List Of Popular Indoor House Plants

List Of Popular Indoor House Plants

If you love being a plant parent, then you must check out this list of most popular houseplants.

Houseplants not only add style to our homes but also clean out the air. Some of these popular indoor plants thrive with minimal care and in low conditions.

Let’s jump right onto out list of popular indoor house plants that will look great in any room.

Most Popular Houseplants

  • Croton

Croton is one of the best and most popular indoor plants because of the colorful leaves. The leaves are shaded so dramatically in orange, red, green, golden, and hues of purple. This makes the perfect indoor plant to give a feel of tropical rainforest. Croton grows very easily, especially in humid, warm environments.

  • Lemon Lime Dracaena

Lemon Lime Dracaena plant can light any indoor setting. This is a slow-growing plant with green leaves, which are edged fantastically in chartreuse, which makes it glow in the dark. This is an easy and trendy house plant. It requires a lot of light but can also survive in dim light conditions. 

Note:- provide lots of humidity. This plant develops brown leaf tips when the air is dry.

  • Moth Orchid

Orchids are not considered as a houseplant, but the popular moth orchids make the best indoor plants.  This colorful and charming houseplant is low maintenance, and the flowers last for weeks. Plants breeders work hard to use moth orchids in different colors, ranging from pink to white, rainbow, peach, purple, yellow, or orange.

Note- moth orchids grow best in bright or medium-light spots with lots of humidity.

  • ZZ Plant

This low light indoor plant is very low maintenance and drought tolerant. The plant has potato-like stems under the sand. ZZ plants store water that helps them grow and survive even in drought conditions. Water the plants once or twice a month when its growing season arrives.

If you have a job requiring to travel a lot, this is one of the house plants that are best for you. ZZ plants are a symbol of friendship and prosperity, and this makes it appropriate as a housewarming gift.

  • Anthurium

Who does like the gorgeous anthurium? This is one of the easiest and popular houseplants to grow indoors. This plant is perfect for both house and office settings. Anthurium is famous for its bright colored flowers. If you provide bright light, the plant will bloom throughout the year. The flowers last long too for a month and sometimes even more. 

Note- anthurium like humid, warm and bright conditions. Under these conditions, the plant will be happy, colorful, and blooming for years.

  • Golden Pothos

Golden pothos is among the most common house plants. This might be an old fashioned plant but is never out of style. This is the easiest house plant to grow. The heart-shaped deep green leaves are decorated with a splash of yellow, gold, white, or cream. Golden pothos can even strive in challenging conditions.

  • Lucky Bamboo

Lucky bamboo is a popular gift plant that can give a long-lived style to your office or home decor, with the right care.  The houseplant is popular because of its bamboo look-alike stems that are twisted in fun shapes like weaves, hearts, swirls like a work of art. This is one of the low light indoor plants and will be happily growing if you keep the vase filled with water at all times.

  • Dracaena Marginata

Madagascar dragon tree is an easy to grow exotic house plant. This house plant is popular because of its bamboo-like stems with pink or purple top-edge. The plant resembles a pom-pom on a stick when it grows up. When it is small, it looks like colorful grass.

Note- Dracaena Marginata can grow in medium or low light as well; however, bright light will make the colors pop.

  • Rubber Tree

If you are someone who forgets about the plants or is new to the “Plant parent” lifestyle, then rubber plants should be your choice. These are the easiest houseplants that require very little attention and watering. Rubber tree grows best and happy in bright lights and in big spaces 

  • Bird’s Nest Fern

Owning a bird’s nest fern in your houseplants collection is an instant conversation starter, all because of its rippled-edged fronds, and bright green color. This indoor plant gives a signature look to the house decor if put in a hanging planter.

This plant is appropriate for bathrooms because it survives in indirect lighting and moderate humidity. Ferns are known to act as a filter to xylene, formaldehyde, and toluene, some of the toxins found in household cleaners, nail polish, and hairsprays.

  • Snake Plant

One can never go wrong with a snake plant when searching for a good houseplant. This has been a popular house plant for generations because it is one of the easiest plants to grow. It doesn’t show any difference in low and medium light or bright light, or even if you don’t water it for weeks. This makes the best indoor plants.

  • Peace Lily

The peace lily is also known as Spathiphyllum and is one of the most popular houseplants to grow. This is easier to grow and produce pretty white flowers looking like Callas.  On times when it’s not blooming, the house lily graces us with striking glossy foliage.

Peace lily can strive in low and medium light conditions as well. However, it blooms best in bright light conditions with plenty of humidity. Peace lily also works as a filter for indoors against harmful chemicals.

  • Ponytail Palm

Ponytail palm is a trendy little indoor plant that is actually a slow-growing full-size tree. This resembles a bonsai with a thick trunk and thin strappy leaves. These popular houseplants give tropical feels in the house. The plant grows very easily if kept in a warm and bright area.

  • Majesty Palm

If you want to give a tropical touch to your home, then look no further, majestic palms make the best house plants and are popular for this sole reason. Bearing long and feather-like fronds, the plant is perfect for covering the empty house corners and adding texture to the room at the same time. Place a row of beautiful majestic palms as a room divider.

Note- Majestic palms grow in bright light with moist soil and adapts wonderfully.

  • Fiddle Leaf Fig

Fiddle Leaf Fig is a popular houseplant because it provides a modern and fresh twist to the home decor. The plant has large green leaves with creamy margins. This plant usually likes bright natural light to do photosynthesis and water alternatively with dry soil in waterings.

  • Chinese Money Plant

Chinese money plants are also one of the most common house plants. It gives a contemporary and minimalist look to the interior; with average soil and indirect natural light, the plant blooms in abundance. It has circular leaves that are green in color. Mature Chinese money plants look amazing in hanging baskets.

  • Spider Plant

Spider plants have been popular indoor plants for decades. The plant looks best in all types of settings and also purifies the air. The plants feature arching leaves with white stripes and look best in hanging baskets. This house plant can grow in indirect natural light.

  • Air Plant

Air plant is the new trend in the terrarium hobby. These plants grow without oil; however, these require weekly watering and bright light; you can spray some water or even dunk the whole plant in water. These popular house plants are tricolor with reddish leaves. 

  • Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera gel is a widely known plant for its cosmetic and remedy properties, which makes it one of the best indoor plants. Like most succulents, aloe vera also prefers bright light and dry sandy soil.

If well taken care of, a healthy aloe vera plant produces offset to replace the leaves harvested. There are different types of aloe vera plants, some have cream color strikes, and some have red edges on the leaf while others are green.

  • Jade Plant

Jade Plant, also known as Crassula Ovata, is one of the best house plants to grow in a bright room. This looks exactly like those fake trendy fauxy plants, but unlike those fake plants, this one grows.

The plant can range from pink and cream leaves to cream strikings. Jade plant requires bright lighting and dry soil to thrive.

  • African Violet

Although Referred to as a single specimen, African Violet features 20 different species and many hybrids with beautiful blooms. This is one of the indoor plants that look best in both home and office.

This blooms colored flowers ranging from blue, pink, white, or purple with stippling or picotee. This grows best in indirect sunlight and moist soil.


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