Kids Dance Party Ideas to Throw a Rocking Party for Your Little One

Kids Dance Party Ideas to Throw a Rocking Party for Your Little One

Want to surprise your kids with something amazing and rocking? If yes, then a kids dance party is the best pick for you. Plan a musical kids dance party and a game party to host a young grade kids party at your home. 

The dance party and music will keep them perfectly active, and the games will keep the kids entertained. Trust me; the result will be a memorable and fun party. 

Kids Dance Party Ideas

Everyone loves to dance, twirl, and groove on some amazing music beats. If your kids love to dance, then throw a kids dance party. It is the best way not only to entertain the kids but also to boost their confidence. A

A kids dance party allows kids to bring out the best in them, make new friends, and coordinate with other kids. If you are planning to throw a dance party for kids, then here some amazing kids dance party ideas to make it memorable for your little ones. 

Kids Dance Party Theme

Trust me; life gets better with a dance party for kids. It should be full of some dance party music, games, party favors, and some yummy snacks. Here are some kids dance party themes to move and shake your body at the party. 

Disco Fever

One of the best themes for the kids dance party is disco fever. For a disco party theme, you need a lot of sparkles, disco balls, and color. You can also make your own disco ball using tiny mirrors and styrofoam. Ask the kids to wear some colorful clothes according to the party, and you are all set to go. 

Ballerina Extravaganza

Another amazing theme for a dance party for kids is ballerina extravaganza. The key to this kids dance party theme is tulle. With tutus, you can even turn the furniture into a ballerina spirit. All you need to do is wrap tulle around different items such as chairs, party favors, tables, bags, and also the kids. Pink is the perfect color for this kids dance party theme. Make sure to add ribbons for a beautiful and finishing touch. 

80’s Theme

80’s theme is also a perfect choice for a kids dance party. What do you need for this theme? Throw a crazy 80’s theme party with bright colors, big hairs, sweatbands, and leggings. You can also throw some shades. Make sure to choose 80’s dance party songs to add a perfect touch. If you want, you can also continue the party with an amazing slumber party and including some amazing sleepover games

Set the Stage

After deciding the theme for the kids dance party, the next step is to set the stage. Include some attractive decorations to enhance the themes. In case you choose the disco theme, then set a big disco ball with colorful flashing lights and dim the other lights of the party room to set the stage. 

 In addition to this, string some mini-disco-type lights in the party room. Play popular kids party songs for dance party music. Make sure the kids are familiar with the songs so that they can dance freely. 

Indulge Kids in Craft Project 

You can begin the party with some amazing craft projects. Believe it or not, this is the best way to amuse kids and keep them entertained while everyone arrives at the kids dance party. Allow them to work at their own pace while interacting with others. Allows kids to decorate the house according to the theme, and trust me, they will love it. 

Kids love to do creative work, and allowing them to do so makes them happier. A party is a place to enjoy. 

Make sure to follow the best house party ideas for an amazing party. If allowing the kids to be free in doing craft projects, decorating rooms, and following the theme makes them happy, allow them to do so.  

Party Games for Kids Dance Party

Party games for kids are the soul of every kids dance party. It is fun to have some healthy competition at the party. Instead of giving some amazing prizes to winners, it is better to give small gifts to everyone. It is the best way to make all kids happy. Moreover, it also helps to avoid any hard feelings among the participants. You can also include some DIY carnival games to make the party more engaging. Below mentioned are some party games for kids.

Musical Numbers

For this one, all you need to do is make a circle of card stock or numbered paper for each little guest. Place paper slips with numbers in a bowl or hat. Make the kids dance around the hat in a circle. Then stop the music and pull a number out of the hat. Ask the kid with the same number to leave the game and choose a gift from the basket. Continue the game until everyone is out. 

Freeze Dance

It is another of the best party games for kids. Play music and ask the kids to dance. Then stop the music and ask kids to freeze in the specific shape. Let them stay in shape for 15 seconds. The one who moves first is out. 


You do not need a winner or loser to make the game fun. Children find it fun to challenge themselves by going lower and lower below the limbo stick. Play the popular Limbo Rock song to make the game more interesting. 

Hot Potato

Instead of potatoes, use a flashlight ball. Play music and ask children to pass it around the circle until the music stops. The person with the light is out. Ask the person to dance to a song before leaving the game. 

Party Favors

When it comes to the kids dance party, it is best to send the kids home with some amazing party favors. Give them suncanters or cute disco-themed goodies like disco keychains ro ball necklaces, or colorful balls. 

Kids Party Food

Fun-filled party ideas are best to celebrate perfectly with friends and family. Yummylicious food is a must for the dance party for kids. If you are confused about what to include in the kids party food, then follow the buffet party food ideas as they are the best choice. Make sure to serve food items kids love to eat. Add a decorative twist to the food items, it will allow the kids to enjoy the food more. Below mentioned are some kids party food ideas you can use:

  • Pizza
  • Sandwiches cut in shapes of musical notes
  • Chocolate Milk
  • Juice boxes
  • Snacks like potato chips or pretzels
  • Butter cookies cut in the shapes of cartoons
  • Colorful cupcakes
  • Ice cream

Kids Dance Party Songs

One of the biggest questions that come to mind when throwing kids dance parties is which would be the best dance party songs. It could be a little bit daunting to choose the right kids dance party music. When making a playlist, make sure to include the songs kids are aware of. Below mentioned are some kids party songs to include in dance party music. 

  • The Party Freeze Dance
  • Dance Monkey
  • Don’t Start Now
  • 24k Magic
  • In My Feelings
  • If Animal Dance
  • Try Everything
  • Happy
  • I am a Believer

Final Words

Kids dance party is the best way to make your little ones happy. It is an amazing idea to allow the kids to interact with each other, boost their confidence, and make new friends. Make sure to include some games for the dance party to keep the party engaging and entertaining. Do not forget to give party favors to every kid. Tell us about your favorite kids party songs by dropping a comment. 


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