Most Profitable Crops for Small Farms – High-Value Crops You Should Grow to Maximize the Output

Most Profitable Crops for Small Farms – High-Value Crops You Should Grow to Maximize the Output

What are the most profitable crops for small farms? If you have a small space and are short of time, you must be looking for high-value crops to maximize your farm production profit. 

Whether you have a small farm or homestead, there is no shortage of opportunities. There are different types of crops that you can sell directly to the customers and other businesses and improve the output. 

For instance, you can grow specialty crops. It is the perfect way to turn your farming skills and knowledge into extra income. Unlike common crops like vegetables and grains, specialty crops are not grown on a wide range, and they bring higher prices for the farmers. 

There is a wide range of profitable small farm ideas. In this article, we will discuss the most profitable crops for small Farms. But before that, let’s have a look at some factors that you should consider before deciding the crops to grow. 

Considerations for Crops to Grow on Small Farms

There is a wide range of high-profit crops that you can grow on small farms. Deciding the right crop depends on a wide range of situations, and it depends on different factors apart from the climate and soil.

You can earn a remarkable profit from a small farm if you run it properly. Therefore, it is essential to make the best use of available land and grow crops well suited to climate, space, and market. Here are some factors that you should consider before choosing a new crop for your small farm. 

Cash Value of Product

The cash value of the product is one of the most important factors that you need to consider before choosing a new crop. The more the price of the crop, the more beneficial it will be. Nevertheless, you need to pay close attention to the production cost, time input, and the required investment. 

You should opt for growing crops that can help you in making a remarkable profit after cutting the overall investment cost. 

Growing Cycle

Another important factor that you need to consider is the growing cycle of the crop. There are certain times every year in which you can grow a crop in a better way due to suitable conditions. 

There are some crops that take only two weeks to mature, and you can grow them every week of the year. However, there are some crops that can be grown only once a year. 

If you opt for fast-growing crops, you need to pay more attention and give more time. On the other hand, slow-growing crops can look after themselves in a better manner. 

Sales Procedure

The sales process also plays an essential role in the overall profit that you can make. You can get the highest price if you aim value-added products or sell the products directly to the customers. Nevertheless, doing sales and marketing on your own will increase your workload. 

Yield Type

It is better to opt for crops that can produce high yields for each meter or an acre or square foot. It is better in case if you do not have sufficient space. If you have a large piece of land, then it becomes less important, and you can consider the other benefits that the crop can bring you. Moreover, also think of crops that are more beneficial in terms of value as compared to the weight. 

Requirement of Labor

It is one of the essential factors. A crop might be highly beneficial, but it would also require a lot of manual input. For instance, in the case of saffron, you will have to harvest the stamens on around 75000 plants in order to get 1lb of dried saffron. 

In addition to this, you also need to consider the available time to meet the crops’ needs that are planning to grow. In case you do not have enough time, you can grow crops in which you do not have to spend more time growing them. 

Income Goal

Finally, before choosing the crop for your farm, consider your aim for farming. Think about how much you expect to earn from your farm. It will help you in determining which crop and how much you need to grow. In addition to this, it will also help in dictating the investment and time required. 

Profitable Crops for Small Farms

Now that you know the factors that you need to consider before choosing the right crops to grow. Let us have a look at the most profitable crops for small farms.


Microgreens are one of the high-profit crops for the small farm. They are the most lucrative crop when it comes to making a profit per square foot. One of the best things about microgreens is that they are highly scalable.

Microgreens are edible greens that harvest one their true leaves have developed before they become larger plants. They are the smallest herbs and salad green and can be grown from different types of plants like spinach, radish, or arugula. 

You can begin growing only 5-6 trays of microgreens in the basement or spare room. It will help you to make extra money per month. Microgreens only need 2-3 weeks from seeds to get ready for harvest. You can even sell them for around $15 per pound. 

Once you scale up, you would require shelves to grow the microgreens. They can grow under fluorescent lighting with up to around 4 rows on top of each other. Microgreens do not have a longer shelf life; therefore, they need to be sold fresh.

You can start with growing radish and sunflower shoots before trying exotic varieties. Both these varieties are easy to grow and are easily marketable. It is a good idea to do proper research on microgreens and their suitable growing conditions to make sure that you grow them in a proper manner.


Mushrooms are one of the first things that come to mind when we think of the profitable crops for small farms. They are the best cash crops that you can grow. 

Growing mushrooms and especially oyster mushrooms, can be surprisingly beneficial. Oysters can be grown in just 5 weeks, and you can sell them at the cost of around $10 to $20 per pound. 

If you are an urban farmer, then mushrooms are the best crop for you as it does not require too much space. They can be grown indoors, and you can generate a high return of per square foot. 

You can grow around 25 pounds mushrooms per square foot, and the best part is that they can even be grown in large vertical hanging bags. It will help you in making maximum utilization of the available space.

Mushrooms do not have a long time after getting picked, so it becomes difficult to ship them across the country. You can sell them in nearby supermarkets, grocery stores, or directly to the chefs and restaurants. 

If you have too many mushrooms, you can dry them and then sell them later. You might get a lower price, but they are usable for a long time. If you are planning to grow mushrooms so it is advisable to do proper research so that you can maximize the output. 


Lavender farming is one of the most beneficial small scale farming ideas. For small growers, it can produce above-average profits as it is a fertile crop. You can sell lavender bundles directly to the customers or can also sell it to other businesses as it is popularly used in skincare products. 

Lavender flowers are also easy to dry for sales to crafters and florists to make floral arrangements and weathers. Lavender is popularly used to make value-added products such as aromatherapy products, skincare products, herbal pillows, and sachets. The best part about growing lavenders is that nothing is wasted. 

It is an extremely versatile crop as it can be sold both fresh or dried. The easiest way is to sell dried bouquets of lavender. The crop requires minimal investment into time, labor, or equipment. They are disease resistant and fast-growing plants. 


Ginseng is famous for its medicinal roots. It is popularly known as “green gold,” and its value is located in its slow-growing roots. In Asian culture, ginseng has been popularly used for a thousand years as a tonic as an herb. 

Ginseng is a long term investment. Growing it requires a time of six years in order to harvest the mature roots. Many people also sell seeds and young rootlets for income while they wait for the roots to grow mature. Over the time of six years, farmers can make around $100,000 on a plot of around half-acre from rootlets, seeds, and mature roots. This is the reason ginseng is known as a specialty crop. The production of ginseng is only possible in areas that have cold winters. The demand for wild ginseng is huge in the market as compared to the ones grown in open fields. Wild ginseng is medically more potent. If you grow trees on your farm for lumber or firewood, you can add ginseng to the forest. 


Saffron is one of the most expensive legal crops in the world. It sold at the cost of around $2500 per pound, which makes it the most expensive herb. Most people describe the taste of saffron as a floral honey flavor. 

Now you must be thinking, why is saffron so expensive? Saffron is made from the stigmas of the crocus plant. One pound of dried saffron is produced from approximately 75,000 crocus flowers. However, to grow this quantity of crocus flower, you would need a quarter acre of land. Saffron grows best in mild winters and dry regions. You can also grow them in other regions in greenhouses or polytunnels. 

The toughest part of growing the crocus plants is the harvesting process. It is highly labor-intensive. You need to pick the flowers when they bloom and then take out three blossoms from every flower. The labor cost is one of the major reasons why saffron is grown in countries like Iran, with low wages despite the high selling price. 

Goji Berries

Goji berries are highly nutritious and are packed with antioxidants and might also have anti-cancer and anti-aging properties. These are the reasons due to which they are included in the category of superfood. 

Goji berries are popularly grown in China. However, they are well adapted to the climate of North America. You can grow around 7,000 of goji berries in an area of around 1 acre. Goji berries are slightly woody and thorny shrubs. It is best to grow goji berries inside a greenhouse for the initial 6 weeks. You can also transplant them outdoors. They can easily withstand cold summers and cold winters. 

Goji berries are a long term investment. You might get some light plants of goji berry in the second year, but it takes around three to five years to reach their full production capacity. You can grow goji berries from cuttings, which makes it expensive to grow a goji berry farm. 


Homeowners and landscapers pay around $150 each for potted bamboo plants, and growers are unable to keep up with the demand. Now you must be thinking, why are bamboo plants so popular? It is a highly versatile plant and can be used as screens, hedges, and specimen plants. 

Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing woody plants. You might be thinking that it is a tropical plant, but that is not true. There are various cold-hardy varieties of bamboo which are capable of surviving winters. 

Bamboo is also gaining popularity for its use in making fabric or textile. If you live in an area with a climate that supports growing bamboo outdoors, then it is the best choice. It is one of the most profitable crops for small farms. 

Bamboo is like grass, so once you harvest it, it can easily grow back without the need to replant. According to studies, if you cut the bamboo plants, they grow faster the next year. 

Bonsai Plants

Bonsai is one of the popular ornamental shrubs. It is usually grown in pots. The roots of this plant are restricted in order to prevent it from reaching its usual size. Bonsai is a famous widespread hobby and is continuously becoming popular among people. 

There is a wide range of opportunities to sell bonsai to people who wish to grow the plant on their own. You can also sell it to people who want to use it for their outdoor decorations. You can either grow starter trays of untrained shrubs and trees or can also grow the starter bonsai plants in individual pots.

You do not require a lot of space to grow bonsai as the plants are compact. In order to get started, you would require soil and seeds of a few dollars. You can easily grow bonsai from regular seeds. If you are already growing bonsai as a hobby, they turn into a business. You can start the business from a few extra plants and then increase it from there. 


Growing flowers is one of the most beneficial small farm business ideas. Flowers are high-value specialty crops. There are limitless flower options that you can grow on your small farm. For instance, you can grow various bulbs, dried flowers, cut flowers, and more. 

You might already be growing flowers on your farm as a part of your hobby, so why not run it into a business. Trust me, flowers are one high-profit crop for small farms, and it is easy for anyone to start. You would need only seeds and some basic supplies of a few dollars. You can easily start producing income from the first year. 

In order to decide the flowers that you should grow on your farm, it would be better to do proper research and see what kind of flowers are in demand. There are various places where you can sell flower crops also. You can sell them to florists, hotels, restaurants, and grocery stores. Some of the most profitable flower crops include peonies, salvia, snapdragons, zinnias, and sunflowers. 


Growing the most popular medicinal herbs is one of the best ways to start a profitable business from your small farm. The example of popular culinary herbs includes oregano, chives, cilantro, and basil. 

Medicinal herbs have been popularly used for thousands of years. Their popularity is continuously increasing as people are opting for natural remedies to deal with their health concerns. You can grow chives easily as these herbs can be grown indoors. Unlike other herbs, they are hardy. You can also grow basil. It is a popular herb that is used in a wide range of dishes. You can sell the herbs to grocery stores, food producers, or directly to the customers. 


If you grow gourmet garlic, then you can get a big payoff. There are basically three types of gourmet garlic; Porcelain, Purplestipe, and Rocambole. Once you experience the superior flavor of this garlic you would never return to the normal garlic. This is the reason customers are ready to pay high prices for gourmet garlic.  

Another popular variety of garlic is Elephant garlic. It is highly beneficial and convenient to grow garlic crops as it can tolerate different types of weather and soil conditions. It is one of the most profitable crops for small farms. 

Legal Medical Marijuana

Depending on your location, growing medical marijuana can be highly beneficial. Laws for growing marijuana can vary from country to country and state to state. However, in the US, most states allow patients to grow marijuana plants between 6-12 plants. Or patients can also give permits to someone else to grow and maintain the plant for them. 

You can grow marijuana on behalf of many different customers. Many patients are ready to pay higher amounts for high-quality organic marijuana instead of buying them from dispensaries. You can also sell marijuana online if it is legal in your state. 

Final Words

If you want to make a remarkable profit from your small farm, then it is better to choose the crops wisely. There are various profitable crops for small farms. Deciding which is the most profitable crop depends on a wide range of factors, as mentioned in this article. Do proper research, make a choice, and then grow the crops on your farm so that you can attain maximum profit. 


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