Pool Party Ideas to Throw a Splashing Pool Party This Summer

Pool Party Ideas to Throw a Splashing Pool Party This Summer

Summer is here with soothing warm days, bright sunshine, and it calls for pool parties. There is no better way to beat the heat than inviting your family and friends over to lounge by the pool, swim, and have fun. If you are bored of the conventional pool parties, then here are some amazing pool party ideas for a super-fun pool party. 

With colorful decor, cool drinks, festive floats, and some fun games, you can make your pool party the talk of the town. So, this summer, do not settle down for some ordinary boring party; double the fun by throwing a super fun pool party. 

Exciting Pool Party Ideas

No matter whether you are throwing an outdoor party near your backyard pool or a party at a community pool, it has to be exciting. When it comes to pool parties, all that comes to mind is “fun, fun, and fun.” Whether you are looking for bright-colored decor ideas or a pool party food menu, we have got you covered. Here is everything you need to throw a perfect pool party. 

Pool Party Decorations

Decoration plays an essential role in adding a vibe to a party. So, if you want to make your pool party vibrant, here are some amazing pool party decorations. These decorations are best for pool party ideas for adults. 

Jellyfish Lanterns

If you want to add a sea vibe to your pool party, then one of the best pool decorations is using jellyfish lanterns. The lanterns resembling the whimsical sea creature will make your party vibrant. All you need to make these colorful lanterns are colorful papers, matching ribbons, and party streamers. And you are all set to go. Make jellyfish-shaped lanterns using paper and attach ribbons behind them to give them a jellyfish look. 

Tissue Paper Poufs

Paper poufs are affordable pool decorations. All you need to make tissue paper poufs are some colorful tissue papers, and you are all set. Make different puffs in the shapes of starfish, flowers, jellyfish, and use them in decoration. They are best to add a colorful vibe to the party and make it more lively. Moreover, they will give a tropical and island-inspired vibe to your party. 

Mermaid Table Setting

Mermaids are the most beautiful mythical creatures. You may have heard of them in various folk tales and mythical stories. So, add a mermaid touch to your pool party by including a mermaid table setting. Trust me; it is one of the best pool party ideas. 

For mermaid table settings, use seashells, flowers, and fishing nets. Spread them on the table to give a mermaid feel. You can also use an artificial pearl necklace and keep it at the center of the table.   

Popping Colors

Summer is all about pooping and bright colors. For pool decorations, make sure to use popping colors like blue, pink, and yellow. They add a perfect vibe to the party and add a lively touch. You can easily afford lots of colors with simple fabric clothes, paper decorations, colorful props, and pool balls. Cover your table with bright-colored clothes and use colorful dishes to make the pool party more colorful. 

Beach Ball Stellar Garland

What can give a more lively and pool party feel than a beach ball? So, use these beach balls to make a garland. All you need for this pool decoration is styrofoam balls, little paint, and a string. Color the balls using bright colors like yellow and blue. Let them dry and connect them using a string. Use the garland to decorate the venue. 

Pool Party Food Ideas

A party is incomplete without food. When throwing a pool party, you will need a lot of snacks and treats so that you and your guests can stay energized. However, if you really want to make your party talk about the town, then you need to have some unique pool party food on the menu. Here some mouth-watering pool party food ideas for you. 

Watermelon Shark

Let me tell you one fact: Each bite of watermelon has around 92% water. It is one of the best hydrating fruits to keep you hydrated. So for a pool party on a sunny day, what can be a better pool party food than watermelon? 

It is not only delicious but will also keep you and your guests hydrated. If you want to make it look interesting, then cut a watermelon in half and then cut the top of it like a shark’s teeth. Trust me; it will look amazing at the centerpiece of your pool party. 

Colorful Fruit Bowl

In summers, nothing can be more satisfying than a fruit bowl. A bowl full of colorful fruits will add a bright touch to your party. Add colorful fruits to the bowl-like strawberries, watermelon, berries, grapes, and oranges to add all the colors. 

A fruit bowl is not only easy to make but also a delicious choice for your guests. It will help to keep the guests energized. Moreover, it is the perfect, light, and healthy snack for the party. Another benefit is that it makes the people less lethargic, so it will keep your guests active all the time. 


Desserts are a must for each and every party. If you are not in the mood of cooking, then one of the best pool party ideas is to serve on-the-go desserts. Moreover, they are the best choice if you are short on time. You can serve ice creams, waffles, cream pies, chocolate chips, and cookies. They are the best pool party food ideas. Make sure to choose the dessert ideas according to your party theme. 

Jelly Noodles

We all loved jellies as a kid, and many of us still love them. So what about having jelly noodles at the party? They are delicious, colorful and make a perfect addition to the party. Give your guests a sweet treat with adorable pool party food ideas and add a nostalgic touch to the party. 

Snow Cone Cupcakes

One of the best pool party food ideas is snow cone cupcakes. If you are confused between serving ice cream or cakes, then they are the best choice. They look refreshingly delicious, and their different flavors make the right pick for a cool pool party. 

Pool Party Games

No matter whether you are throwing a beach party or a house party, games are the soul of each and every party. They are mandatory to keep your guests engaged and entertained. Adding pool party games is one of the best pool party ideas for adults. Don’t want to look bored at your pool party? Check out stylish pool party outfit ideas

Now do not worry about the best games; we have got you covered. Here are some best pool party games for you. 

Water Balloon Pinata 

A pool party is incomplete without colorful balloons. Water balloon pinata is one of the best pool party games. All you need to do is fill big balloons with water and hang them on a height. Ask your guests to burst them using wooden sticks. This time your guests will not candies. Instead, a lot of water will be splashed on them. Sounds interesting, right? You can make the game more fun by adding a competitive touch. The person who bursts the maximum number of balloons will be the winner of an exciting prize. 

Pool Volleyball

I guess almost everyone loves volleyball. It is one of the best beach games and adds a perfect touch to any beach party. Now imagine playing volleyball in a pool and falling in water while hitting the ball with your hands. Fun, right? Add this pool party game to your party and see your guests having a lot of fun. Trust me; it is one of the best pool party ideas for adults. 

Invisible Bottle

Looking for some fun pool party games? If yes, then nothing is better than an invisible bottle. It is a simple game but will set a competitive vibe to the party. All you need to do is fill some clear water bottles with water and toss them in a pool. Ask the players to find the bottles, The person who finds the maximum number of bottles is the winner. 

Treasure Hunt in Pool

We have all played treasure hunt games in childhood. So, let’s get some nostalgic feelings by playing treasure hunt is a pool party but in a different way. This time hide all the clues near the pool and inside the pool as well. Trust me; it will be all fun. 

Swimming Race

Let’s see who sims faster. Make the party more amazing with this fun pool party game. Make the race more interesting by putting air tubes in the middle of the pool so that the players face some difficulty while swimming. 

Final Words

Pool parties on a soothing sunny day in bright sunshine are the best idea to chill this summer. Make sure to use the best pool party ideas to host a fun pool party for your friends. You can make your party fun with colorful decorations, pool party games, some healthy snacks. Trust me; your guests are going to love you for this party. Do share your experience with us by dropping a comment. 


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