Astonishing Home Bar Designs And Ideas

Astonishing Home Bar Designs And Ideas

Home bars are one of the most elegant additions to a home interior. The idea of a home bar has been a persona of home architecture and design for a time. Home bar ideas depend on the designs and space both, as some ideas need large space for extensive collections while others prefer small ones. 

In the article, we will discuss some of the best home bar designs you can try to take the home architecture a notch up. We have put the hidden bar ideas, wall bar ideas, and many more in the article, which you will love. 

Home bars don’t only give you safe and secure storage space for your spirit and wine collection but also help you make drinks easily. So, we bring you some of the best home bar designs and ideas you can try for your home renovation or designing.

The Barn Home Bar

The vibe of this home bar idea is all about conversations, companionship, and great times. What makes it even better is that it doesn’t need you to spend a fortune. It is easy to implement, and all you need is a chalkboard for the wall, along with a wood slab for the counter, and a few lightings. 

For lightings, you can get some wire lighting, which will give your bar a fascinating vintage look. You can also get some wooden stools for a proper barn inspired look. 

This idea is perfect if you want to set up a man cave or some boys’ basement designings. It will be your best party place or party ideas after you have it.

Cabinet Style Home Bar

This bar design is a hidden gem idea when it comes to home bars. In this home bar idea, the bar is set up in a cabinet and is hidden from sight. What makes it a great idea is that although it is hidden, it is close and easy to reach when you feel like partying.

It is also great for a losing up sip after work or before bed. The cabinet in this design already comes with all the things you need like a cooler for the bar, wine storing racks, and some shelves for spirits. 

Grey Elegance Home Bar 

If you want a home bar idea that is modern with elegance and also looks posh, then this is the perfect design for you. This bar idea is a well-made home bar that only takes space as little as two meters on your kitchen wall. 

What makes it even greater is that it comes with some coolers, enough wine racks, shelves, and storage space for your spirit. It also has a service countertop, which will make it a breeze to make and enjoy your drinks. 

This cabinet’s grey tone will also make it stand out from the regular and highlight the splendid marble splashback. 

Floating Bottle Home Bar Design

This idea is something that you will love if you want something minimalist that is elegant and eye-catching. You can also use this home bar design as a room separator as this design’s splashback is transparent glass. 

The silver and chrome bars that are used in this design give this idea a twitchy look. However, you can also go for wood bars if you want a rustic vibe in your bar. 

The Pallet Home Bar

Pallet Home bar

If you want a home bar that is great looking and elegant but also don’t want to spend a fortune, then this design is for you. The pallet style bar is a DIY bar made from recycled pallets. 

This design is easy to put together and implement while not costing you a fortune. All you need for this bar are some pallets, a drill, screws, and a time. For it, simply clean the pallets, assemble them together on the wall, and your home bar is ready. You can also add some fancy lights to it for making it even more eye-catching. 

Pull-Out Drawers Style Home Bar

This bar design idea gets a thumbs up for its mini and convenient design. What makes it great is that it makes up for its size by optimizing the available space. It also doesn’t need you to sacrifice at your convenience with its minimalist design. 

In this design, the lowest drawer is for big bottles, while the upper drawer is for smaller bottles. Its upper shelves are perfect for storing glasses and other bar essentials. Another good thing about this design is that it also has a drink preparation and service counter, which makes it extremely convenient. 

Under The Stairs Home Bar 

This home bar idea is great for you to use that space under your stairs. In this idea, the countertops made from black granite set the mood perfectly, while the splashback of red brick walls gives it the rustic and fascinating look. 

To complete the bar, you will need some shelves for bottles and lights to set the mood and a spacious cooler for those chill drinks. 

Chic Nook

Thinking of going out for some drinks? Well, why go out when you can have your own chic home bar and enjoy the drinks in your very own cozy space. This bar will make you invite your friends home and not go out for drinks with its astonishing design. 

For its chic and modern look, you will need a brick wall, along with a marble counter for serving. After it, you can get a custom metal wall storage with some awesome metal bar stools. This bar, with its rustic and chic vibe, will make you enjoy and stay. 

Marble Opulence Home Bar Design

If you are one of those who like it bright and lighten, then this home bar design idea is something you will love. This magnificent home bar idea includes white, grey, and various shades that you can choose from. These shades of marble complement the marble counter and walls in this bar design. 

In this luxurious bar design, you will need chrome stools and pendant light that are crystal to make it even more posh. 

Tuscan cellar

This pastoral home bar design is charming and peaceful in itself. It’s just like the warm airs from where the best of best wines come. The cool chamber in this design, with its cement slab wall, recreates the Tuscan air. The wood shelves and rustic barrels and stands of wine also give it a look to stand out from others.

The open ceiling in this design with bars gives the room even more good looks. Metal bottle holders and tidy carpentry give this room a modern look along with its Tuscan outlook. 

All In The Wall

If you want something you can use as home decor and being your own personal bar, then this is it. This idea is perfect for smaller homes and is very creative in itself. 

In this sign, you can save floor space by installing the bar on the walls, and it will not only save space but will also double as wall decor. This design is a great idea for man caves and bachelor pads. 

The box shelves in this idea serve your purpose for storage with a counter and lighting. What is greater is that this idea doesn’t have limits, and you can design your own box bar according to taste. 

Rustic Industrial Home Bar

This home bar design is a perfect blend of the wild west with a rustic vibe charm. In this design, the bare concrete floors along with brick walls and the ceiling with wood panels give an impression of great times and sylvan hospitality. 

The addition of vintage metal and wood bar with the lighting and old-school style stools will add the perfect industrial look to it. 

Well-Lit Home Bar

If we define this bar in three words, then those will be modern, rich, and striking. This home bar idea is an in-wall design that is efficient and stylish. The wall in this design is to be matte black, and when the lights in this wall, the bar glows like a bright moon. 

What adds to its opulence is the tinted glass walls that make it obscure. The lower portion in this design is cooler, whereas the upper shelves are there as storage space and a drink preparation counter. 

Ice Bucket Add-On

What starts a party more than some drinks in an ice bucket. However, you don’t have to make your bathtub or kitchen sink into an ice bucket. You can add an ice bucket in this design to the counter itself. 

This design includes a splashback of the mirror with a cooler and edgy black drop light that gives it a fascinating look. 

Garden Home Bar

If you want to be close to nature while enjoying your drinks, then just bring the bar to the garden. You will love this concept as in it; the bar is set up in the garden where you can go partying or enjoy the drinks yourself in the company of nature.

This design comes with a cooler, box wine shelves, and a pair of barrel buckets. What’s special about this is that the buckets pair have a planter bucket that you can use to plant a herb or spice. 

Final Words

The home bar ideas which we have listed in the article above are some of the best which you can try. In the article, you will find a combination of ideas posh and budget both. 

You will also find some of the best backgrounds you can put for your home bar, like the rustic and industrial themes. 

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