Get Clutter-Free Bedroom With Storage Organizers

Get Clutter-Free Bedroom With Storage Organizers

If you love clutter-free space, then it’s time to introduce an Under-bed organizer for your bedroom. Turn your bedroom into a cozy area by utilizing the space under your bed with Under-bed storage boxes. 

This simple trick transforms the unused space into a functional storage area for extra bedding, out-of-season clothing, and other pile of stuff. 

From rolling shelves to baskets, these under-bed storage bins and boxes have come a long way in design and usability. 

Check out some of the best under bed storage ideas for your bedroom.

Under-Bed Storage Organizer Ideas:

Below we have mentioned some of the most loved and popular storage containers and organizers. Find out your favorite among all of them:

Storage Lab Underbed Storage Containers

The storage lab Under-bed storage organizer is one of the best when it comes to bins or bags. These are a hybrid of two different storage containers. These under bed storage boxes offer the durability of a bin and flexibility of a bag.

It has a very sleek and elevated look compared to any other under-bed organizer. The fabric design keeps the item stored discreetly and also protects them from any external damage. These fit in easily under most under-bed storage drawers.

Every storage lab can hold up to over 20 clothing articles and one large comforter.  It has both a firm and sturdy side, which maintains its shape while being full.

Sterilite 66 Qt. Ultra Storage Box Stadium Blue

The plastic under-bed storage bins or boxes are most people’s favorite, and for a good reason. These have an airtight design that safely maintains important items like pictures, documents, beddings, etc. Sterilite under-bed storage boxes are a very reliable and durable option because of gliding wheels attached to the base. They offer optimum space, which makes them very versatile for even basements or attics. 

Whitmor Zippered Underbed Bags Java Set

When people think of an under-bed storage organizer, they imagine plastic bins. These Whitmor under-bed storage bins are a great buy. The set comes with two different under-bed organizers without any hard structure, which makes them perfect for almost every bed.

Hey! don’t be fooled by the fabric; these bags are super durable and designed to withstand the test of time.  These under-bed clothes storage bags are made with breathable materials that can easily repel dirt and dust. The bags come with transparent tops and convenient handles, which make them accessible. 

Woffit Under The Bed Shoe Storage Organizer

Storing shoes is quite tricky. Keeping them in the shoebox keeps them safe but as we all know, out of sight is out of mind. When you cannot access your footwear options easily, there are chances that you will forget what you own. This is where Woffit’s under-bed shoe storage organizer comes in handy. It comes with so many compartments, which makes fitting shoes of every size very convenient. 

This under bed storage box set comes with 2 separate units. One comes  with 12 pair capacity and 4 boots units, and another one with 12 shoe pairs 0r 16 shoe pairs and 4 boots units. 

This shoe storage organizer has a very cute design that features long zippers and reinforcement handles. These can withhold the wear and tear for a long time. These storage units can easily collapse when empty and can be stored conveniently.

 Spacesaver Premium Vacuum Storage Bags

These spacesaver premium vacuum storage boxes are large in size and super sturdy. These are popular for retaining the seal for a long time. According to customers the jumbo pack of this under-bed storage organizer box is value for money. Every bag can be reduced from the original volume by 80 percent. 

The set includes six big sized storage bags which can easily fit queen size bedding or four pillows. Depending on your bed’s height, you can choose from various bag size options to easily fit them underneath the bed. 

The bags are completely waterproof and come with triple seals to ensure 100 percent safety of sealed storage items. Small-sized bags can be easily used when traveling to ensure maximum luggage space. 

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Homz Plastic Under Bed Storage

Who doesn’t like classic plastic storage containers? We love them for their versatility and durability and the large number of options to choose from. However, Homz Plastic Under-bed Storage bins and boxes are our favorite.  

These are best used for fragile items, beddings, books, or house decor items. You will find them in a set of two 60-quart plastic containers with a stackable design to maximize the storage compared to round edge containers. 

The shallow space design makes them fit easily under every type of bed. The boxes are taper at the base so the bins can be nested in one another when not being used. It has a clear top and sides, making the stored things easily accessible.  

Both under bed organizer bins come with large latches that can secure the lid in place to seal everything in place with a comfortable grip handling. You can use them as storage bins in the attic or storeroom as well.

IKEA Malm Under-bed Storage Box (Set of 2)

IKEA is popular for being a fashion hub of furniture, with ample stylish and quality storage options at pocket-friendly prices. IKEA’s Malm Under-bed storage organizer box is great as it can easily transform your bed into a storage unit. 

It comes with a smooth wood veneer finish and can be slide easily under the bed with castor rollers. The storage containers have good enough height giving it a stylish and faux built-in appearance. Ikea offers these under-bed clothes and shoe storage boxes in two different sizes. One that comes in a single/full size for queen/king-sized bed. These have many color options ranging from black-Brown, Gray Stained, White,  Brown Stained Ash Veneer,  White Stained Oak Veneer.


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