Best DIY Upcycled Garden Ideas

Best DIY Upcycled Garden Ideas

Upcycled garden ideas are a fun part of gardening. Using old and discarded items can be of great use. From transforming old furniture to fruit storage and tins to planters, there are endless ways of upcycling old items for DIY garden projects. 

Below we have listed eight creative and easy upcycling ideas for the garden. Make use of the items that are lying around your house and get started with your DIY garden ideas this weekend.

Upcycled Garden Ideas

Plastic bucket for strawberry plant tower

Want to try your hands on vertical gardening techniques? Its time to get fancy and try an upcycled garden ideas. This DIY vertical garden idea is just perfect. All you will need is plastic buckets. Get buckets that are as high as one foot and 11 inches in diameter. 

upcycled plastic bucket for strawberry plant tower garden idea

Punch several holes in the bottom of each bucket for drainage. After cutting the holes, you will need your cutting tools for more work. Use a power drill on the hole saw attachment and cut 12 holes spaced evenly on each side of the bucket.

Warning: The holes should not be more than 1.25 inches in diameter. 

Using your cutting tools, poke tiny holes in the cap of a water bottle and cut the bottom half part of the bottle. Screw the cap tightly on the bottle. This will work as a water reservoir and help to keep the soil moist all the time.

Fill buckets with potting soil and strawberry plants. Create a thin pebble layer on the top of the soil. This will keep the moisture locked in and prevent rain or wind erosion. Leave some space in the top tier bucket for bottle reservoir.

Stack buckets on top of each other and builds a vertical tower. The strawberries will branch out through the holes and will bear a handful of fruits in no time.

Vertical Pallet Planter

vertical pallet planter for upcycled garden

Wooden pallets are the most loved upcycling material used in garden projects. Let your creativity flow and try some clever upcycling garden ideas. Try this vertical planter for a creative DIY garden idea. This idea is perfect for people with limited outdoor space but wants to cultivate their own garden. 

All you will require is a single wooden pallet and simple shelf brackets. These items are easy to get. Mount the shelf brackets to the backside of the pallet and fix it to exterior fence and wall. Fill the pallet with soil and seedlings or seeds of any plant of your choice. 

The ideal plant choice for such planters culinary herb or kale, lettuce, as well as flowering plants. Why not try and mix all three?

Hanging Garden

Either you could spend a fortune and buy hanging planters, hooks, and other accessories, or you could simply build your own hanging garden using easy and clever upcycling project ideas. Spoon+ mason jars= perfect hanging garden.

DIY upcycled hanging garden for idea

You will need a strong person to get your garden ready. Ask them to bend the spoon handles outwards and then downwards following a curve and make a little loop. You don’t need to perfect with this work. Drill hole through the bowls of a spoon and secure them with screws to any walls of your choice.

Fill mason jars with flower seeds and potting soil. Use hammer and nails to make two holes into the rims directly opposite. Use a thin wire to hang mason jars on the spoon loop. And your easy upcycled hanging garden is ready. Inspire your friends with creative, upcycled garden ideas.

Homemade Bird scarers

Birds, especially pigeons, can create a nuisance in the garden. Why not try a DIY upcycling garden idea to keep them away for your vegetable garden?

bird scarer in upcycling garden project

Tie old CD’s on a string and suspend them above the crops. This will unnerve the birds when te CDs move in the wind. You can also try attaching the silver tape to the canes for similar effects. And also string out colored tape over crops like brassicas.

And of course, scarecrows are the classics. Keep moving the scarecrows to different positions, so the birds do not get used to it.

Make Homes for Wildlife

home for wildlife in DIY garden ideas

 Some wildlife is healthy and beneficial for the garden. You can upcycle bricks, pots, wood, twigs, straw to create cozy home ideas for the bugs like ground beetles or mason bees. 

You can even make a small pond for toads and frogs. Place a layer of pebbles in an old bowl and then add a layer of large rocks so that animals can easily get in and out of the water. Add aquatic plants to give a finishing touch to this habitat.

Mini Mailbox Garden Shed

mailbox garden shed for upcycled garden ideas

Do you have any place to keep your shears, gardening gloves, and other tools? If you cant think of an answer, there it is a good reason to make your own mailbox as a part of upcycled garden project ideas.

Once you find an old mailbox, all you need is a bracket to attach it to the fence post. You can mount this mailbox near your garden and keep your trowels, gloves, and other handy garden items init for easy access.

Turn Drawer into Apple Store

Upcycling old furniture is a clever way of using DIY garden projects. You can use an old chest drawer as an apple store by making a few minor changes in it.

Make holes about an inch at regular intervals to allow air-flow.  Then cut them out using a hole saw drill. You will be able to keep your apples dry and well aired for a longer period using this upcycled garden ideas.

Colander Baskets

You can easily find old colander at any thrift shop or yard sales and even lying around in your kitchen cabinet.  Old colanders work great for upcycled gardens. 

colander basket for upcycled garden project idea

They already come with drainage holes and are bowl-shaped, which makes them apt for plants. Look for metal colanders, because it is resilient and withstand the weather for many years. You spray paint then in your choice of color. The biggest advantage of using colanders that they come with handles on both sides.

Get your hand on some twine and wrap each handle with it. Tie all the four twine pieces together. Line the colander with sphagnum moss and fill with seeds and soil. Screw some hooks and hand these beautiful colanders on any place.

Final words:

We hope this DIY upcycled garden ideas will be helpful for you. Get some inspiration start making your own creative and easy upcycling projects. Transform old and discarded items into beautiful garden treasures. Before you know it, your own upcycled garden will be ready, filled with creativity and colors.


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