Feng Shui Mirrors – How to Place Mirrors for a Good Feng Shui

Feng Shui Mirrors – How to Place Mirrors for a Good Feng Shui

Mirrors are popularly used in feng shui applications. Mirrors have unique abilities, and they can multiply the energies present in an area. They can reflect the incoming energy and can also dispense it to the surrounding areas. Due to these abilities of mirrors, they should be used carefully in the house. Here is an article with all you need to know about feng shui mirrors and their placement.

The practice of placing small objects like mirrors to improve the universal energy of a place is known as the “method of minor additions.” One special thing about this placement method is that you use your intention with the object in order to adjust the energy. So, make sure to be clear with your intention.

Mirrors embody the water element. The water element in feng shui cultivates introspection and wisdom. Due to these yielding qualities, mirrors are popularly used in feng shui. They can reflect purely without obstruction and can expand the energies. Continue reading the article to know about feng shui mirror placement. 

Feng Shui Mirrors 

Mirrors invite energy into space. A correct and strategic feng shui mirror placement can help you bring energy, love, property, and wealth into your home. Here are the types of mirrors and their uses in feng shui.

Bagua Mirror

Bagua is a mirror that has an octagon-shaped border with trigrams on a round mirror. This feng shui mirror is used for exterior protection adjustments. You should use this mirror after consulting a professional only. If this mirror is placed incorrectly, it can push away the energy that you want to invite to your home. 

Flat Mirrors

It is your regular mirror with a regular shape like square, oval, rectangle, or round. You can keep it frameless or framed, but it should have a polished edge. These octagon-shaped mirrors can be used in case you have missing or weak areas of Bagua. 

Concave Mirrors

Concave mirrors have the shape of an inside of a bowl. They are beneficial to deflect sharp energy as they make an image smaller and then flip it upside-down. 

Convex Mirrors

Convex mirrors have the shape of the outer side of a bowl. They provide wider and large views of things around them. Moreover, they have protective qualities, and they serve as a watchful eye. 

Feng Shui Mirrors Placement

Mirrors are prosperity attracting and abundance improving the tool. However, if not placed properly, it can also work on negative sides, also like destroying happiness and prosperity from someone’s life. 

Mirrors have the ability to double-up everything present in front; they can attract positive and negative energy with the same influence and effect. Therefore it is essential to place a mirror correctly according to feng shui mirror placement. 


We often place mirrors in the bedroom. Room mirrors are common in modern bedrooms, and it is not a bad thing. One thing that you need to keep in mind when it comes to a mirror in the bedroom is that it should not face the bed. 

Now you must be thinking, why? Mirrors facing the bed can cause restless nights and bad dreams. Many people believe that mirrors can even steal your soul, so it is better to avoid keeping them in front of the bed. 

You should also avoid placing mirrors above the bed as they bounce energy around the room and can cause restlessness. In addition to this, mirrors in the bedroom in front of your bed can also amplify your worries. 

Pro Tip – Mirror in the bedroom facing the bed brings restlessness and sleeping issues, so avoid placing them there. 


When feng shui mirror placement, the kitchen is not a good place. The kitchen is a place with negative feng shui energies, and due to this reason, you should not place feng shui mirrors here. As mirrors can double the energy of a place, they can also amplify the negative energy. 

When you place a mirror in the kitchen facing the stove, it creates strong Yang (active energy) fire energies. It is applicable to all types of stoves like the ones powered by electricity or natural gas. It may shift the balance of Ying (passive energy) and Yang (active energy) on the house and make the house uncomfortable. 

To succinctly describe, when it comes to feng shui mirror placement in the kitchen, you should avoid placing mirrors there. Mirrors facing the stove host negative energy, so if you are planning to keep a mirror in the kitchen, think again.  

Dining Room

The dining room is one of the best places for feng shui mirrors. The dining room in your house represents the “vault.” This place represents the capacity to hold wealth. Therefore. The dining room is the most suitable place for mirrors. However, placing mirrors in this area of the home does not mean that it will improve the ability to attract wealth. 

Although the dining room is an ideal place for mirror placement, be careful when putting a mirror facing window. It is due to the reason that mirrors can bring anything and everything present outside the house. It can be both negative and positive as if any negative energy is present outside the house; the mirror can bring it in. 

In addition to this, avoid putting a mirror facing the mirror as they form an infinity of an emptiness. It is not a good thing as our universe does not like emptiness. 

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Bathroom and Restroom

We should avoid putting a mirror anywhere in the house where it faces the bathroom or restroom door. Restrooms or bathrooms are the places where we get rid of our wastes, and these places are believed to produce negative energy. 

If feng shui mirror placement is in front of the bathroom or restroom door, then it can lead the negative energy to disperse and grow to the other places present within the house. 

To succinctly describe, you should not place a mirror facing the door of a bathroom, restroom, or toilet as it may amplify the negative energies. 

Living Room

When it comes to placing feng shui in the living room, it has both positive and negative effects. It depends on the energy that your guests bring to your house. If the guests bring a positive temperament, it may spread positive energy. However, if they bring negative energy, the mirrors might amplify it. It is better to avoid placing mirrors in the living room as it is distracting. 

When it comes to feng shui mirror placement in the living room, avoid keeping it behind the sofa as it may impact your sense of security. 

Front Door and Foyer

Entryway mirrors are a good choice as they activate the water element and provide a positive glimpse of yourself when you walk out of the door. It is one of the best front door decoration tips. However, avoid placing a mirror facing the front door. Some people believe that it will reflect or repel the universal energy or Qi entering your house. 

To succinctly describe, it is a good idea to place a mirror in the foyer, but it should not be facing the front door. 

Final Words

Mirrors play a vital role in feng shui, and it is better to use a flat surface, concave, or convex mirror. Do not put mirrors that are cloudy, broken, or chipped. Moreover, you should be careful with feng shui mirror placement as it impacts the energies in your home. If you find the article informative and interesting, drop a comment. 


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