Best Indoor Shade Plants for Spaces with Lower Light

Best Indoor Shade Plants for Spaces with Lower Light

Are you looking for plants to add life to your low-light areas? If yes, then we have made a list of the best indoor shade plants that you can keep in the areas of your home with poor lighting. These plants can thrive easily without getting much light. 

To date, you might be under the impression that all the plants need a lot of sunlight to thrive, but this is not necessarily the case. Some easy-to-care indoor plants are low-light tolerant, which makes them a perfect choice for low-light areas. 

Best Indoor Shade Plants

Indoor plants are perfect for brightening up a dark space and add some positive vibe to the house. These plants not only enhance the decor of your house but also render a vibrant touch. Whether you want to grow an indoor plant in your basement or keep one on your office desk, these plants make amazing choices. Below mentioned are some of the best low-light plants. 

Crotons and Pothos

Crotons are one of the indoor plants that are popularly found in most flower and plant shops. These are the best low-light plants because of the beautifully colored flowers and leaves. It requires little sunlight to bloom and blossom. Once you settle these low-light indoor plants in your house, you will start noticing the beautiful multicolored leaves. The new leaves of this plant soon start to replace the old ones, and it is nothing to worry about. 

Pothos are also amazing indoor shade plants. They do not have colored leaves. Instead, they have green leaves with yellow stripes moving down them. They also grow and thrive like crotons when you keep them in your home. These decorative plants are perfect for introducing a lush green vibe to your home interior. 


When it comes to the best feng shui plants to bring good luck to your home, bamboo is on the top. It is not only decorative but is also the right choice for homes with low light. It is a low-maintenance plant that is easy to keep alive and healthy. All you need is relatively low temperature, shade, and fluoride-free water to manage the healthy growth of bamboo plants, which makes it one of the best indoor shade plants. 

Make sure to avoid keeping this plant in direct sunlight as it is harmful to the leaves and can make them yellow. If you keep this plant in your home, remember to place it in a dimly lit corner and provide indirect sunlight occasionally. Keep in mind to water it frequently with tap water. 

White Orchids

When it comes to the popular indoor plants, white orchids are on the top. They are by far one of the best indoor shade plants. However, when purchasing these low-light indoor plants, make sure to get one with a fresh stem and around 12-14 buds. In addition to this, make sure that the leaves look shiny, healthy and do not have any blemishes. When growing these best low-light plants, all you need to do is put it in a wide pot, add some mulch in the soil, and you are all set to go. 

Another reason that makes it an amazing plant is that it flourishes in light and does well as a shade houseplant. If you keep it as direct sunlight plants, the leaves will become light green. However, if you keep the plan in a dim-lit room, the leaves will turn dark green. 

Kalanchoe Plants

It is impossible not to like these indoor shade plants. These low-light plants feature beautiful flowers, interestingly shaped leaves, and bright colors. Moreover, if you love varieties, these plants are the right choice for you as they come in white, pink, yellow, and red. 

Kalanchoes are low-maintenance and require less water and little sunlight. If you want them to grow quicker, mix some fertilizers into the soil. Moreover, also cut off the flowers from it once they end blooming. Beautifully shaped leaves and colorful leaves make them a perfect choice to add to your home to brighten up the dim space. 

Areca Palm

A full-sized areca plant is quite expensive, so it is better to get a tabletop version of it. Before buying areca palm, remember that these plants grow around 6-7 inches per year, and they reach around 6-7 feet height. So, if you do not have enough space for them, it is better to avoid keeping them in your home. 

If you want to keep these indoor shade plants, make sure to trim them timely without harming them. They live upto ten years which makes them a long-term companion. You do not have to always keep them in light, but it is important to provide them with the right light to keep them healthy. 

Pro Tip Do not keep the areca palm in direct sunlight as it can turn the leaves yellow. 

Peace Lily

It is one of gardner’s favorites, and you can easily find them in homes and offices. These best low-light plants are popular for their dark green leaves and white flowers. They are easy to care for, and it is the reason they are among the most famous low-light indoor plants. But it doesn’t mean you do not have to pay attention to their surroundings. 

Peace lilies require medium to low light. The amount of light that you need to give to peace lilies depends on how you want the plant to look. When you give more light to peace lilies that bloom frequently. On the other hand, in lower light, they look like a traditional foliage plant. 

One drawback of peace lily is that it is one of the plants toxic to dogs. So, if you have dogs in your house, make sure to keep the plants away from your pooch. 


These are one of the laid-back plants that you can find around. These are among the best indoor shade plants, and it loves being indoors. However, you also need to provide them occasional sunbathing. These plants do not turn yellow easily, and they are not sensitive to climate changes. 

It is easy to manage philodendron. All you need to do is keep a perfect balance by changing the amount of light the plant is getting, and it is all set to go. It is among the fastest-growing vines and looks amazing in hanging baskets. Philodendrons require low to indirect sunlight to stay healthy and grow properly. 

Snake Plant

When it comes to the unique indoor shade plants, snake plants are on the top. They are popular for improving the air quality indoors. These plants have beautiful sword-shaped leaves, and trust me; you will love them. They are easy to care for but make sure not to provide them with excessive moisture. 

Snake plants are one of the dracaena varieties and are popular indoor house plants due to their air-purifying properties. It is pretty tame when it comes to maintenance and can tolerate darkness. 

Pro Tip – Do not overwater snake plants as they can rot the roots. 

Chinese Evergreen

There is a wide range of variations of Chinese evergreen plants, which makes it one of the most popular low-light indoor plants. Each variation has a unique and intricate pattern on the leaves, which is remarkably beautiful. 

If you want something small and easily manageable, then this is the best one for your office or home. Make sure to take extra care of this plant when it sprouts lovely green. It will add a lush green touch to your place and will render life to space. 

Wandering Jew

If you are looking for aesthetically pleasing indoor shade plants, then wander jew is the right pick for you. It has beautiful leaves which are green, purple, and silver, making them the perfect decorative plant. 

People hang these plants in baskets as the leaves look quite lovely when they flow over the sides. They grow from 1 to 3 feet tall, which makes them perfect in size for your home or office. 

Dumb Cane

Do not judge this plant by its name. It is one of the coolest indoor shade plants, and trust me; you are going to love it. These plants are usually 5 to 6 feet tattoo and can be found in many houseplants. 

Dumb cane is an amazing species that can thrive in almost all light conditions but not direct sunlight. This plant is easy to care for, so if you are not good at taking care of the plants, this one is ideal for you. However, if you have kids and pets in your house, it is better to avoid keep the dumb cane in your house as it is toxic. 

Peacock Plant

These gorgeous-looking indoor shade plants feature beautiful leaves. They grow up to four feet tall and bloom constantly beautiful white flowers. If you want to grow this plant in your home, make sure to keep the soil moist consistently. Moreover, the water should not contain fluoride as it can damage the plant. This beautiful tropical house plant will brighten up your indoor space with its purplish-red and green leaves. 


There are different types of pothos and are the most popular and best low-light indoor plants. They are easy to grow and maintain, which makes them an amazing choice. They can grow in any room of your home as long as you keep them away from full sun. You can train the plant to tumble over the edges of a beautiful hanging basket or the trellis. 

Final Words

If you have low-light areas in your home, you do not need to worry about goring indoor plants. The indoor shade plants are a perfect pick to brighten up dark spaces with their beautiful leaves and foliage. They will not only add a decorative touch to your home but will also add life to it. Tell us about your favorite plants by dropping a comment. 


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