Mushroom Growing Kit For Delicious and Nutritious Yields

Mushroom Growing Kit For Delicious and Nutritious Yields

Have you ever heard of a mushroom growing kit? Have you ever tried growing mushrooms using kits? If no, this post will take you through the exciting world of fungi culture and guide you on growing mushrooms at home.

Fungiculture or Mushroom growing is a fascinating, fun, and rewarding hobby that offers a different experience from cultivating vegetables. Successful rearing of mushrooms requires three things- good moisture, high humidity, and an organic matter-rich growing medium.

Mushrooms can grow on many different substrates, including sawdust, wood chips, straw, compost, and many more. If you are a Fungiculture virgin, these mushroom growing kits can be a great way to get started. These kits include all the important Mushroom growing supplies you will ever need.

Get acquainted with the fascinating world of Fungiculture and grow your own delicious mushroom harvests at home.  

Best Mushroom Growing Kit

Check out these Mushroom growing kit options available in the market to grow nutritious mushrooms in your backyard and garage without any trouble.

White Button, Portobello and Crimini 

Scientific name- (Agaricus bisporus)

Growing portobello mushrooms at home can prove very beneficial as they are super versatile and can be enjoyed in various ways. Harvest portobello mushrooms when they are still immature and white for a white button. You can wait until they turn brown to use as crimini mushrooms or maybe let them reach maturity until it opens the cap to become portobello mushrooms.

This Mushroom growing kit can yield upto 4 pounds of harvest within 4-6 weeks of the growing period. This contains all the Mushroom growing supplies ranging from a casing layer, growing box, care instructions, and substrate colonized with mycelium. 

Pink Oyster or Pearl Oyster 

Scientific name- (Pleurotus ostreatus) (Pleurotus Djamor)

If you want to try a different mushroom, then grow Pink oyster mushrooms; these have a velvety texture and mild flavor and are named so because of their thin and flat caps that resemble mollusks.

This Back to the Roots is the best Mushroom growing kit and comes with all the supplies you will ever need to grow your own pearl oyster mushrooms. You just have to soak the substrate in water overnight and keep it in the box in a warm spot that reviews indirect lighting. Your mushrooms will be ready for the harvest within the next ten days.

The kit will exhaust itself after being used fully; then, you can crumble the growing medium to make hardwood pellets or pasteurized straw to get more mushrooms.


Scientific name- (Lentinula edodes)

This 2FunGuys Mushroom growing kit features hardwood logs to grow Shiitake mushrooms and can yield multiple harvests over the years to come. If you love the earthy, smokey, and meaty flavor, then grow your own shiitake mushrooms at home using this kit. It comes with 6-9 inches logs featuring mushroom spawn.

After you get the logs, submerge them into non-chlorinated water for upto 24 hours and then pat dry using a towel. Keep them in the dark and warm spot indoors. You can also keep the log in a shady area of your garden.

Shiitake mushrooms will start growing within 5 to 10 days after the pinheads start to emerge. Once you get a hold of growing mushrooms at home, you can even try inoculating the logs by yourself.

Lion’s Mane 

Scientific name-(Hericium erinaceus)

These mushrooms are aptly named and can be easily found in hardwood forests hiding inside the crevices of trees. Lion’s mane mushrooms look very different; unlike your usual mushrooms, they grow in clumps of soft dangling spines. They grow as white and later turn yellow or brown when mature.

Lion’s mane has a very similar texture to crab and gives a subtle taste of seafood. This Mushroom growing kit by Michigan Mushroom Company will make it easier for you to grow your own lion’s mane mushrooms at home. It comes in a 5-pound growing bag containing woody substrate that can give you 4 pounds of yield in two months with a total of 3-4 harvests.

Wine Cap 

Scientific name-(Stropharia rugosoannulata)

Wine cap mushrooms, also known as garden giants, can grow upto 7 inches tall with a cap diameter of 1 foot across. These mushrooms taste like red wine with a hint of potato in it. The best time to consume Wine Cap mushrooms is when they are young and tender; however, you can roast, saute or grill the larger specimens to make a delicious meal.

This is the best outdoor Mushroom growing kit by Cascadia Mushrooms. It comes with 4 pounds of substrate inoculated with wine cap mushroom spawn. After you get the kit, mix all the contents with wood chips, a wheelbarrow of straw, leaves, compost, or grass clippings. Evenly spread this mix near the trees.

Wine mushrooms will grow from spring to autumn in full bloom and can provide a harvest for upto three years. Keep adding more organic mulch every year, and you can enjoy your delicious mushrooms harvest for years to come.

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Scientific name- (Ganoderma lucidum)

Reishi has been used in traditional Chinese Medicine for more than 2,00 years now. It is also known as the Mushroom of immortality because of its magical immune-boosting powers and anti-aging powers. Reishi has a bitter taste which is why it is normally used to make tea or tinctures. 

If you want to grow reishi, then buy the Mushroom growing kit from Gallboys. The tabletop grows bag will start blooming as soon as it is kept at the right temperature. Keep the box in a warm spot with bright light and occasional water mist to prevent the mushrooms from drying out.

These unusual and attractive mushrooms start growing twisted reddish antlers with golden tips, and eventually, they open flat in kidney-shaped caps.


Scientific name- (Flammulina velutipes)

Enoki is long, slender mushrooms in creamy white color with tiny-sized caps. They have a mild taste with a slight crunch, which makes them a perfect pick for salads, soups, and stir-fries. Enoki loves cold temperatures somewhere between 35 TO 55 Degrees F. 

The kit from Mojo Pro-gro for growing Enoki mushrooms at home. Keep the kit in a cool place like the basement or garage. In case you do not have a cold room, these can even grow in the refrigerator. The kit can yield upto 2 pounds of the mushroom crop within 2-3 months.

White Morel 

Scientific name- (Morchella americana)

Morel Mushrooms are the perfect gourmet delicacy with a hollow inside and white stems, and an oblong honeycomb pattern in the cap. This mushroom variety has a nutty and earthy smell with a meaty texture. Unfortunately, it is extremely difficult to cultivate these beauties commercially and also pricey because they are obtained from the wild.

The outdoor Mushroom growing kit from Gourmet Mushroom Products makes it easier to cultivate them in your backyard. All you need is this kit and a shady place next to the hardwood tree. Mix the spawn substitute with finished compost or leaf mold anytime between May and January. However, morel gardens can take upto two years to become well established and yield mushrooms. Once it grows into the fruiting mode, it will continue growing for many more years. To keep your mushrooms growing every year, make sure to add fresh organic materials at least two times a year.


Scientific name- (Agaricus subrufescens)

Almond mushrooms are a part of the Agaricus genus and are in close relation to portobello or white buttons, and feature a similar appearance. These are easily distinguishable due to their subtle sweet flavor and nutty fragrance. 

Buy the kit from Field and Forest and start growing Almond mushrooms at home easily. You need to mix this sawdust kit with finished compost and spread it in a humid and warm site. You have to keep watering them regularly, and within four weeks, you will notice little buttons popping up.

Comb Tooth 

Scientific name-(Hericium americanum)

The Comb tooth mushrooms are found in the wild, growing around dead or living hardwood trees. These mushrooms are closely related to lion’s mane and emerge in irregular creamy white clumps that look similar to cauliflower heads. When they mature, they develop long, hanging spines that are chewy and soft tasting like a shellfish. 

Field & Forest has a tabletop Comb Tooth mushroom growing kit. Keep the kit in a warm spot where there are high humidity and indirect sunlight. Use the humidity tent that comes with Mushroom growing supplies and water every day. You will see your first harvest within 12-18 days after you open the growing bag. You can get approx 3 to 6 harvests in one kit.

Final Words:

Growing mushrooms can be an exciting, rewarding, and educational experience to try at home with your whole family involved. The easiest and most efficient way of growing mushrooms is by using a kit. There are plenty of mushroom growing kits for various varieties. If you know anyone who loves vegetable gardening, a mushroom growing kit will make the best gift.

Try to grow your favorite mushrooms using these kits and share your experience in the comments below!


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