How to Clean Tile Floors

How to Clean Tile Floors

Tiles are one of the most popular flooring options at present, and they are a perfect choice for areas of a house where water is frequent, like the laundry room, mudroom, bathrooms, and kitchen. They are durable, versatile, durable, and easy to maintain, but unlike other flooring options, they need more care and cleaning. In order to manage beautiful looking tile floors, it is important to keep them dirt-free by giving them deep cleaning regularly. 

Learning the process of how to clean tile floors is easy, and it is not at all time-consuming. The key is to use the right cleaning method that suits the type of tile. Here are some tips for cleaning the floor to help the tiles floor last longer while looking better. 

How often to Clean Tile Floors?

In the case of tile floors, the cleaning schedule depends on how dirty they become every day. However, the spills from food and other items should be cleaned immediately; otherwise, it can create spots on the tiles. 

Most of the people prefer cleaning and vacuuming every day. It helps in preventing dust build-up in grout lines and corners. In addition to this, it also helps in getting rid of the grids that lead to scratches on the floor. Tile floors should be mopped properly every week to keep the tiles clean and prevent grime build-up. 

How to Clean Ceramic and Natural Stone Tile Floors?

Ceramic tile floors are highly durable and one of the most popular choices for flooring. A wide range of designer options is available in ceramic tiles, which make them a perfect fit for any decor. In addition to this, these tiles are scratch-resistant, and you can easily wipe away spills on these tiles. These tiles can be easily cleaned, but gout that is utilized to fill gaps in these tiles create a cleaning issue. 

What do You need to Clean Ceramic and Natural Stone Tile Floor?

Below mentioned are some of the things that you would require to clean the ceramic tile floor.

  • Commercial all-purpose cleaner or you can also use dish washing liquid
  • Oxygen-based bleach powder, baking soda, or hydrogen peroxide
  • For floors of natural stone tile floors, you would need alkaline-based clever
Steps to Clean the Tile Floor

1. Remove the Dirt

Start the cleaning process by sweeping the dry dust to remove loose dirt. It will also help you in getting rid of the grit.

2. Clean the Stains on the Grout

Grout is most likely to attract the dirt if it is not sealed properly. There is a wide range of products that can help you in cleaning the grout by removing the soil. Here are some tips for cleaning the stains off the grout.

Hydrogen peroxide – Apply hydrogen peroxide using an eyedropper. Let it stay for ten minutes and then scrub the grout using a brush. 

Use Baking Soda – Make a paste of baking soda and water. Apply it on the grout lines. Leave it for some time and then scrub away the soil using a brush.

Oxygen-based bleach – You can also use oxygen-based bleach to clean the grout lines. Make a paste of the bleach and water and apply it one the grout line. Leave it for fifteen minutes and finally scrub out the soil using a brush. 

3. Clean the Floor

Use the right commercial all-purpose cleaner on the basis of the type of tile floor in your house. Mix it with water following the directions. Keep in mind not to use the excess cleaner as it can leave the floor sticky. Wet mop the floor properly using the solution of water and cleaner.

4. Rinse 

After mopping the floor with the help of a cleaning solution, the final step is to rinse the mop properly. Use plain water in order to rinse the left soapy residue. After cleaning, allow the floor to dry. 

Note – Do not use chlorine bleach on the grout as using it for a long time can lead the grout to break down. 


How to Clean Tile Floors


How to Clean Vinyl Tile Floors?

While cleaning vinyl tile floors, keep in mind not to apply a wax or not to use the mop and shine cleaner as they can dull the finish and look of the floor. All new vinyl tile floors contain no-wax flooring, so it is better to avoid applying wax to maintain the natural finish and shine. 

What You Need to Clean Vinyl Tile Floors?

Below mentioned are some of the things that you would require to clean the vinyl tile floors.

  • Commercial vinyl floor cleaner
  • Baking soda
  • Rubbing Alcohol
Steps to Clean the Floor

1. Sweep the Floor

Before mopping the floor, sweep the loose dirt. It will help in avoiding swishing the grime present on the floor.

2. Clean Stains

Before starting the process of cleaning the complete floor, it is better to get rid of tough stains. Here are some tips to remove the stains.

Rubbing Alcohol – Use rubbing alcohol to clean the stains of paint, lipstick, and crayons. Apply the rubbing alcohol and leave it for five minutes. Finally, wipe it away using a clean sponge.

Baking Soda and Water – In order to remove stains of dried food spills, apply a paste of baking soda and water. Leave it for some time and then rub it using a damp towel

3. Clean the Floor

Clean the floor using a commercial vinyl floor cleaner. Follow the instructions while cleaning the floor and mix the correct amount of the product in the water. It is better to use hot water as it will help in getting rid of sticky messes properly. 

4. Rinse

Do not let the floor drenched. Excess water can on the floor can lead the edges to curl. SO rinse most of the water on the floor using the mop properly. Finally, allow the floor to dry. 


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