11 Best Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

11 Best Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

Kitchen wall decor ideas are a perfect choice to give a new look to your kitchen. Decorating kitchen walls, whether in the apartment or the house you own, are among the fantastic parts of being an adult. Whether you are in the mood for renovating or just moved in, it can be tough to decide what to put on kitchen walls. 

Before doing something, you want to review your personal design and think about which decor is best suited to the kitchen walls. There are so many questions that come to mind, such as; How about the subtle look for kitchen walls? How about bright wall decor design, or How about phrases or pictures on the kitchen wall? 

There are many different kitchen wall decor ideas, but trying to analyze on your own can turn into a headache. So we have gathered some information for the kitchen wall art that can give the basic idea.

Frame Recipes You can Choose for Decor

While thinking back to the old days, you might remember that your grandparents or parents keep all the recipes in a box or write it down in a book somewhere in the kitchen. That would be the time when there were dial-up internet connections and printers. Now the world has become more modernized. 

Now we can see cooking recipes easily, thanks to smartphones and other technologies. But there is something unique like having a hard copy of your recipes, and it is a great idea to print some recipes and just hang them on your kitchen’s wall. Moreover, it is a great way to fill the empty spaces on the wall.

Hang Pans and Pots from Nails on the Walls

Everybody has their own unique style about where they want to store their pans and pots. Some people keep their pans and pots stored away on a pantry shelf, while others take advantage of a drawer below their stoves. However, if you have empty spaces on the kitchen walls and you are searching for an idea for decorating your walls. 

Then here it is, make a wooden panel and nail them to the wall; after that, hang the pans and pots to the panel. It is a perfect and unique way to store your utensils for an easy approach.

Make a Hanging Coffee Wooden Bar with Beans, Syrups, and Mugs

There are so many people who like their morning with a cup of coffee, and some prefer tea; the idea is the same. Make a small cabinet and bolt it to one of the walls of your kitchen after you can set up the coffee or tea bar for yourself. 

Utilize the space by keeping your favorite; coffee beans, mug, tea sachets, sweeteners, and other items that you love on the cabinet. A tea or coffee bar for kitchen wall decor is best for those who wake early and make tea or coffee in the morning.

Hang the Hand-Painted Plates 

Some people like pottery and decorate their own dinner plates, or there are some who spend more time in a painting studio. Even if you like to purchase painted plates from the retailers, you can choose this option by hanging the plates on your kitchen wall. There are many people who do not want to use art plates for eating. Instead of that, it would be better to hang their plates on the walls.

Use Hooks to Hang Spatulas on the Wall

It is a great way to fill empty spaces in the kitchen by mounting hooks to hang your spatulas and other utensils on your walls. You can hang soup spoons, spatulas, tongs, and different types of whisk, which usually come with small holes at the end of the tips of the handles. These tiny holes are given on purpose for you to hang your utensils easily. While attaching the hooks on the kitchen walls will give you the chance to design your kitchen walls with cooking utensils. 

Hire an Artist to Paint Murals on the Walls

If you know any famous artists that live nearby, go and reach them and see that they can paint the murals in your home. Moreover, you can put your artistic talent by painting murals on the kitchen walls. This kitchen wall decor ideas is the best for those people who like originality. 

Wall-Hanging Shelf

It is common for people to use the silverware rack and put it in a sliding drawer in the kitchen. It is natural for many people, and that is totally fine. However, suppose you want to be creative and unique about where you can store the silverware, well. In that case, you can hit two objects with one stone by placing a rod on the kitchen walls and hanging the plates; after that, put the silverware in it—both expressive and useful, silverware that swings in baskets along the way.

Wall Shelf for Beverages

You can decorate your kitchen with a wall shelf, which is specially designed to use as wall decoration. The kitchen is one of the areas in the house that gets the benefit absolutely by placing some extra shelves. 

Moreover, it is a great idea to decorate your kitchen wall with wall shelves. It is a great idea to put any beverages that do not need a fridge on the shelves, from non-dairy pints of milk and flavored syrups to liquor bottles and sports drinks can decorate the wall shelves. Instead of using an overflowing pantry, make use of shelves as kitchen wall decor. 

Use Hooks to Hold a Rolling Pin on the Wall

If you want to create your kitchens like a space dedicated to baking and cooking, you can take the actual kitchenware for the wall decor. Moreover, if you own a rolling pin, you already have the perfect kitchen wall decoration. 

It is just simple, all you need to do is place two hooks on the wall spaced out by a few inches, and you will be ready to decorate your wall by placing a rolling pin. And you can remove the rolling pin from the wall for temporary use by easily lifting up from the hooks.

Use Layered Stones for Kitchen Walls

It is not necessary to attach something to your kitchen wall in order to use it as wall decor. The reason for decorating the walls is to spruce up the cooking space and make the eating area your own. However, if you want a different look in the kitchen, you can always remodel the kitchen wall to match the layered stones in some places. Moreover, these stones look extravagant, and you will feel like a wood cabin.

Add Charm to your Kitchen by Framing Silverware

So many families have antiques (these gorgeous antiques can be a piece of jewelry, like an emerald ring, or we can take another example like family antique furniture such as your grandfather’s clock.) that are passed down from one to the next generation. Moreover, a shining kitchen wall decor is a great idea in which you can frame the antique silverware and hang it on the walls. Although you might not use antiques as dining utensils, antique knives and forks will look perfect as a kitchen wall decor. 

Final Words

When it comes to kitchen wall decor ideas, check what works well with the bedroom and living room, and apply it to the kitchen. You can search for more ideas and make sure that it comes under your budget. Moreover, if you plan to do a kitchen renovation, see the 8 best small kitchen renovation ideas. If you find this information useful, drop a comment below this section.

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