11 Best Small Living Room Ideas

11 Best Small Living Room Ideas

If the family room and living room is cluttered and cramped, the last thing you will want to do is spend time there. But, how to make a living room pleasing and appealing? One of the easiest ways is to try some small living room ideas. 

However, the number of ideas available out there can be sometimes confusing. So to help you with this we bring you some of the best small living room ideas to transform your boring space into an enticing one.

When you are redecorating, one of the simplest ways to create a compact living room that feels more spacious is to apply soft pastel shades into the design scheme to keep the room inviting and warm. So in this article, we will tell the more of such ideas from which you can take inspiration.

Top Small Living Room Ideas

Making Space Using Mirrors

It is the oldest trick in the book, though it really does work. You can quickly make the vision of space by just adding more mirrors to the wall. Moreover, if you like the options for the oversized mirror to cover the entire wall. It will make the illusion of space reflecting the light back, and of course, it will double up the interior space. Try to keep the colors palette light, and it helps the overall effect.

Create Your Own Media Centre

Free up the floor space from the storage units by making your own media center that only takes minimal space. The wall-mounted TV is always going to be the best choice for small living rooms. Fix the MDF panel to the wall and mount the TV screen with floating shelves on it, one below and one above, if required. These shelves will allow the storage without taking too many spaces.

Utilize Architectural Spaces

Does the living room lack spaces due to the awkward room proportions? Frequently with period properties, the features which many people love the most, like bay windows. Utilize the space to your advantage; if you have a small sofa, it should fit cleanly into the position without taking the floor space. Moreover, you can use the awkward left out space to house heavy items like furniture. This prevents the pieces from overwhelming the rest of the small room because any left out space would be useless anyway.

Hang Baskets to Give Extra Wall Storage

If you are facing small living room issues, then the only way to solve this is to make the most of any floor by keeping it as mess-free as possible. That includes any small bobs and bits that you may have lying around. You can use beautiful willow baskets to solve the storage problem. It is ideal because they look great, and they are strong enough to grip all way of clutter.

Use Stools As Seats

The first thing you should do is never fill too much furniture in the small living room. Instead of that, select the sofa that is equivalent to the size of the space. If you want more seating, then use stools. These stools take-up far less room than heavy chairs, and it can be easily managed. Search for the stowaway furniture, like cube stools that can fit easily under the coffee table when you do not need them.

Spend in Multi-Functional Furniture

When it comes to compact living rooms, the multi-functional and hard-working pieces of furniture are your friends. Select the coffee table, which doubles as the storage bin, and it allows you to clear away the clutter at the moment you notice. You can also invest in the sofa with storage or even a lidded stool under the seat. Also, you can add the wall mirrors and the furniture reflective surface into the design scheme to increase the amount of natural light in the living room to make it feel brighter and bigger.

Draw Attention Away From The Door

Whether it is a studio flat or a bijou country cottage, it can be tricky to make the relaxing bolt hole when the front door opens through the living room. Take the importance away from the entry by creating the focal point with thoughtfully arranged seating. A modern neutral palette goes beautifully with simple plasterwork with the roller blind that makes it the most recessed window to give more square inches to the small room.

Vertically Decoration

Think about the small living room wallpaper ideas to complement the lounge. Pick that decor up high when floor space is limited. Here, you can use the compact section of the brilliant white room that can be transformed with the feature of blueing your eye upwards to make the most of the high ceiling.

Pare It Back With Wood

You can think about the other options for the common small living room furniture, like the three-piece suit. It is still possible to have a comfortable area for reading and relaxing with less space furnishing. You can swap the upholstered armchair for a wooden rocker with the cushions; and bookcases for fine ladder-style shelving.

Use Lighting To Your Advantage

Mark the small living space with the overhanging pendant light and nicely positioned round coffee table. The two pieces work together to make the focal point around that you can sit with a couple of chairs and add floor stools or cushions when guests visit.

Display The Objects of Interest

Just because the compact living room is turning on the small side, it does not mean that you hide away all the favorite belongings in the storage. If you have the objects which are deserving of showing off, then present them on the open shelf above the sofa. Moreover, it is a great idea for when the floor space is at a premium. Hang a neon sign also, and it helps to distract the eye.

Final Words

Small living rooms need to be kept neat and fresh with well-selected storage. It is a great way to make the compact living room feel larger is to keep it neat and tidy. So we have mentioned above some of the best small living room ideas to decorate your room.

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