Everything You Need To Know About The Outdoor Fire Pit Set

Everything You Need To Know About The Outdoor Fire Pit Set

This pandemic has limited us to our homes; we can not go out to celebrate our birthdays, anniversaries, and special moments. Do you miss sitting outdoor have a chit chat with your loved one? Let me suggest the essential decoration for your garden or outdoor space. Now you can bring an outdoor fire pit set at your home. We all know that winters are coming, and we all be missing going outdoors or sitting at an outdoor fire pit set and have chitchat. You can relax and have chitchat while sitting net your beautiful outdoor fire pit set. Enjoy your food and drinks with your loved one in the cozy evening of this winter. You may buy portable fire pits, which are a really good choice for your garden or compound. 

If you love to do it yourself jobs, then you must try it out. It will not take much time and cost. One can even use it as a beginner project. Trust me; it will be the best investment of your pandemic time as it is the best for your relationship and home. 

Things To Consider Before Building The Outdoor Fire Pit Set

If you are planning to build a fire pit chat set, then you should plant it wisely. To make the fire pit set, we have compiled some of the most famous outdoor fire pit set designs. But before going deep into that, we will understand the two most important things, which are the size and the location of the pit, as they play a very important role in the making of the outdoor pit set.  

Where To Put The Outdoor Fire Pit Set 

Before making it, we need to decide where to put the fire pit set. The very obvious place for the pit set in the backyard of your house. You can also place the pit at your spa or poolside. But many of the spas already have a decorative fire pit set. So you do not need to make it there. You should keep this in mind that there are different types of fire pits. Some of them need a gas connection, and you should be careful of all the safety measures. The outdoor fire pit set selection should be made wisely as the fire pit should be at a reasonable distance from your house and the other neighbor’s house. Keep the site far from fuel storage as it might catch fire during windy evenings. One should also keep the pit far from the wirings and gas supplies as the heat might cause serious damage to the house and households. Also, have a look at whether there are any spare woods and any entertainment equipment lying beside the fire pit. Also, look if you have fake or synthetic grass on the ground as it might catch fire and damage the grass. 

Size Of The Pit

While scouting for the location, we should keep this in mind that the size of the outdoor fire pit set. There is no ideal size for the pit, but they come in different sizes. But one thing is that you can consider is that you need to dig a two to three feet wider hole. 

Type Of The Pit 

There are different types of designs when it comes to the outdoor fire pit set. But we are not talking about that, the outdoor fire pit set, come in two different fuel. One is a gas fire pit set, and the other one is wood. The smell of burning woods might give you the full romantic feel but starting the fire in those is a very daunting task. The wood is best for summer camps and bonfire when you are sitting with your friends and enjoying a nice evening. The gas ones are for decorative pieces as they do not emit any kind of smoke. Gas fire pit sets are the best for those people who do not want any mess up the floor and less work while liting the fire.

Many people prefer the gas fire pits as they make very less mess, and the workload is minimal in it. But wood fire pit lovers choose the wood one as they say that there is no sense in having a bonfire without the smell of burning wood. But on a serious note, one who is allergic to wood-burning smell or has any type of asthma should avoid using wood as the fuel in their outdoor fire pit set. If you are making the fire pit under any shade, then you should also avoid using the wood as the smoke might damage your shade. 

Type Of Stone 

Another important part of an outdoor fire pit set is choosing the right stone for it as there are different types of stone available in the market. Choosing the right one is a very overwhelming task. Here are some of the most important words to know.

Ashlar:- This term is used for those stones which are cut into a square and rectangular shape. This term derived from the pattern of laying courses or layers of different stones or rectangular pieces. 

Chinkers:- These are the stones that are used in the filling of small gaps. These are irregular in shape and look amazing in the wood fire. 

Cobblestone:- Round and small that can be used for paving

Cut stone:- some stones have been worked or milled by hand to fit in a specific shape or size. 

Face:- The exposed or the right side of the different types of stone. 

Fieldstone:- There are some types of stones that exactly look like they are in their natural setting. These stones might be in any shape and size; however, they must fit properly. 

Flagstone:- these stones are basically thickened stones of one to two inches. They may be used in making pivots also. 

Pavers and rough stones:- pavers are mainly those stones that are milled in brick shape and shape. You might have seen them while walking on the paths and patios. Rough stones are those which may look like they have come from the quarry. 

Rubble:- if you have seen the stoned blasted from different construction sites. These are the leftovers from the quarry and is a low-grade stone. They might be seen during the construction of buildings. 

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Types Of Outdoor Fire Pit Set 

Desert Modern 

These are very classic outdoor fire pit set. A fire pit designed with stone clusters, and the shape of the design is a circle. The fire pit is kept low to the ground, and the fule used for this is mainly wood. One may also use a gas flame. However, choosing the gas one will not be a good choice as these are the natural outdoor fire pit, and using gas as the fuel will not give you the natural wood-burning sensation. It is a very simple but effective design that might give you the best feeling if you have a desert theme in your backyard. 

Colored Glass

This colored glass outdoor fire pit set is best for t6hose backyards, which have a little bit of greenery. You can design a half-circle setting and a full circle fire pit some feet above the ground. Put some different types of stones in it, and your work is done. You can use both types of fuel. I would still suggest you to use wood fuel. However, you can also use the gas if you have any sort of allergies. 

Indiana Limestone Pit

Goes best with properly open spaces and greenery. This is also a great deal at a very low cost. You can use any type of gas and fule For this. 

Other Types Of Outdoor Fire Pit Set

  • Rectangular Pit
  • Family Fire Pit
  • Boise Outdoor Living
  • Flagstone Design
  • Fire Pit Zone
  • Granite Stone Veneer
  • Louisville Living
  • Fire and Water
  • Designer’s Own

Final Words

An outdoor fire pit set is a very basic but decorative item thing that one can make at home. Choosing the right location and size is the most important thing when it comes to making one. We have also covered the stones’ basic knowledge and the type of fule to be used in the outdoor fire pit. You can make it in very low consumption of time and money. 

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