proper hummingbird feeders. Also, you get to see the black-chinned hummingbird with the purple throat. It is another western hummingbird that can be found in summer in Colorado.

Mountain Plover

The mountain plover is a popular bird to see in Colorado, and while it might be named after mountains. This bird is more likely to be seen in dry fields with shorter types of grass. If you are going to visit Colorado, then search for this mountain plover in the eastern part of Colorado in the southern or northern corner. The fields in the east-central part of the state are not favored habitat for this bird.

American Dipper

The unusual and fun bird to see in Colorado is the American dipper; this is the only aquatic songbird found in North America. The gray, quiet birds can be seen along shallow rivers with rocky beds and active mountain streams. This bird can be seen throughout all the western mountain regions. American Dipper is always worth seeing as it dips and bobs in and out of the cold water, as it searches out for insects and other food.

Lewis’s Woodpecker

The Lewis’s woodpecker is an oddly colored woodpecker with a red-pink face and stomach, silver-gray neck, and the greenish shine to its darker feathers. This bird is named after the North American explorer Meriwether Lewis. Lewis’s woodpecker is seen year-round in western and central Colorado. Search for this bird in open habitats with hidden forests of tall trees to see this bird.

Boreal Owl

Birders who like to see owls will not want to miss the opportunity to see this boreal owl in Colorado. This bird can be found in the western and central mountains of Colorado. It is the southernmost limit of the boreal owl’s reach, most of which is more distant north in the forests of Canada. The High alpine regions are the best habitat for this bird, so be ready for the challenging hikes to look out for this beautiful owl.

Gray Jay

This alpine bird is also found in the forest of Canada. However, this bird is found year-round range into the hills of Colorado. This bird is intelligent and curious and usually hangs around the mountain campgrounds searching for handouts and treats. If you find one gray jay, then there is usually a small family group, giving birders great opportunities for watching. For this bird, dense pine forests are the favored habitat, which is also the unofficial national bird of Canada.

Golden Eagle

The state is well known for the regal mountains, and you cannot find a more amazing bird in those hills than the golden eagle. This bird is found throughout Colorado year-round. These huge birds are majestic and beautiful with the golden shine on the neck, and the big size helps to identify easier. The birders in Colorado will have the best chance at seeing young golden eagles with the unique white patches on the powerful wings.

Band-Tailed Pigeon

An astonishing mountain band-tailed pigeon bird is a big dove that visits oak woods. This bird is found in the south-central and southwestern of the state during the summer breeding season. If the dark tail band is not visible, then look for the yellow legs, black-tipped yellow bill, bright green patch on the back of a neck to help to identify band-tailed pigeon.

Clark’s Grebe

Colorado is not known for water birds; however, this bird should be the exception. These Clark’s grebes are seen throughout the west during a summer month. However, the populations in southern stare are more widespread. Colorado is also the best place to see both the western grebes and Clark’s together.

Barrow’s Goldeneye

The huge variety of duck species can be seen in the state; however, the Barrow’s goldeneye is one of the most famous birds you can see. These birds are usually limited to more northern areas. However, in winter, these birds venture as far south Colorado, giving birders the best opportunity to view the white half-moon shape face patch and shiny yellow eye that make this bird so beautiful. 

Lesser Goldfinch

While this bird is extensive throughout the southwest year-round, the lesser goldfinch is a small wild canary only venture into the state throughout the summertime, where they feast on the grass, weed seeds, and wildflower. In Colorado, Summers is the best opportunity to see both the American goldfinch and the lesser goldfinch together in the black breeding feathers and bright yellow.  Giving birders the opportunity to study the differences between the two birds.

Final Words

Colorado birds are so amazing that there are moe than 400 species of birds live in Colorado. This state has given its river canyons, striking snow-topped mountains, and landscape of desert. Several birds thrive here and if you are planning to visit in Colorado, then do not miss out these amazing birds when you visit Colorado. If you find this information useful, drop a comment below this section.

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