How To Make A Scarecrow? 11 Best Ideas To Make Scarecrow

How To Make A Scarecrow? 11 Best Ideas To Make Scarecrow

Ooooh, scarecrow! Scarecrows are the best for frightening unwanted critters from the garden, or you can use them as festive decors for Thanksgiving or Halloween. Surprisingly it is super easy to make a strawman. So here we will tell you how to make a scarecrow for your yard.

Scarecrows were a common sight in farming areas for ages, but now they have come back as a fall-themed and Halloween decoration. With some straw and old clothes, you can simply make a scarecrow. Stick it to the garden or position it on the front porch when you are finished. Whether you use it to scare the birds or just as decoration, the scarecrow is sure to attract attention.

Some DIY Scarecrow Ideas

You have seen scarecrows in the yard, frequently with bales of hay and pumpkin scarecrow as a part of an autumn display. Garden scarecrows might look happy, ugly, or sad, or might appear just as a decorative element. So here are some of the best scarecrow ideas for your garden.

Burlap For Scarecrow Faces

Scarecrows are not always scary. This strawman resembles the court jester; because of what he is leaning against, you cannot help but think of those old drunk man-on-the-lamp-post decorations. Scarecrow’s goosey-loosey hands give him the devil might care look.

Also, scarecrow faces can be made of burlap. A burlap is an option to cloth for the strawman’s faces. It is a traditional cloth for strawman’s faces, and the suitable one since the burlap is linked with gardening.

Burlap is the best choice material for scarecrow faces when you search for the rustic look. 

Wolfman Scarecrow

Here is another scarecrow which is made of burlap for the face. However, the theme taken here is a scary one. Werewolf looks give the best theme for a scary Halloween decoration.

This scarecrow is simple to make. In this scarecrow, focus on the head, and the rest of the body is secondary. If you get a hairline right and give creepy eyes, you are most of the way there.

Cloth An Alternative To Burlap For Faces

While not as earthlike as burlap, the cloth is alternatively traditionally used to create scarecrow faces. The advantage of using a cloth is that it is simple to draw on. Also, black magic works well for creating facial features.

Garden Scarecrow WIth Jack-O-Lantern Head

The jack-o-lantern is another choice when creating a scarecrow face. For an alternative to natural pumpkin scarecrow, you can try Halloween jack-o-lantern made from the hard-shell gourd.

You can also wrap a scarf around the neck of the scarecrow, and it is a simple way to work to give some style and extra color. 

For support, you can use a bench for sitting the scarecrow. Having the scarecrow sit down removes the extra step of building support for the scarecrow. Since he is not tied to the pole, then it is easy to make him transportable. 

Make A Head With The Pot

If you do not like traditional ideas, then you can use the flower pot. It is a good option to use leftover plastic pots you have collected in the shed. Select the good size pot and use the scarecrow head. For facials, you can use hot glue on the plastic-like flowers for the eyes.

Wooden Cut-Out For Pumpkin Head

If you do not like any of the ideas mentioned above, then you can always create the pumpkin head out of the head. Also, some people opt for the scarecrow whose whole body is painted cut-out.

Metal Pot For Head

This Halloween scarecrow has a metalhead. Recycled plastic buckets for scarecrow heads are nice, but many people prefer the more earth like feel of metal. Moreover, plastic is a modern material; metal has been around for longer.

Wooden Frame a Good Idea For Stability, Durability

The yard scarecrow is supported on the wooden frame and is allowed to hang loosely makes a stable Halloween decoration. Put the support pole in the ground; after that, screw the wooden framework into the pole. Do not bother stuffing the figure with the straws to fill out. Moreover, when Halloween is over, unscrew the scarecrow from the pole, and store it for the next Halloween. By not stuffing the scarecrow with straw, then you will not need to clean-up. 

Cornstalk Scarecrow

This bird-scarer is generally a bunch of corn stalks which have been dressed up. It makes affixed a cloth scarecrow hat and cloth head to a cornstalk. The orange-colored material covers the mid-section by poncho or shawl. Stiff wires sticking out on the side of the support pole gives arms over which the shawl can be draped.

Biking Figure With Classic Scarecrow Hat

This Halloween decor is a well-made scarecrow which makes use of the bike. The scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz, who craved so much for the brain at the starting of the film, would be happy to know that one of the compatriots has learned how to ride a cycle.  Not surprisingly, this movie’s Halloween themes are famous, given the fact both the scarecrow and the witch play prominent roles in the film.

Straw is the best stuff for scarecrow hats. If you wish to recall the traditional mood in making the scarecrow, then you cannot go wrong using the straw hat. To make a scarecrow’s eye, mouth, and nose shapes will be cut out and glued on.

Red-Haired Witch Scarecrow

Witches generally appear in hats, and witch scarecrows also wear hats. However, a red wig on the strawman gives a nice change of pace from the normal pointy hat. Red is the best choice for color when selecting a scarecrow wig because the bright red color shows up well from a distance. Despite the fact that witches are generally portrayed as having brown or black hair.

Final Words

Scarecrows are funny creations that bring happiness to others. Particularly since you do not see them too often. However, you can fix it by creating one of your own and using the imagination to make a scarecrow. Moreover, if you love colors, then add outdoor winter plants to make a scarecrow more interesting. If you find this information useful, drop a comment below this section.

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