Fun Christmas Party Games For Adults That Will Give Holiday Vibes

Fun Christmas Party Games For Adults That Will Give Holiday Vibes

All these Christmas Party Games for Adults will ensure that the next party will have a lot of holiday cheer. Make sure you plan a party that your guests will not forget.

There are some guessing games, holiday trivia, icebreakers, and hilarious adult games to play at a Christmas party in this article. No matter how big or small, home or office Christmas party you are planning, you will find great games.

You do not need to arrange a lot of items than what you already have; just read the game rules and a little bit of preparation, you are all set for a rocking party. 

Christmas Party Games For Adults

Check out some of the most fun Christmas games to play this holiday season. 

Ornament Guess

Kick start your office Christmas party with simple games like a guessing game. Every time a guest enters the room, hand them a sheet of paper and ask them to write how many ornaments are hanging on the Christmas tree. Whoever gives the closest answer will win a prize. If there is more than one person with the right guess, but both the entries in one bowl and randomly pick one.

Christmas Carol Pictionary Relay

This is one of the classic Christmas party game ideas but with a holiday twist. Guests from different teams and race to draw the Christmas carols. Once they know which Christmas carols in being depicted by their teammate, they will have to sing it to get the points. 

Candy Canes

If you love playing the card game Spoons, you will love this one as well. This is one of the best Christmas party games for adults. It is played just like the classic card game with the only difference that instead of grabbing spoons, players have to take candy cane slyly. This is a perfect small office or house Christmas party game and is best played with 4-6 people.

Christmas Find Out Who

If you are looking for some games to play at a Christmas party, then this is a must check out. Let’s see how fast your party guests can get to know each other? Print out a list with questions like “Who did Christmas caroling last year? Or who never celebrated snowy Christmas?” 

Give each of your guests a pen and paper, and they will have to ask other people if they fit right in any of the questions. This will not only break the ice but also make mingling easy. The first person to get all the listed questions answered by others will win a prize. 

Christmas Movie Trivia

This one is a great Christmas party game for adults. It’s time to test the movie knowledge of your guests. Print Christmas movie trivia sheets-include options like- A Christmas story and Christmas movie trivia. Hand these to your guests and ask them to fill it out, or you can make it more fun by hosting it live. 

Christmas Movie Drinking Game

This is the perfect and most loved Christmas party game idea for adults. Choose any of your favorite movies, Home Alone, A Christmas Story, How the Grinch Stole, and play it on your TV. Write your own list of rules following the movie. When any of the mentioned rules comes in the movie, everyone has to take a drink. There are plenty of drinking games to play at a Christmas Party. 

Christmas Charades

 We have been playing Charades since childhood, and you will love this holiday version even more. Charades can be a great ice breaker, and this Christmas Charades game is filled with Christmas themes that will keep all your guests in a holiday spirit. When making your Christmas Charades list, use holiday phrases or songs or titles of holiday movies like:

  • “Jingle Bells”
  • Snow angels
  • The Nutcracker
  • Decorating a Christmas tree
  • “Silent Night”

Two Truths and a Lie

 If you are looking for some fun games to play at a Christmas party, then try this one. Give a twist to this ice breaker game by giving a Christmas theme, “Worst Christmas Gifts Ever Received.” Ask every guest to say two options, one which is false and one true. Spot the right answer.

Christmas Win, Lose or Draw

For this Christmas game, you can use any Christmas Carol, movie, or any object related to the holiday to play Win, Lose, Draw. There are plenty of interesting ideas to include in the Christmas songs list that works perfectly with the game.

Blind Christmas Tree Ripping

This is one of those Christmas party games which will seem super exciting for adults. See how good the guests rip a Christmas tree from a construction paper without looking at it. The people who will put the most creative and realistic Christmas Tree will win a prize. 

Christmas Gift Exchange Game

If your Christmas party includes a gift exchange, this is one of the must-play games for adults. This game includes a fun poem that will make everybody laugh till their stomach hurts before exchanging the gifts.

Merry Christmas Paper Plate Game

The only few supplies you will need for such office Christmas party games are markers and paper plates. This game involves the guests to draw a Christmas Scene, which is on their mind on a paper plate.

Christmas-Themed 20 Questions

Play this Christmas party game of 20 questions based on Christmas terms, simple or complex that is up to you. This is one of the most basic games to play at a Christmas party with no requirement of preparation or supplies. 

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Name That Christmas Tradition

This is one of the best Christmas party game ideas. Print out a version of Name that Christmas Tradition in simple, medium, or difficult version. This game is most suitable for people who like something intellectual. 

Funny Employee Awards

If you are looking for some office Christmas Party ideas, then you have stumbled up at the right place. Create funny certificates and funny awards for every person in your office. This is the best way to lighten up the mood by some laughs while recognizing people with hard work. 

Christmas Alphabet Drinking Game

Go through the alphabet in a circle, as each person says a Christmas related name, item, song, and so on, for the letter they have. If you hesitate or draw a blank, you have to drink!

Christmas ‘Would You Rather?’ Adult Edition

We all have played this game at least once. This is no doubt one of the most classic Christmas party games for adults. Keep it kinky and fun and not just Christmas Inspired. 

‘Never Have I Ever’ Christmas Edition

There is no better game than Never Have I Ever. The rules of this game are super simple. Turn by turn; every guest will give one statement like “Never have I ever- peed in my pants.” Then the people who have will take a sip of the drink, and those who have will not skip. The person who empties the glass first wins. 

The Santa Hat Game

This is a fun party game to play at Christmas Party. When your guest enters the party, hand them a Santa Hat and a paper. However, there will be only one person who is “it.” And when that person takes off their hat, every guest has to follow the same. The last person to take off their hat loses the game. 


I bet you have not played any game more interesting than Beer pong, and even more fun is Cornhole Hybrid-Beer Pong. Use hot-glue to hold the cups to the board, and instead of balls, use bells to toss them and score.

Elf on the Shelf Game for Adults

Put your kid to sleep and gather all your friends for super fun Christmas party games for adults. Play Elf on the Shelf with an adult theme and see who comes up with the funniest and kinkiest placement. 

White Elephant

White Elephant keeps the gift opening more exciting by allowing swaps, is the most popular Christmas party game of all. 

Jello Shot Christmas Tree

This is more like a challenge than a game. It’s time to conquer the boozy Christmas Tree with your friend. 


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