Clever Room Divider Ideas For Added Privacy

Clever Room Divider Ideas For Added Privacy

Living spaces in city life are getting smaller and compact in modern times. The reduction in space has brought a new problem with it, ‘lack of privacy.’ Although we can’t increase the space, we can get creative to solve this problem. The best thing you can do is try some room divider ideas for an add on privacy.

For people who don’t have doors or a separate bedroom, room divider ideas can be transformative. Although the divider ideas can’t give you complete privacy, they are the best you can try to have your own private space. 

In the article, we have put together some best room divider ideas, which will add privacy to the room and introduce dimension, texture, and color in the room. The room divider ideas in the article will add the illusion of privacy as well as a decorative personality to the room. 

Make It Personal

The use of draperies as a room divider solution is not something new, but the latest available options with a twist in the design are something that will make you fall in love with these classics. 

One of the room divider ideas using some draperies is to get a product that resembles something like a Portuguese flag. Such products introduce an unexpected and eccentric element to your space. It also makes the artistic room divide a point of attraction. 

The best thing about using flag-inspired draperies is that it allows you to use a variety of designs that you can choose according to your liking. It also lets you express love for your home country if you are in a different nation. 

Liven Up An Empty Corner

folding corner screen one of great room divider ideas

The use of folding screens is one of the best room divider ideas you can try. It not only adds privacy but also boasts the textural and design elements to space. Using some antique folding screens is one of the best you can try with this idea. 

Using some antique folding screens will not only create an illusion of more space but will also act as artwork or sculpture in the room. What makes this idea even more interesting is that they do not require much space or effort to install and look amazing. 

Extra-High Hanging Curtains

To create effects of a canopy bed, you can hang curtains directly from the ceiling. Implicating such room divider ideas not only adds some effects to the room but also lets you use them according to your comfort. In these ideas, you can use some tiebacks if you want to keep your bedroom doors open. 

This idea of ceiling curtains draws attention while adding a personality to the room. Such room divider ideas are perfect for creating sections in studio apartments and multi-purpose rooms. 

Using The Room Divider Ideas For Scenes

If you want to create a room divider idea that adds uniqueness to the room, then this idea is for you. In this design, a normal corner is lifted to the status of the gallery. To do this, you will need a room divider that has weeping willows with the brushed ground. 

In such room divider ideas, even the corner and bends are pre-planned and thus makes it a breeze to install. 

Creating An Entryway

Creating a makeshift doorway room divider ideas are some of the bets which you can try if the main entry door opens in the living room. One thing you will need for this is a little bit of space as you will need to install a floor to ceiling screen. Once you are done with adding the screen, you can go for adding some chairs to create an intimate small sitting area. 

Using some textural folding screens with inspirations like that of college is perfect for implementing such room divider ideas.

Creating A Makeshift Wardrobe

This idea is something that you can try to make a dressing room. You can also use this idea for making a wardrobe and thus have more space. In it, you have to use a folding screen for sanctioning a corner of the room.

This allows for more space and looks stylish, adding a unique personality to your room. This is one of the best room divider ideas which you can try if you want a changing room or wardrobe. You can also use this to add some speed to your morning routine, as you can use the screen as a hanger as well. 

Opt For A Bookcase

A bookshelf can be a great room divider idea. Whether it is a direct from shop product or a customized one, a floor to ceiling bookshelf is one of the best room divider ideas you can try. 

It is a multi-purpose idea which not only acts as a room divider but also provides you with added space and storage. What is great about this idea is that it breaks up the room perfectly and also doesn’t feel out of context, and blends perfectly with the surroundings. It will also add a classic bookshelf look to the room, thus making it a must-try idea. 

Dictating Color Scheme

If you are not sure how to add some more space or design to the room, then choose a simple, colorful idea. You can use a big artwork or a single statement piece with multiple colors in it. 

Using a large colorful artwork type piece is the best room divider idea that you can try without any second thoughts. You can use it as a room divider, wardrobe, or a dressing room. You can also use such artwork pieces to create an extra entryway between the bedroom and make a sitting area. 

Hang A Floating Art

The idea of adding floating art is something that will leave you fascinated. You can separate your sleep zone by adding ceiling curtains and then adding a floating painting to break it even more amazing. This painting idea is the best which you can go for. 

One great thing about this idea is that when you close the curtains, it doesn’t give a feel of cut off as the painting gives it a look of hotel walls like a Parisian hotel. This is one of the best room divider ideas which you can try for a transformation of a room without making it look obvious. 

Creating A Vignette

Empty corners look awkward, and folding screens can be a beautifying addition to them. It is an astounding way to liven up the empty corners and make them look eye-catching. You can also use some plants to add more look to this room dividing idea. 

You can also add a hanging plant to this idea to ensure that it is not only the floor that is getting all the love. This is one of the best room divider ideas, which will not only add some look to your room and create space but will also provide you with cleaner air with the help of plants. 

Section Of Nooks

Installation of curtains is a handy and easy solution for room division. If you want a cozy reading space by the window, adding the nook section is one of the best room divider ideas you can try. 

It provides you with a great intimate, cozy space to enjoy a cup of coffee or a good read. You can try this idea in the dining room with some whimsical curtains without too much effort. 


The use of curtains, foldable sheets, and even adding bookshelves can be a great option for room dividing. These ideas of using room dividers may be new to western culture but in Japanese culture, they have always been in use. They are known by the name of Shoji in Japanese culture.

In the article, we have put together a list of best room divider ideas that you can try to add a personality to your room. The ideas in the article are wallet-friendly as well as eye-catching, that will make your space stand out from regular rooms. 

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