Front Door Plants For A Fanciable Home Entrance

Front Door Plants For A Fanciable Home Entrance

Plants are the best option when it comes to beautifying your home. We all make our interior and balconies alluring with some fancy prepossessing plants. However, we all tend to forget our home entrances, although it is what a person notices first. But, how to beautify the front? Well, we have sorted out this for you. In the article, we bring you some of the charming front door plants that will change your entrance’s semblance. 

In the article, we have enumerated some of the best captivating front door plants with their various aspects like sunlight, planter, and more. You will find flower plants, hanging plants, pet-friendly plants, and many more varieties in the article. The intimidating plants that we have listed in the article will be perfect for your every front door plant idea. Whether you have a shady porch or a framed front, we got it all covered. 

How To Choose Front Door Plants?

Choosing front door plants can be sometimes confusing. So, we have made this short guide for you to help choose. Some things to keep in mind are:

  • Choose a planter according to the plant and space you want to keep it in. when choosing a planter, look for something that beautifies and complements your home. 
  • The planter you choose must also be in accordance with the color and style of your home. Also, it should be large enough to be notable and fascinating at the same time.
  • It would help if you also kept in mind the availability of sunlight in the area you want to keep the planter as some front door plants need more sunlight while others need shady conditions. 
  • Keep in mind the weather conditions as some plants may not survive in the cold while others may need cool environments. 
  • If you own a pet, then choose non-toxic pet-friendly plants.
  • You must also be sure to look for low maintenance plants if you can’t care routinely for the plant. 

Some Captivating Front Door Plants Are:

English Ivy

If you want an eye-catching front door plant, then the English ivy is a mesmerizing choice. It is one of the fascinating front door plants that you can get if you like trail plants. 

What makes English ivy a perfect front door plant? Well, the answer is simple; this plant, along with being enticingly beautiful, is also multi-purpose. You can hang this plant, plant it in a simple planter, or just unbellishimingly let it trail from a window box. 


Does your front entrance get abundant sunlight? If yes, then the petunias are one of the best beautifying front door plants you can go for. This flamboyant plant, with its radiant pinkish flowers, is a picturesque option for front door plants. 

The petunias plant will let you adorn your entrance with flowers that everyone will admire. What is more enthralling about this plant is that you can use it as a hanging plant, a window plant, or unpretentiously use it to line the stairs. 

Umbrella Tree

If you live in an area with a warm temperature, then the umbrella tree is what you will love as a plant for entrance. This is one of the most alluring front door plants which flourish in warm areas with indirect sunlight. 

One illustrious thing about this plant is that you can give whatever shape you want once it has grown to a notable size. The only thing to remember for this plant is that you have to rotate it routinely as it grows towards the sunlight. Other than this, it doesn’t need any special care; just take it indoors if the temperatures drop. 

Bird Of Paradise

Give your front entrance a tropical outlook with this spellbinding plant. These plants are a blessing in disguise as they are some of the most low maintenance front door plants. To have this plant, all you need to do is plant it in a planter and water it on alternate days. 

The bird of paradise plants don’t need much sunlight and can grow in shades, though if you go for the orange one, you will need sunlight. You will need to keep the orange bird of paradise plant in sunlight to bring out its enticing blooms. One thing to remember for this plant is that it can tolerate many cold temperatures and thus bring it in if it gets cold outside. 

Tradescantia Zebrina

Want something for a shady porch? Well, the Tradescantia Zebrina is the answer. This plant, along with being a bewitchingly picturesque plant, is also one of the most low maintenance front door plants. 

This plant is also a very compelling option as you can plant it in a simple planter or use it as an eye-catching hanging plant. When going for the Tradescantia Zebrina, the only thing to remember is that don’t put it in too shady areas as its vibrant colors of strips may fade without sunlight. 

Citrus Tree

citrus tree for front door plants

You thought that you need an extensive backyard to grow an orange or lemon tree, didn’t you? If yes, you are not alone, as most people think the same. However, this notion is wrong as you can grow these front door plants even in small pots. 

The good thing about these plants is that they don’t need any pest protection. The Health benefits of citrus plants are also wide-ranging like immune system boosting. You need to water them routinely and bring them in if it gets cold outside. 

Boston Fern

This is one of the beautifying plants everyone will adore. Another good thing about these front door plants is that they don’t need much care, and you can keep them indoors and outdoors wherever you like. The only thing you have to be careful about is to keep the soil damp all the time. 

If you give this plant abundant water and keep the soil damp, it will thrive in any place you want. It also doesn’t need much sunlight and boom, even in shady low sunlight areas. If you take good care of this plant, it will be an alluring option to make a statement. Another riveting thing about this plant is that you can plant it in a pot or use it as a hanging plant. 

Wax Begonia

Want a fascinatingly beautiful flowering plant option? If yes, the wax Begonia plant is what will make you feel bewitched with its beauty. The wax begonia is one of the most stunningly alluring front door plants. This plant blooms in red, white, and pink colors, which gives it an even more spellbinding facade.

Another great thing about this plant is that it is a resilient plant, and thus you can keep it in a shady or a place with indirect sunlight. The only thing to be careful of is no to keep it in direct sunlight. Adoring features of this plant also include it to be some of the most adaptable front door plants; therefore, you can keep it in a pot or a window box, whichever you like. 


Yeah, you read that right. Cactus is a pulchritudinous option when it comes to front door plants. You can go for cactus if you live in a sunny and warm climate. The good thing about these plants is that they love heat and don’t need much care. You even don’t have to water them very often. 

The only thing to remember when going for the cactus as the front door plants are to use a planter that offers proper drainage. 

Sweet Alyssum

The sweet alyssums are low-growing plants that offer mesmerizing miniature blooms. Its flowers also have spellbinding honey-sent, which makes them an alluring option for the front door plants. The alyssums are beauteous cascading from the pots, which make the look of your front door eye-catching. The only thing to take care of when choosing these plants is to place them in a place with enough sunlight. 

You can also make it more beguiling by adding a tall plant to its surrounding; however, they also look prepossessing on their own. 


What’s more gorgeous than a plant with vibrant, colorful texture? Nothing we say. The coleus, with their artistic textures and vivid colors, is one of the most striking front door plants you can grow. This plant is known for its bewitching foliage that ranges from burgundy to chartreuse to the winsome rusty and deep red. 

What’s more interesting about these plants is that you can get them in various varieties. One thing to remember is that different varieties need different conditions like sunlight needs, thus read the label carefully before purchasing. 


Do you love front door plants? Or are you the one who wants something eye-catching to complement your home’s look? Well, whatever the need, front door plants are some of the best options which everyone will love. 

In the article, to help you get that enticing front door plant, we have prepared a list of some of the most alluring plants. You will also find a brief guide to help you choose the perfect plant for your home. 

If you like the article please, do let us know in the comment box. 

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