Best DIY Moroccan Decor Pieces, Tips, and designs

Best DIY Moroccan Decor Pieces, Tips, and designs

Houses are considered to be the pride of the people living inside it. Therefore, it is their job to give it a classic decor look, and when we talk about decor, is there any better alternative than Moroccan decor? 

Moroccan decor is one of the most classic decors you will find in many decors’ bucket list. It gives an aesthetic, stylish, antique, and unique look to your house. Now you must be having some questions, what are the various designs for this decor? What are the tips for making them fixed in our house? Well, the answer to these questions is in the further article. The following designs will make you fall in love with the Moroccan decor. 

Colors & Moroccan

Colors are the major part of Moroccan decor. If you ever visit Morocco, look at the colors inside their house. It sometimes feels like even the rainbow would be jealous of their houses and color shades. It is because people usually get bold colors in their home. Different beautiful hues praise the eyes of the people.

Bright colors like shades of orange, yellow, blue, gold, and red are often part of the Moroccan decor. These hues bring Morocco directly to your home. 

Lower Furniture

Moroccan decor is not traditional, but it is a different style of traditional decor. This type of Moroccan decor is different and unique. You may find other Moroccan decors more colorful and bold patterns, but this one is quite simple. Furniture in such a decor gives a middle eastern twist. Brown furniture color provides quite a classy look to the decor. 

Grand Mirrors

Mirrors play a crucial role in Moroccan decor. The bigger the size of mirrors, the bolder is their impact on the audience and viewers. You can have various embroidered mirrors on the wall; it will give an antique Moroccan look. Grand mirrors are always attractive and eye-catchy. Therefore, get your walls some grand mirrors to gov Moroccan vibes, either in the living room, bedroom, or guest room. They will surely be in the eyes of the viewers. 

Moreover, this will also give a kind of royal look to your house. 

Skirting Tiles

Tiles with skirting designs and different blue, peach hues, and light colors will give a great Moroccan look. Bathrooms and kitchens with such designs will look exotic and classy at the same time. You can go for more colors of the tiles such as white, beige, navy, etc. It is better to consider the best bathroom decor ideas to match your unique decor theme.

Dramatic Look

Dramatic decor designs look fantastic in the house. Furniture, bedsheet, sofa cover, doormats, mirrors, all of them set-upped in a dramatic look. Yes, that is how beautiful it seems to be and how creative it looks. The dramatic touch of Moroccan decor looks quite exotic and fascinating. Your guests and even you also will feel the change in the environment. 

You will never regret your decision for this design. 

Room With Moroccan Rugs

You can get different rug pattern designs in your house. However, none of the Moroccan decors could be created without Sumptuous, patterned rugs. Patterns with diamonds are more frequently found in such designs. You can get your living room designed in the form of rugged Moroccan patterns.

Moroccan Pouf

Moroccan and pouf, tell me a better love story than this; I will wait. Being together with Moroccan for more than a hundred years, Moroccan poufs are quite popular. By adding a seating option in your living room, this Moroccan decor is very creative and helpful at the same time. Imagine this classic accent to be a part of your home. Yes, it not only seems to look extremely appealing and fascinating, but it is real. 


Texture plays a vital role in Moroccan decor. Whether we talk about the pillows, bed sheets, wall hangings, rugs, or blankets, weave the texture. It will create a powerful great visual impact; however, using Moroccan-inspired textiles will look like a cherry on top. Your room will glow like a millionaire’s house. But remember that the color of the textile should match the color palette of the room. 

Graphic Backsplash

Use a starburst lamp in your kitchen and use the backsplash. The backsplash of a specific color will highlight tiles with skirting designs. It bursts out the tile design and echoes the environment of the room, kitchen, or wherever you want this decor to be.  You should follow the best small kitchen renovation ideas to add a charm to your overall house decor.

Tassel Blanket

Tassels provide a charming and textural touch to the blanket. It not only provides a unique look but also gives a classic Moroccan decor to your room. You can use various creamy tones for the blanket, making your blanket more eye-catchy and satisfying. 


Bring a lamp with a skirting design on it. When turned on, the lamp will give a great impression of its skirting designs on the wall. It gives your wall a classy, traditional, and unique look to the wall and room. Place the lamp on a table or something good to see, because when people watch the light, their eyes will also catch the place it is placed upon. Therefore, bring a good cloth or carpet for placing it upon the table. 


Lanterns are also well known in the list of Moroccan decor. You can get some of the lanterns and place a light inside it. When you turn on the lights, the lantern will turn into a great source of impact inside the room. 

Round Rug 

As I mentioned in some of the above designs, patterned rugs also play a vital role in Moroccan decors. DIY a round rug and place it well on the floor because positioning matters more than the design sometimes. It will surely be the attractive sight of your house. 

Colored Baskets

Baskets can be used as a great alternative for your home decor. Moroccan decors include painted baskets too. Paint some baskets and show your creativity. Place the baskets at the most appropriate place of your house, and they will highlight their traditional and classy look for sure.

Dinner Table

The place where you have your dinner also captures the guests’ main sight as it is in the main portion of the house, near the kitchen. Design your dining table with some tangy colored clothes and traditional Moroccan decor. It will not only make your dining table exotic but will also change the aura of the hall or dining area. Therefore, never try to neglect the dining portion of your house. Get it some Moroccan decor and enjoy your food in a more exotic feeling. 

Pillow Makeover

Pillows are always interesting to watch out for in a house. Decorate your pillows with some Moroccan covers and designs or Moroccan throw pillows. Some classic color combinations will surely make it possible, like Black and pink, grey and yellow, and many more. Try it once, and you will never regret your decision. It will make your Moroccan bedroom look more stylish.

Final Words

Moroccan decors are the ones that suit each and everyone and can moderate according to everyone’s taste. Moroccan decors are famous for their traditional looking and bold patterns. These include various kinds of designs and styles. Some of the best designs are mentioned in the above article. Please have a look at them and enjoy the new Moroccan designs of your house. 

I hope you like this article, for more such decor ideas stay connected to us. And, don’t forget to drop your review in the comment section. 


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