13 Best Wild Ohio Birds To See In USA

13 Best Wild Ohio Birds To See In USA

Home to three national wildlife refuges, two national historic parks, and widely varied habitats from ridges and bluffs to the forest, grasslands, and swamps. This place is best for Ohio birds’ destinations. 

More than 500 bird species have been observed in the Buckeye State, and 300 species are breeding inside Ohio’s borders. From Cleveland to Toledo and Cincinnati to Columbus, you are sure to see the amazing birds wherever the birders visit. So keep the binoculars focused to see the best bird species to see in Ohio.

Chestnut-Sided Warbler

Ohio is one of the best destinations for seeing this bird, especially during summer and spring. The warbler is a colorful visitor to the state’s leafy woods. This bird is found only in the northern part of the state. Warbler is the top contender for the most beautiful and colorful bird in Ohio.

Yellow-Throated Warbler

Yellow-Throated Warbler is found in the southern half of Ohio at the time of summer breeding season. This bird comes into the state very early, adding a burst of color to early migration spring with the bold throat and contrasting feather. This bird is particularly found in riparian corridors and pine forests.

Blue-Winged Warbler

This is another colorful bird in Ohio. They visit in summer and are found in Ohio’s woodland edge and thickets habitats. Blue-winged birds are unique not just for their blue-gray feathers but also for their small black eye-stripes and bright yellow bodies. Both females and males show these markings.

Cerulean Warbler

Many warblers have markings or yellow feathers, and this bird is unique for the blue-white color. Cerulean Warbler is a summer visitor in the state, and this bird prefers riparian areas and leafy, tall forests. However, their numbers are decreasing, and this bird is of exceptional note to view and protect.


The state’s meadow and grasslands habitats are the favorite spots to find this bird. Bobolink prefers somewhat damp places. This bird was found in central and northeast Ohio during the summer. The females are camouflaged and might be confused with sparrows. At the same time, males stand out with their strong markings.

Summer Tanager

For the bold burst of summer color in the state, then see for this bird. Summer Tanager is one of the reddest birds in the world. The Buckeye State is on the northern side of the bird’s breeding area. This bird is found during the southern half of Ohio flying treetops during the summer months.

Northern Bobwhite

The only quail found in Ohio, this bird can be seen year-round during Ohio. Although, they are the most common bird in the southwestern Ohio side. This bird can be very difficult, but northern bobwhite can be seen in open woodlands and brushy fields and are frequently heard calling before they are seen.

American Woodcock

This bird can be difficult to find because of the camouflaged markings and secretive nature. This bird prefers damp fields and forests thickets. This state is at the core of American Woodcock’s summer breeding range. This is the best time for birders to see the mating dance and add this amazing bird to their list.

Black Vulture

The black vulture is known in the southeastern United States, and this bird is only familiar in Ohio. In the southern part of Ohio, this bird can frequently be seen feeding and flocking with turkey vultures, and up in the sky, the black vulture’s unique wing design makes identification simple.

Swamp Sparrow

This bird has a limited year-round range, and however, in northern Ohio, this bird can be found in swamps, riparian thickets, and marshes. In winter, swamp sparrows can also be found in the south of Ohio and the southern United States.

Lark Sparrow

The colorful and boldly marked sparrow is commonly found in the southwestern and western United States. However, there is a small hollow of ideal breeding habitat in Ohio. Lark Sparrow can be seen as thorough in the summer. 

Chimney Swift

This bird can be seen during the summer in Ohio and help birders to add this bird to their list. Chimney Swift was recognized for the shape, with cigar-like bodies and long pointed wings. They flap rapidly and might fly unevenly, and frequently they nest in tall chimneys in suburban and urban areas.

Black-Capped Chickadee

This bird is one of the most familiar backyard birds. This state is a key spot for viewing these birds, as it is one of few states where birders can view these birds. This bird has more white in its wings and more ragged bib. This bird is found in the northern state year-round.

Final Words

There are several great Ohio birds; if this place is not on your travel list yet then it is time to add it now. This place is an amazing birding destination that may have just what you need for the travel list. 

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