Rustic Garden Decor Ideas to Inspire You

Rustic Garden Decor Ideas to Inspire You

If you love country-style homes, then rustic garden ideas are a perfect pick for you. Rustic means fitting to the country as in sturdiness or plainness. In the modern-day world, where people focus on disposable and cheap goods, rustic includes something natural and authentic. It allows you to create the perfect ambiance that most gardeners crave. 

If you are looking for rustic garden ideas, then you are at the right place. Continue reading the article to know more about rustic garden decor for a country-like feel. 

Rustic Garden Ideas

Rustic gardens are popular among people who live in all suburbs lots of large lands. This garden theme is flexible and includes a wide range of classic features that rustic gardens need. A rustic garden provides you with a perfect space to relax. Below mentioned are some amazing rustic outdoor decor ideas for you. 

Gorgeous Gate

A beautifully decorated gate covered with plants and flowers is a must for a perfect rustic garden. Add a metal gate to your garden, and make sure to provide it with a country makeover. Moreover, paint it with bright colors for a most beautiful and vibrant touch. In order to make the gate more attractive, add flowering vines to it. Trust me; the gorgeous gate will surely be the conversation starter. For a more rustic look, add the best garden swing chair to it.

Dining Outdoors In Salvage Style

For a rustic garden, you do not need expensive outdoor furniture for a great impression. The simple and old furniture is enough for it. Rustic garden ideas do not include expensive furniture; it is all about using the old and classic things present in your home. 

For instance, you can use the metal chair and table that are present in your storeroom, and you do not use it anymore. Use it in your garden. Put it in the brick patio in your garden for a rustic look. 

Use Galvanized Tubs

Vintage or new galvanized tubs, livestock feeders, or troughs make amazing planters. They are perfect for giving a patio or deck an instant country look. Using galvanized tubs is one of the best rustic garden decor ideas. 

When growing plants in galvanized tubs, make sure to add holes at the bottom of them. This will help to ensure good drainage and keep the plants healthy. You can make a miniature landscape in these tubs by growing small plants. Moreover, set large stones around the small melock for a better look. You can also use this idea for making a rock garden

Add Colorful Watering Cans

Why have boring waiting cans when you can have the ones filled with colors? Colorful watering cans are perfect for rustic outdoor decor. When you are scouting garage sales and flea markets, make sure to keep an eye on anything that can add color and fun to your rustic garden. 

Add some colorful and fanciful watering cans to your backyard as that makes a delightful addition. If you do not find colorful cans, then make them at your home. All you need to do is paint the cans and draw some attractive pictures on them, and you are all set to go. 

Bicycle Garden Planter

A rustic garden is not defined by a specific set of rules. Rather, it is free of structure and rules that are usually used to decorate the outdoor spaces. You can add everything vintage you like. Use your bicycle and its basket to grow flowering plants. 

Paint your bicycle with bright colors and grow flowering plants in its basket. You can grow the best flowering plant for hanging baskets in it. Your vintage bicycle will not only act as a decor piece to your rustic garden but will also act as a plant stand. If you do not have a bicycle, look around for bicycles in poor conditions at the thrift stores. Paint them and make them worth your rustic garden. 

Log Slice Footway

Add landscaping to your rustic garden with rocks or natural wood. It is the perfect cornerstone for a rustic garden design. Trust me; this path will add an amazing touch to your garden. You can do this by yourself using long slices of wood. Make sure to add evergreen trees for landscaping around the footway. It is the best rustic outdoor garden idea to add a beautiful touch to your backyard. 

Garden Chick Coop

Nothing screams out rustic garden louder than a chic coop. Keeping chickens in your backyard can give you an instant farm feel. A chicken coop provides the best and practical pest control solution to your backyard. 

Even if you have a small urban garden, you can accommodate a few chickens. Moreover, many city ordinances provide permits for keeping the chickens if no roosters are present. Chickens will pluck all the caterpillars and beetles in your garden. 

Recycled Garden Chandelier

If you want to add a unique touch to your rustic garden, then add a recycled garden chandelier to it. All you need is a broken-down chandelier for your garden. You may not use the chandelier to light up space anymore, but it is perfect for your garden. Nothing is impossible for a rustic garden when it comes to repurposing. You can use everything from junker cars to shabby sheds to old boots. Moreover, you can also use vintage vegetable cans for rustic garden decor. 

Rustic Log Arbor

A beautiful rustic arbor will give your young garden a sense of permanence and place. You do not need to spend hundreds of dollars for an arbor. Moreover, you can make it yourself using sturdy branches or logs. Add vines to cling to the logs or branches. Trust me; it will make your arbor more attractive and calming. If you don’t have evenly sized branches or logs, you can also use willow branches; They are easy to work with. Moreover, their flexibility will allow you to include curves in your design. 

Burlap Hayrack Planter

In the modern-day garden design elements, burlap is popularly used. The amazon porous quality of the burlap and its earthy tone makes it perfect for lining and wrapping planters. Moreover, you can also use it to create growing sacks. 

Elements like burlap flags, bows, patio seat cushions are perfect for adding personality and vintage touch to your rustic garden. Make sure to opt for the right burlap fabric depending on the look you want to give to your finished product.  

Garden Wagon

One of the best rustic garden ideas is to include vintage wagon wheels, garden wagons, and wheelbarrows. Fill them with the best colorful flowers and herbs. Moreover, you can also add pumpkin to them for a country vibe. Trust me; a true antique wagon can make your garden unique and talk of the town. 

Make Your Own Antiques

Finding the vintage and rustic architectural elements can be difficult sometimes. For instance, it is challenging to find vintage metal fences for the borders. So, what you can do is buy a new metal fence, and the paint is sandblasted to create an antique look. Make your own antiques using paint for a rustic garden.

Add Treasure to Some Table

Put a rustic table in your garden and add some plants to it. Grow your favorite plants in pots and decorate them on the table. It will not only add a vintage touch to your garden but will also showcase the plants in a unique way. 

Welcome Wildlife by Adding Bird Houses

Beautiful songbirds will make your garden prettier. All you need to do is add a roasting bird box to the rustic garden to invite these birds. Singing birds will make you come back to your garden again and again. 

Final Words

In order to make rustic designs, you need to include iron, stone, or wooden elements for the construction and design. These materials are the right pick to add a farmhouse or country-like feel to your garden. Now, what are you waiting for? Create your rustic garden and share your experience with us by dropping a comment. 


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