How to Clean a Bird Bath?

How to Clean a Bird Bath?

This is because most people who make their living cleaning up birdhouses do not really know what they are doing.

Most of the time, a bird bath can be cleaned without the need for any special tools or chemicals. What you require to be doing, however, is to find a way to sanitize the bird bath so that you can utilize it again without any problems.

If you do this right, you will notice that it is less likely to attract other pests or bugs that might be living in the water in the birdhouse that it was built in the first place.


Sterilize Everything Properly

The first of the steps you require to take in learning how to clean a dirty bird bath is to thoroughly check out the bird’s feeding supplies. You will need to determine if they are properly sterilized and ready for the bird bath.

This can get done easily by simply pulling out the old food dishes and putting the new ones in their proper places.

Don’t Keep the Bath Wet All the Time

Once you’ve accomplished this, you should turn the water off in the bird house so that you will not get accidentally wet anything.

Next, you need to empty the feeders of all the leftover food. Be sure to use a sterilized syringe in doing this so that no bacteria or contaminants will remain.

Wash the Bird Bath Using Soap

The next of the steps you will want to take in learning how to clean a dirty bird bath is to rinse out all the birdbath that is inside the house.

This means that you need to use some water and soap to wash out the mess that has built up inside the bird bath.

Clean the Leftovers Thoroughly

After doing this, you can place the bird bath back in the birdhouse. This will ensure that the birdbath is properly sanitized so that you can use it again.

You also do require to remove any excess food that is left inside the birdhouse. Once you have gotten this, you can add fresh water to the birdbath and fill it with water. Once this gets been done, you will be ready to put the birdbath into your birdhouse.


You have just taken your new bird bath and are wondering if it’s safe to clean it with bleach. Also, birds use bird baths especially to bathe and drink in.

You can easily find bird baths at most local pet stores. If you can’t get one locally, you may be able to find a bird bath at your local department store.

The nice news is that many of the bird baths that are available have been disinfected and are safe for the birds to bathe in.

How to Clean a Bird Bath Bleach?

Normal Water

There are a few of the steps that you should take before you use bleach on your bath, and the first one is to wash it down with some natural water. This helps to remove any chlorine that might be in the water.


The next of the steps is to add some water that has been soaked in white vinegar. The vinegar works by soaking up any dirt and grime in the bath and making it more sanitary.


The last of the steps you should take before you clean with bleach is to add some salt to the water. Salt helps to make it soapy and removes any hard stains that might be in the bird bath.

Keep the Bird Bath Free of Bacteria

When you clean using this method, you should rinse the bird bath out thoroughly and do it as quickly as possible. You don’t intend to as any damage to the birds that live in the bird bath or have gotten into the water.

It is important that the birds don’t get into the water because this will result in a build-up of bacteria. Birds will generally not like being soaked in water.

You should only use this process once every couple of weeks when you clean the bird bath in the spring and once every three months during the summer.

It is also a good idea to take the water down to your bird baths and water the birds there instead of leaving them standing out in the open where they can get infected with bacteria.


How to clean a bird bath without bleach is not that difficult. The only hard part in this case is finding an appropriate way to clean the bird bath.

The birds are not going to care that you are using a chlorine solution, and it will get okay as long as they are able to drink from the bowl.

The problem comes when you try to clean the bird bath, and you are actually cleaning the bird with the solution.

Using Large Container

Cleaning the bird bath using the water that the bird has been drinking from before you began cleaning the bird bath. The best of the things about this method is that you will be able to see what you are doing right away.

I would getting to suggest that you try to use a large container that can hold at least one gallon of water. That is the amount that you should be drinking when cleaning the bird bath.

You do not want to be adding more water to the bird because you are trying to clean it by accident, especially if you have just added some bird bath additives into the water.

Using a Small Container

If you are using a large container to wash your bird bath, you will need to turn on faucet & run the water out of it until it is empty.

If you are using a small container, then you will need to just pour the water into the container and cover the container tightly with newspaper or plastic.

Then take the small container to the water supply. If you have a larger bird bath, then you can pour the water out of the bath and clean it as usual.


When it comes to the most effective ways of how to prepare a homemade bird bath cleaner, it is actually fairly easy.

You can get these cleaner solutions in various brands, such as Bird Bath Remover, and there are other brands that come in liquid as well, like the brand Birds Naturals makes.

But there is one solution that will work well for you and your bird in particular, and this is the homemade bird bath cleaner, which you can easily find out more about at the end of this article.

Ensure That the Bird Bath Doesn’t Spread Different Diseases

For starters, you should know that cleaning different kinds of water is a great idea, especially if you are getting to plan on keeping a large flock of birds around you.

When they bathe in clean water, they will get rid of all the germs that might be stuck in their feathers. This is exactly why they are able to thrive so much better than others who do not bathe in water.

If you have a large flock of such birds around, then it is quite possible that they will get sick more often than others, and if they bathe in contaminated water, it will make them vulnerable to diseases as well as making them suffer from skin diseases, such as parks and ringworm.

Preparing Homemade Bird Bath Cleaner

If you are wandering for the best way on how to prepare homemade bird bath cleaner, the best of the ways for you to start would be by making it yourself.

However, if you think that this process is going to be too complicated for you, then simply ask your local pet store to help you do the task.

The problem with most stores is that they are too busy running around, or perhaps they are too cheap for you to bother buying anything.

For example, you might be able to get a small container of water that they might be able to set aside for you to use.

Just make sure that they allow you to get a little bit of clean water in case you would like to clean more than one bird at the same time.


What do you get to do after you’ve cleaned your bird bath? If it is an indoor bird bath, this usually isn’t a big deal, and if it is an outdoor one, this will be more of a concern.

The nice news is that there are several ways to keep bird baths clean and safe for you, your birds, and their food.

One amongst the best ways is to keep them indoors if you can. It’s not an ideal solution, but it doesn’t cost much to make an enclosure that will keep out the elements and other insects.

Do Not Emphasize on Buying an Enclosure

You don’t necessarily have to buy an enclosure to keep your birds indoors, though, especially if it’s only indoor and the weather is nice, but it’s a good idea to have one.

You can also consider adding perches or toys to keep them occupied while you’re not home. One amongst the first things you’ll want to do is make sure you remove any seeds or food particles from the bird bath.

If the water is fresh, this shouldn’t be too hard. However, you should make sure to vacuum the birdbath immediately if it has been sitting around for quite some time.

It’s better to get safe than sorry when it comes to keeping your birds healthy.

Focus on Cleaning the Bird Bath Regularly

Another important thing about how to maintain the bird bath is to make sure to clean it regularly. For birds that like to drink a lot of water, you’ll want to keep the water fresh.

Be sure to check it once in a while to ensure there aren’t any algae or other types of debris that could hurt your birds.

You’ll also want to periodically check to make sure that the bird bath is safe for your birds, especially if they are feeding and drinking from it.


If you intend to know how to clean a plastic bird bath, then I can assure you that this task will not be too difficult. The only problem that you might encounter is that there are some factors that should be taken into consideration while cleaning such a bath.

Firstly, you need to ensure that the temperature of the water is very high and there is no possibility of it getting too hot for the birds.

Second, when cleaning the water, you should take the assistance of a vacuum cleaner or a brush to clean all the debris that has accumulated at the bottom of the bird bath.

Use Water & Vinegar

When it comes to how to clean a plastic bird bath, one of the best ways to clean it is to use vinegar and water. You should mix about half teaspoons of vinegar and half a cup of water to make a solution that you can use to clean your bird bath.

You can also use an ordinary sponge. To clean the plastic surface of the bird bath, you can use a cloth soaked with water and a mixture of one-quarter cup of bleach and one-quarter cup of water.

Finally, to ensure that your birdbath remains dry, you should apply a protective coating of silicone oil.


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