Eliminate Bed Bugs Step By Step

Eliminate Bed Bugs Step By Step

You may be searching for how to get rid of bed bugs permanently and easily? I have known the pain of how much these bud begs are irritating and ugly. These tiny creatures, if you see them only for once, can make our sleep time vulnerable (for me, these creatures just snatch my sleep, huh!), and their thoughts are always running in our mind. 

These are 5 millimeter long creatures, smaller than flaxseed, are so smart in hiding, tough enough, and reproduce into thousands so quickly. Seeing this much cleverness in such tiny creatures makes me question the humans, anyways, these creatures are irritating, and we must try to get rid of bed bugs from our house as early as possible. 

As a matter of fact, it is found that bed bugs can remain alive for years, even without eating, and a female bug in her entire life can lay about 500 eggs. 

The dangerous thing about these bed bugs is that they suck your blood if they stick to your body while you are sleeping on your bed. These bugs leave red and itchy patches on your skin and sometimes cause skin allergy. 

How To Get Rid Of Bedbugs?

Thank God! There are various ways by which one can get rid of these bed bugs permanently from their room. But you have to keep a little patience as removing each, and every bedbug can take some more effort and time. You may also have used some different chemicals as well as a no-chemicals treatment, especially when there are thousands of bedbugs. 

There are so many factors that might worsen the condition and make it hard to remove bed bugs entirely. If you travel a lot and if there is a lot of clutter in your house, you may try harder in removing the bed bugs. 

However, if you have found that there are lots of bedbugs and you can’t get rid of these bed bugs even after using so many chemicals and all, you can call the professional exterminator, he will help you to get rid of bed bugs completely. 


How To Identify Bed Bugs?

How to get rid of bed bugs

First, it is important to identify whether there are bed bugs and where they are hiding. It is the first and very important step as before they start reproducing, you must identify as getting rid of thousands of bed bugs is not at all an easy task. Identifying and treating the small infestation is much easier as well as cheaper compared to bigger infestation. 

You can do bedbugs inspection by yourself or hire a professional for doing so. Some professionals even use dogs to identify all the places where bed bugs are hiding. 

These creatures are so tiny that they can hide between the folds of the curtain, under the mattress, and inside the couch sponges. 


Check this place to identify tiny bed bugs like:

  • Box spring and mattress tags
  • Inside the cracks of bed frame 
  • Inside the baseboard
  • Couch Cushions
  • Joints of the furniture
  • Inside of the Electrical Outlet
  • Behind the loose wallpaper
  • Behind posters and paintings
  • Joints of wallpaper as well as ceiling
  • Use a magnifying glass and a flashlight to search in small areas and holes


Some signs can show the presence and help in tracing the bed bugs:

  • Dark spots are the dropping of bedbugs of the size of the period
  • Redding colors bugs of size ¼ inch long
  • Reddish stain on mattress sign of the crushed bug
  • Pale yellowish egg, shells, and skin as young bug sheds their skin

If you have identified a bedbug, immediately put it in the jar and sealed the jar and put one tsp of the rubbing alcohol in the jar. Some other bugs also look similar to bedbugs, and if you don’t know what it is, you can ask the exterminator to identify the bug. 

How to Identify bed bugs

Prepare For The Treatment

Always remember that before you start treating bed bugs from your house, it is always advisable to prepare for treatment so that treatment can be successful and do not cause any harm to other things. For preparations, you have to empty the whole place where the treatment is going to take place. Remove all the carpets, linens, clothes, curtains, and all other things that should be removed from that place, and the room should be entirely empty.

Now next, you have to close all the hiding places of the bed bugs. These hiding places are books, small pieces of cloths, magazines, toys, and any small thing in which they can hide, remove all these items from the treatment place. But remember, do not put all these items in the infested room or already treated room, if they have any bugs inside them, that cleaned room again gets their uninvited guests. 

If there is an open area, seal that before starting the treatment. If there is any loose wallpaper, you can seal them by applying glue. Caulk any cracks in baseboard and furniture. Seal the electrical outlets with the tape. And then move the bed in the middle and away from the wall and other things so that bugs cannot jump out of bed. 

Thus, preparing for the treatment is so important, it will help you in making your bed bug treatment successful, and all the bed bugs can be eliminated completely. You can do the infestation by yourself, or you can hire a professional for doing so. 

Kill Bed Bugs

I know you want to kill these irritating and dangerous bed bugs from your house. Always make sure that the treatment methods you choose are legal, safe, and effective. Always check what methods are legal and what are not. 

Try to use non-chemicals treatment for eliminating the bed bugs. Some methods of treatment are more effective than that of others that depend on the situation. We have shown here some treatment methods that you can use, but some of these methods are very effective, and some are not as per the condition. Some non-chemical treatments are: 

Heat Anti-bed bug Treatment: Heating treatment can kill the bed bugs. Use a cloth dryer, put a black plastic bag under the sun, but this treatment is dependent on climate conditions. Doing heat treatment by yourself may not work so that you can ask for professional help. Professionals use intensive heat treatment that surely kills and removes the bugs from your house. If you still want to do it by yourself, you can purchase a heat chamber to kill the bed bugs. 

Cold Anti-bed bug Treatment: You can put the items inside the freezer at 0 Fahrenheit to treat the bed bug at your home for four days. Make sure to seal the items perfectly so that bed bugs do not escape. Also, check the temperature of the freezer using the thermometer, since our home freezers do not have a setting for 0 Fahrenheit.  

Steam Treatment: Using steam cleaners for cracks as well as for fabrics of the baseboard, carpet, curtains, bed frame, and other types of furniture help in killing the bed bugs hiding inside them. Make sure that the temperature should be at least 130 Fahrenheit but have slow airflow; otherwise, high pressure of air flow scatters the bed bugs to different places to hide. 

If you find that you cannot do all these treatments by yourself or these treatments are not working for your house bed bug condition, you can hire infestation services from pest management and pesticide service providers. 

If you are hiring the chemical-based infestation professionals for killing bed bugs, always make sure to look after the registered pesticides service providers, label as below:

  • That they use foggers by taking extreme care and measures, if they do not take proper care, it may lead to fire, explosion, and can cause harm to health. But foggers are not so effective as the spray does not get inside of the cracks of the furniture. 

Some Other Measures That You Must Take

After completing the treatment, carefully check the evidence and trace whether bed bugs still remain in the house. Check your house frequently after treatment. If you see any bedbug, then there might be some missed bed bugs or might be eggs hatched by these tiny creatures. To remove them, repeat the same treatment process again until you see any bugs inside your home. 

You can use some other types of methods or pesticides when repeating the treatment if needed. You can ask some suggestions online for effective chemicals that kill the bed bugs effectively.  

Make sure that you do not use any food type chemical, as they might harm you while you take a breath and can be poisonous if any other creature mistakenly eats it. 


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