Easy Home Staging Tips That you Can’t-Miss

Easy Home Staging Tips That you Can’t-Miss

Home staging tips come in handy when planning to sell your home. Making your house look its best helps to attract potential buyers. 

Want to know what is home staging? Home staging means decorating your house to highlight the best assets and help the buyers to imagine themselves living there. When done right, home staging will make it easier for you to sell your house.

Home staging has a direct effect on buyer’s views about the house. It helps the buyers to visualize the property. Staging a home for sale also increases its value and decreases the time taken to sell.

This makes sense for sellers to put in effort and time into staging their house. Luckily, most of the best home staging tips for sellers do not require a big budget. 

Whether you are planning to sell your house or just add a new element to the listing, staging your home can help sell the house faster and for more money.

Home Staging Tips

  1. Staging at the right place

Not all rooms require the same level of home staging. You should focus on the rooms that have bigger influencing potential on the buyers and spend less effort on the rooms that do not matter much in the buying decision.

The rooms of utmost importance are the master bedroom, living room, and kitchen. These rooms require most efforts when you are staging your house.

  • De-personalize the space

The main objective of house staging is to let potential buyers visualize the home as their own. The best way of accomplishing this goal is by setting up a blank canvas. The home should have necessary style elements but no personal touches.

The first step is to remove personal photos. Takedown all the photos off the walls, side table –or any other surface where your pictures are hanging. Keep stored clothes away and out of sight. The bathrooms counters should be free of any personal items like contact solutions and toothbrushes. Remove anything religious as well. Making your house de-personalized may make it weird to live in but is helpful to attract buyers.

  • De-clutter

Clutter takes a lot of space, and space is what sells. Try to make your home look bigger and desirable by de-cluttering. You don’t need to discard these things forever, instead just pack them to take them to your new house.

Things like un-seasonal clothes crowding in front of your closet, papers, most decor items, games, and things that you don’t need on an everyday basis can be de-cluttered. Buyers may open the closets to check the storage potential, so make sure to remove any non-crucial and miscellaneous items. The bigger the wardrobes and rooms look, the more appealing the house will be to the buyers.

  • Intensive Cleaning

Cleaning the house on festivals is different than cleaning when you are putting the home for sale. Every inch and corner of the house, from floor to ceiling, should shine. A squeaky clean house reflects that the current owners took good care of the home. If you have been neglecting certain cleaning tasks, like the sides of the refrigerators, or window blinds, tackle them now. The cleaning done during home staging is similar to the deep cleaning done when moving into a new house.

  • Go neutral 

This house staging idea can be a little cost-intensive and time-consuming. However, the staging tip can make a major difference in the sale price and the time your house is on the market. Bright wall color can be a major turn off to potential buyers. 

When staging your home for sale, the best thing to do is painting the house with neutral colors like white, taupe, or grey. Bold colors tend to distract from the assets of the room, clothes, and photos. Buyers would like to color the house bright themselves, reflecting their personality.

  • Leaving a good first impression

The first thing a buyer sees when entering the house is the front entrance. So making a strong first impression is necessary. Remove any seasonal decoration, which can spoil the look of pictures both in person as well as pictures. Power wash the front stoop or at least scrub to remove dirt. Add small homely touch with doormats, potted plants. Keep the entrance space simple but welcoming.

  • Fresh plants

While too many decor items in a house can be distracting, a few greens and healthy indoor plants and flowers will bring a touch of freshness and life to space. Do not clutter any particular area, space the plants out. Place a vase full of blooming flowers on the kitchen table. Or some succulents or plants in the living room or maybe a large potted indoor plant in the living room corner as well.

Another aspect that adds to the freshness of the home is no odors. Take care of the trash bins or any odor that may hit the buyers. You can install a small home freshener plug-in in the rooms while following the cleaning tips for staging your home. Keep the house smelling fresh and pleasant.

  • Proper Lighting

Dark rooms look gloomy and sad. Brighten up your home by proper lighting installation. Open the blinds on the windows, which will not only make the room bright but also make rooms appear bigger. Turn on all the lights for showing even the closet lights and lamps. This will make the home welcoming and also save any possible stumbling.

  • Rearrange furniture

One of the important home staging tips is to keep open and as much as walkable space in the rooms. This will help the buyers to visualize the space with their own furniture in the rooms. Put extra furniture in the storage, especially oversized or damaged pieces, and the ones that don’t match the rooms’ vibe. With the remaining furniture, rearrange it to make the room feel spacious.

  • Fix grimy bathroom walls

Grimy walls in the bathroom can be a major red flag to the buyers. One easy way to remove the mold is- mix one part water and one part bleach in a spray bottle. Spray the mixture on the wall, and you will see the mold disappear quickly. Paint a fresh coat of color and, your bathroom will look brand new.

  • Fixing old bathroom tiles

A good bathroom interior can sell a house, but outdated tiles in a bathroom don’t. This is where home staging tips come handy. One affordable alternative to replacing the old tiles is painting them. 

Coat the tiles with a high-adhesion primer, then brush with special ceramic epoxy covering. For just a fraction of the total cost of new tiles, you will end up with an updated bathroom and ready to sell it.

  • Make unattractive fireplace appealing to buyers.

Want to turn an unattractive fireplace into a major selling feature? The first step is to get rid of that old brass screen, then give a thorough cleaning to the fireplace, with soap and water. Once done with all the cleaning and scrubbing, use a stone color enhancer and polish the brick to make them shine like new. You will have an all-new fireplace ready in no time, turning your house the hottest property for sale.

  • New kitchen appliance to bring high returns

Studies reveal that new kitchen appliances can increase the market value of the house. So its time to get rid of old appliances that make your kitchen look dated. After installing the new kitchen equipment, your kitchen will look brand new. 

Final Words:

Not all house staging tips require you to spend a lot of money. Just some creativity and smart decisions. The agent can suggest some necessary home staging tips to you that will add value to the home and entice potential buyers. Once you have done all the necessary staging to home, its ready for sale!


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