Best Bonsai Trees For Your House Garden

Best Bonsai Trees For Your House Garden

Growing Bonsai Trees is the most loved hobby practiced that originated in Asia and is practiced by people all around the world. The best bonsai trees are found in the Japanese masters’ collection. 

If you are planning to curate your own different types of bonsai trees collection, then check out the below-mentioned list. These small bonsai trees are apt for beginners, as they require minimal care and maintenance. 

Beautify your bonsai garden with their stunning, and unique design. Lets jump on to the list of best bonsai trees:

Japanese Maple

Japanese Maple is one of the best and most loved bonsai trees because of its color, lobed leaves, and easy adaptability to become a bonsai. You will find various types of Japanese maple bonsai trees. 

This bonsai plant prefers an airy and sunny position but during the peak hours of the day keep the plant in a shaded place to prevent its leaves. Japanese maple bonsai can stand frost but should be kept safe when the temperature falls below ( -10° C / 14° F). These bonsai plants can be found in various styles, Formal upright, Broom, Cascade, Informal upright.

Bodhi Tree Bonsai

Did you know that the Ficus Religiosa is the same tree under which Buddha received enlightenment? Because of its history, this plant is also known as, peepal tree, sacred fig, and Bo-tree. Bodhi tree makes a really cool bonsai tree. This small bonsai tree is very tough and also has aerial roots. The beautiful heart-shaped shiny bronze leaves turning into glossy green looks really attractive.

The Bodhi tree is a tropical bonsai tree that enjoys heat and sun. keep it a place that receives 6 hours or more of sunlight and is well protected from freezing temperatures. 

Cotoneaster Horizontals

This bonsai tree is apt for beginners and is often planted on the rock or formed in cascade style. This is the reason it is also known as “ rock cotoneaster”. This shrub is deciduous, mostly found in the temperate region.

The bonsai plant enjoys full both sun and part shade but blooms best under the sun. it requires protection from cold weather.


This is a gigantic, tall, and fabled African tree and makes one of the best bonsai trees. This bonsai tree requires minimal care and low maintenance in a warm climate but might require special attention in cooler areas.

If you live in a place with a warm climate, keep the bonsai plant in the sun. however, if you live in a place with cold temperatures, this makes a perfect indoor bonsai.

Common Beech

This tall tree makes a great bonsai specimen and looks best in upright style. Common bonsai beach forms young shoots and its beautiful golden leaves turn golden in autumn. This bonsai tree types grow very slow.

You can keep the beech tree bonsai in full sun or semi-shade. Make sure to not keep it in the direct intense sun during summers.


Yes, you read it right! Like hedging but boxwood also makes the best bonsai trees. These are super adaptable to containers and easy to maintain and grow to become a cool bonsai tree. This makes them suitable bonsai trees for beginners.

Boxwood tree is a tough and resilient outdoor bonsai, which can withstand extreme sun and shade. However to grow it in its full capacity place the plant in partial shade. These bonsai trees do not survive well in cold temperatures.


Pomegranate is the best fruit trees and also the eases to make bonsai trees. It has a shallow root system and adapts really well to bonsai culture. This strong plant has attractive bark and bright red flowers and gorgeous fruits.

The pomegranate bonsai plants thrive best under the full sun for the entire year except in low temperatures (below 41 F) when it should be kept indoors.


Juniper is a very popular bonsai tree with over 50 evergreen species of coniferous shrubs. Of all the species Juniper Procumbens Nana is popular bonsai trees among beginners. Juniper tree bonsai is easy to maintain and care for and grows to become a  very appealing plant. 

Junipers are not an indoor bonsai plant. It is best t keep them outdoors under the sun close to the shade. Keep the tree well protected from colder temperatures (below 14 F).

Ficus Retusa

This is one of the best and most attractive looking bonsai trees. Ficus Retusa is super low maintenance and is the best bonsai trees for beginners and also advance level growers. 

If you love in a warm climate keep this plant in partial shade and partial sun, especially during colder temperatures. 

Ficus Benjamina

Benjamin Ficus is a very popular and best bonsai trees that you must consider. This is a magnificent evergreen tree that makes a wide canopy of strong branches bending towards the ground earning the name “weeping fig”. This bonsai plant grows well indoors as well as outdoors.


The Jade tree is a succulent plant with fleshy leaves and stems. This bonsai is easy to care for and evergreen bonsai plant. The thickness and hardness of the trunk make it look mature.

Jade trees is an indoor bonsai plant, although it also enjoys high temperatures and sunny positions. 

Crape Myrtle

Crape myrtle is one of the best and cool bonsai trees. Its main features are attractive branch formation, pink, white and purple flowers, and underlying bark in grey, brown and pink color.

Crepe Myrtle tree bonsai blooms beautifully in full sun, it also grows fine indoors. During winters you need to keep them in low light between 45-54 F and as the spring arrives, move it again in a bright sunny area.

Fukien Tea

This is one of the best bonsai trees and will be a beautiful addition to your small indoor bonsai tree collection. It has small, shiny dark green leaves with super tiny white dots on them. You will see small white flowers blooming all year round and also tiny red berries occasionally. 

Fukien tea is an indoor bonsai that enjoys outside in warm climates all year round. It requires a bright sunny area in the house, with a temperature of 50-75 F.

Chinese Elm

Chinese elm is native to Asia and makes a spectacular bonsai. This plant is very forgiving and does not mind styling and pruning.  Keep this plant in a sunny spot during morning and evening. Chinese elm tree bonsai can withstand various temperatures but does not swell well in cold temperatures.


This not so small bonsai plant is very pretty and full of colors and blooms papery flowers in different colors. Bougainvillea is a fast-growing plant and has easy to wire ranches that can be styled in almost all forms. Keep the bonsai in a well-lit area with 5-6 hours of sunlight and should be well protected from freezing temperatures.

Dwarf Schefflera

This is a very popular and cool looking indoor bonsai tree. Dwarf Schefflera is super easy to grow and resistant to drought which makes it the best bonsai trees for beginners. Not only this it can also be styled easily and form aerial roots. Keep your bonsai in bright, indirect light but should be protected from the dark sun. This bonsai plant survives well in low light conditions.

Indian Banyan

Banyan tree bonsai tree is also known as barged in the local Indian language and is considered as the national tree of India. This bonsai plant forms aerial roots and grows into a woody trunk. This bonsai tree looks old naturally and turns into an amazing bonsai specimen.

Banyan tree bonsai requires a humid and warm climate to survive. If you live in a cold climate area then it will require special attention. Find a pot for your plant that receives sunlight all day long but in a shady area for the afternoon.


Adenium stands strong with the bulbous trunk, glossy foliage, and vibrant blooms which makes it the best bonsai tree. This tree grows into a small flowering bonsai tree and looks natural with minimal efforts.

You need to keep this bonsai in a place with sunlight and protected from the winds. Keep the tree indoors during winters and maintain a temperature of around 50 degrees.


Olive tree bonsai looks extremely cool and is very easy to care for, making it a suitable choice for a small bonsai tree. It has a smooth looking trunk and strong branch structure which makes it a spectacular bonsai. Olive works fine as an indoor bonsai but thrives best in sunny outdoors.


Azalea is the best and must have bonsai trees. It looks stunning in the bonsai garden. The plant is popular for its growth habit and full blooms in different shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns. Azalea bonsai requires extreme care and acidic soil to survive. The plant enjoys sunny outdoors with afternoon shade producing beautiful flowers.


Not many people know this but the Guava tree makes the best bonsai trees requiring minimal care and maintenance. Guava tree bonsai can also produce fruits, which make them even more beautiful. Being tropical plants these thrive best in sunny outdoors. If you live in cold climate regions, it’s best to keep them indoors.


Pines make a stunning bonsai plant. However, these are not the best bonsai trees for beginners. Pines are rugged with rough trunks and bark which makes them appear old. Keep them in a sunny outdoors with proper air circulation. 


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