Explained: What Is A Patio Home?

Explained: What Is A Patio Home?

You must have heard about the term patio home, but do you know what a patio home is? Well, this is a term you might hear if you are trying to buy a home for yourself. 

Before buying something, the best thing to do is understand what you are paying for. In the case of a house where it requires a large investment, knowing what type of houses are available is essential. Thus, knowing what a patio home is becoming necessary is one of the most popular types of houses people buy. 

In the article, we will explore the patio home’s various aspects, including patio furniture, set, and more. 

What is a Patio Home?

Before we move on to other aspects, let’s understand what it is actually. In short, a patio home is a kind of dwelling which shares one or two walls with another home. These types of the home are generally one or 1½ stories, and they don’t rise more than the 1½ stories normally. 

Townhouse v/s Patio

After reading this, you may think that a patio home and a townhouse is a common thing. However, this is not true as a patio home has its own unique features, which makes it different from the townhouse. These features are:

  • One of the features is that the townhouses may rise up to two or even more than that, but they don’t go above 1½ stories in the patio homes.
  • Another difference is that, like the townhouses, the patio homes’ second floor is not complete. 
  • The second floor of the patio set generally consists of a bedroom or loft. While on other than the townhouses have complete second floors with full setup of bathroom and bedrooms. 
  • Another difference is that the patio set is more common near the coasts while the townhouses don’t have any specific place. However, nowadays you can find patio homes also at other places around wholesome e societies. 
  • The last difference between the townhomes and patio is their price. The patio type houses are more affordable in comparison to townhouses and other stand-alone homes. 

What is a Garden Home?

Now when you know what is a patio home and what the difference is between a patio and a townhome, let’s move on to the garden homes. This is another type of home which you might confuse to be a patio home. 

However, both types have many things in common, like both share their walls with other neighboring homes. None of these two houses rise more than 1½ stories and more.

What is the Difference Between a Condo and Patio Home?

The common thing between the two types of the home is that they both share a wall with their neighbors. Other than this, they don’t have anything else in common. 

The differences between the two types are:

  • A condo homeowner owns the interior of the home but not anything on the outside. While on the other hand, the patio owner owns the exterior, including grass, porches, driveways, fencing, and the patios themselves. 
  • Another difference is that in patio homes, you are free for any kind of landscaping on your property. Whereas in condo homes, you can’t do landscaping on the exterior. 

To Whom Patio Homes suits most?

The patio set of these homes is generally small, and thus they are more suitable for small families. It is suitable for people like retirees, empty nesters, and couples who don’t require much space for them. 

These homes give the freedom of owning a house at an affordable price to their owners. Thus they are also a good option for people who want to have their first own home but can’t pay the high prices. 

Buying Tips For Patio Home 

Now when you know what is a patio home and what the difference between the other popular types and it, let’s move on to purchasing a patio. 

Purchasing the patio houses is also similar to buying the other home types. Although before purchasing, you should ask some questions. These are:

How Private Is A Patio Home?

The privacy of the patio homes depends on your neighbors. As we told above, they share a wall, which means a nosy neighbor is not a good thing. It means that the environment can be completely unbearable or peaceful – it depends on your neighbor. 

Another thing is that the patio home set shares the driveways with the other patio homeowners. This means that a peaceful neighbor is way more essential. Thus before you purchase a patio inquire with the other neighbors about the noise levels. This will also help you to know what you must expect from your new home. 

Insurance For Patio

The insurance for a patio home depends on society. In some societies, you may find insurance included in the HOA fees, while in some, you may not find it. 

While going for insurance, you must follow some tips like:

  • Make sure that your insurance also covers the damage from properties you share with neighbors. This is essential as when you share walls, a fire in your neighbor’s home may become a fire in your home easily.
  • Before purchasing a patio home, I was fond of the society’s insurance policy. This will help you to know what type of insurance covers your property and what are the society’s policies for it.
  • Also, go through the insurance policy in detail as it will help you understand what it covers. For example, some covers damage to electronics while some not. So read carefully before signing the policy. 
  • The period of the claim is also a factor, as you don’t want to be waiting for the money in a situation where you are homeless. 

Patio Furniture

The patio furniture includes basically some things which you can easily get from the online or offline stores. Some patio furniture items are:

  • A patio chair is the first piece of furniture. When you go for purchasing, always keep in mind the interior of your home. For example, when you buy a wooden patio chair, keep in mind that it blends in with the surrounding. However, you can also create your own themes with the patio furniture, for example, a rustic them or a floral theme. 
  • A patio heater is another commodity that you are going to need. One thing to know when buying the patio heater is that go for shockproof and waterproof options. This is essential as most patio hoes are made of wood, and a non-water-resistant heater may lead to disasters like fire if you spill something by mistake.
  • Patio curtains are also a commodity as they will help in blending the home and with the exterior. Some common ideas are flower print curtains. Or you can go for blind curtains if you want complete privacy. 
  • Patio kitchen furniture like the dining table will also play a role, so keep in mind what you want for your theme. 

Some other patio furniture factors you should keep in mind;

  • Decide on a budget before purchasing.
  • Select themes to help you in selection.
  • Keep in mind the space of your home.
  • Try to go for things that are suitable for the patio. 

These are some of the patio furniture tips which will help you in setting up your new home. 

Final Words

Are you planning to buy your first home? People may suggest you a patio home. But do you know what is a patio home? 

Before purchasing a thing like a patio home, which requires a large investment, knowing what is essential. Other factors like ownership and insurance also played a role in home purchasing, so you must know them before purchasing. 

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