How to Hang a Birdhouse

How to Hang a Birdhouse

If you want to invite beautiful birds to your yard, nothing can be better than hanging a birdhouse. It will make your garden and surrounding look more beautiful. It is a lovely addition to your garden or yard. Here is an article with a discussion on how to hang a birdhouse. 

A birdhouse can be aesthetically pleasing, depending on its placement. It can attract different types of birds. While hanging a birdhouse, you need to follow the best way to put a birdhouse; otherwise, you might end up mounting it in an inappropriate manner. 

If birdhouses are mounted safely at an appropriate height and location, then it will easily attract different types of birds that use the houses for nesting. 

How to Hang a Birdhouse?

Birdhouses are a great way to provide the birds with a safe place to lay their eggs. A well-placed birdhouse also allows the birds to rear their young in a safe environment. Aim to keep the birdhouse away from the predators and locate it at an angle from which you can easily observe it.

Understanding how to hang birdhouses will make it more attractive to the birds. In addition to this, properly hanged birdhouses are easy to care for. 

Choose the Right Mounting Structure

In order to hang the birdhouse correctly, it is essential to choose the right mounting structure. It will help in assuring the safety of birdhouses.

Metal Pole

In order to provide complete protection to the birdhouse, you should mount it on a metal pole. No predator can climb on a metal pole and harm the birds and its eggs. So, you should situate the birdhouse at the top of a metal pole. It will help in keeping the birds and their eggs safe. 

There are also other benefits of mounting the birdhouse on a metal pole. You can advise the metal pole wherever you want in your garden, backyard, and can have complete control over the location of the birdhouse. 

Brick Surface

If you have any brick surface near your home, you can place the birdhouse there. If you have any old brick wall nearby, then you can add the birdhouse on it. Predators can not climb the brick wall as it is hard and resistant to their claws. 

The brick wall should not be lower than 3-4 feet. It will help in assuring the safety of birds. In most scenarios, you can directly drive nails to the brick wall without causing harm to the structure. 

Wooden Siding

You can also hang the birdhouse on a wooden siding. It is a more convenient option. In case you do not have any brick wall near your house, then you can opt for mounting the birdhouse on a wooden siding. Hang it on a smooth siding on your shed or home. 

Different predators such as weasels or skunks would not be able to climb up the siding, and the birds will be safe. 

The only negative effect of this mounting structure is that you would not be able to see the birdhouse if there is no window nearby. 

Fence Post

If fences are not very smooth, the lightweight predators can easily climb up and reach the birdhouse. However, you can deal with this issue by hanging a birdhouse having an entrance smaller than 1.25 inches in diameter. It is difficult for the predators to slip through this small hole. It will help in keeping the birds and their eggs safe. 

Keep in mind that the small entrance of the birdhouse will also keep the large birds from building their nest in it. Smaller birds such as chickadees and nuthatches will have no issue in entering the birdhouse. 


If you do not have any of the above-mentioned options, then you can hang the birdhouse on a tree. In case you have options, do not hang birdhouses in a tree as driving screws or nails can cause damage to the tree. 

In case of no other choice, try to put a few screws only in the tree to avoid too much damage. Choose a tree with a diameter of more than 4 inches. Keep in mind to dispose of the screws when you take down the birdhouse. 

Though hanging a birdhouse in a tree can be harmful to the tree, it provides a safer location for nesting to the birds. It will provide them with a natural environment. 

Hanging the Birdhouse

Once you decide the mounting structure, the next step is to hang the birdhouse. In order to hang the birdhouse, you need to take the below-mentioned factors into considerations.

Mechanism for Mounting

The mechanism of mounting the birdhouse affects its security and safety. Many birdhouses are designed in a way that they can be attached to a tree, pole, or building, where they can be comfortable or stable for the birds. 

There are some birdhouses that can be hung using ropes, chains, or hooks. Some species of birds do not mind a little bit swing; however, other species opt for stable houses. In order to choose the right mounting mechanism, it is better to research the mounting that birds present in your backyard prefer.


The next thing to consider is the safety of the birds and their eggs. Choosing the mounting location wisely to avoid the falling or slipping of birds. In addition to this, choose a place that is away from the reach of predators like snakes, rats, and raccoons. Moreover, the birdhouse should be designed in a way that is safe for the birds. 


You should hang the birdhouse at the height of around 5-12 ft above the ground. If the birdhouse is located too low, it might be vulnerable to predators. In case it is too high, many bird species would not be able to live in it. 

Hanging a birdhouse at the height of around 5-12 feet will help in attracting different species. It will also allow you to watch the birds comfortably. 

Smaller birds opt for lower nests. For instance, if you want to have nuthatches, wrens, chickadees in your birdhouse, you should hang the birdhouse at around 5 feet. 


The location of the birdhouse is another important factor to consider. Ideally, you should place the birdhouse in a private area away from the feeders. Locations that could be easily reached by the predators could make the brooding parents anxious.

It is better to keep a birdhouse in a more concealed area. It will help in camouflaging the house. Moreover, it should be close to the branches as it will give adult birds adequate space to watch over their young ones. Some birds like purple martins or bluebirds opt for birdhouses present in open areas. 


It is essential to consider the local climate for hanging the birdhouse. In rainy areas, it is better to hang the birdhouse in a sheltered area. In hot regions, place it in a shaded and cooler location. 

The entrance of the birdhouse should be facing away from the winds as it will provide protection to the delicate hatchlings from the wind-driven rain or stiff breezes. 

Cleaning and Monitoring

It doesn’t matter which birds will use the house; you should be able to reach teh house for regular cleaning and to monitor any hatchlings. Hang the birdhouse at a location and a height where you can easily reach it using a stool or ladder. 

Tips for Attracting Birds to the Birdhouse

Here are some tips for hanging birdhouses and make it attractive for the birds. 

  • Keep in mind to use prospering mounting equipment and the best hardware in order to ensure the stability and security of the birdhouse.  
  • Use nesting material nearby to temp the birds to use the birdhouse. 
  • Set the birdhouse early, so it is available for the birds as soon as they start looking for a house. 
  • Check the house properly after severe weather or storms. If there is any damage, repair it as soon as possible. 
  • Leave the birdhouse during winter and fall for extra shelter for the birds.
  • In order to attract the birds to the birdhouse, you should provide them with survival necessities like food, water, and safe shelter. 

Final Words

Birds might not seem picky for choosing the birdhouse, but hanging the birdhouse properly and taking care of it can attract different cavity-nesting birds. You can also hang bird roosting box to provide cozy winter shelter to birds.

If you do not warm to harm a tree, then opt for metal poles, brick walls, or wooden fences to hang the birdhouse. Keep in mind that whichever location you choose, it should be far from the reach of predators. It will help in ensuring the safety of birds and their eggs. 

Moreover, before you start hanging a birdhouse on the wall, it is a good idea to understand how to hang a birdhouse. Hanging a birdhouse appropriately will help you in adding a lovely addition to your backyard or garden. Moreover, it will also invite beautiful birds to your surroundings. If you find the above-mentioned information helpful, drop a comment.  


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