Emergency Furnace Repair

Emergency Furnace Repair

If you think about the major furnace problems and what you can avoid, sorry, there are no such furnace problems. Instead, a minor issue can be an emergency repair issue for your furnace that needs to be fixed right away. These furnace problems are all stressful and cannot give you any comfort (meaning no heat) until you call a professional to fix them. But you don’t need to worry there are so many emergency furnace repair companies that help you in solving from minor to major furnace repair issues just within a single call. 

But wait! Let’s first check out the different types of problems in the furnace and the emergency furnace repairs. 

Signs Of Emergency Furnace Repair 

Emergency furnace repair

If you are searching for what are the problems in your furnace that you need to call emergency furnace repair services, then below are some issues for which you have to pay instant attention. In case you find any of these signs in the furnace functions, you need furnace repair and search for “emergency furnace repair near me.”

  • Irritating or Loud Noise From Furnace: Any type of unusual voice coming from the furnace means that any part of it is loosened, damaged, or in bad condition. If this damaged or loose part is left unchecked or ignored by you, then it will lead to causing huge damages to your furnace. You need to respond to it immediately and need a furnace repair. 
  • If Furnace Blows Cold Air: When there is an internal problem in the functioning, the furnace blows out the cold air that you really do not want in winters. Blowing cold air from the furnace is not merely a minor problem, but it is an emergency and needs your immediate response in case you notice it. Calling at the initial stage is much better; otherwise, it will damage the whole HVAC system. 
  • Electric Issues: These issues are like the flickering of light, breaker trips, humming sound of electricity, and sparking. These are all the signs of electrical issues in the furnace. These issues can cause lots of damage to the furnace if you do not pay instant attention. 
  • Gas Odors From Furnace: A gas leak is not something that you can even ignore for an hour. In case you find gas odor from your furnace, immediately call the emergency repair services near to you and ask for an instant response. 
  • Leakage In Heating System: A small leakage of water in the furnace can cause the need for huge repairs if not paid attention to time. If you see any leakages in the furnace’s heating system, make sure to call the furnace repairing company. 
  • Furnace Functioning Failure: These problems mentioned above in the furnace do not pay attention to earlier, can cause furnace failure. In such a case, you do not have any option other than calling a furnace repairing company and asking to repair your HVAC. Thus, it is recommended to check the furnace on a regular basis and note any problems. 

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Almost every furnace repairing company provides On-Call Furnace Repair services to their customers and helps them in solving any issues related to furnace functioning. There are so many furnace repair companies that you can find online and immediately call them for emergency furnace repair. But you can also ask your family and friends if they have taken any furnace related services. If your friends and family suggest any best furnace repair company, then it is much more good as they have already availed their services and have good experience with their services. However, if you are checking any company online, make sure to read their reviews from genuine customers and look for their terms and policies. You also have to check their customer services and what assurance they provide their customers regarding the furnace services. Check the reviews of their services on the customer forum. Also, check their service guarantee policies as well as check their pricing chart. If you want to know more about how much a furnace service call costs you, here below are the general charges of these companies. 

Furnace Repairing Cost

On Call Furnace Repair

Generally, the average charges asked by the furnace repair companies is about $297. However, it may cost you around $130 to $470 according to the different company’s charges and what types of furnace repair they are offering you. For instance, if they are providing you with electrical furnace repair, charges are near to $300. For gas furnace repair, charges between $350 to $1200 as it is complex to repair and time-consuming. Most of the HVAC repair professionals charge between $50 to $150 for an hour. 

  • Repairing and replacing the blower motor in the furnace can cost you about $150 to $1500, depending on how much the motor is damaged and how much work it requires for repair. 
  • If you want to repair the heat exchangers, the cost varies from $100 for small repairs and can be reached up to $1500 for major repairs. 
  • If there is any problem with the furnace igniter, the repair can cost up to $300 at last. 
  • Repairing Flame Sensors can cost you about $75 for minor issues to $250 for big repair issues. 
  • The average cost to repair the thermostat can vary from $100 t0 $450, depending on the repair required. 
  • Repairing the Gas Valve cost can range from $200 to $580. 
  • Furnace Circuit Board Repair & Replacement cost can vary from $190 to $600 and sometimes more depending on the brand.  
  • Replacement of Thermocouple in Furnace can cost you about $550 to $2000 and more depending on the size of repairings. 
  • Evaporators or Condenser coil replacement can cost you about $500 to $2000. 

These are some of the general pricing ideas of furnace repairing services. You can also check the pricing chart of the furnace repairing company and ask them you send their pricing details for different types of services. Please make a list of 4 to 5 furnace repairing companies and call each of them. Check their policies and customer care services. When you get satisfied with their services, give them a call whenever you find any emergency furnace repairing services. 


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