Best Outdoor Christmas Lights For Holiday Decorations

Best Outdoor Christmas Lights For Holiday Decorations

Christmas is around the corner, and string lights are a quintessential decoration item. If you are looking for best outdoor Christmas decoration lights for your Christmas tree or porch decoration, then your search is over.

In this article, we have enlisted the best outdoor Christmas lights that will fit in your decoration ideas really well. These lights come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and multiple settings.

Whether you like to use traditional twinkle lights or plan on decorating your house with oversized retro style lights or many colors changing LED lights, you will find it all in this article.  

Best Outdoor Christmas Lights for Holiday Decorations:

Below are some of the highest reviewed and top-rated Outdoor Christmas decoration lights for your Christmas party:

Prextex 100-Count Clear Green Wire Christmas Light Set

If you are looking for the best Christmas tree lights, which are good overall, then choose no other than the Pretex light set.  You can’t go wrong with this classic, decently priced set. It comes with 100 warm white colored bulbs on green wires and is 20 feet long, making it perfect for decorating your Christmas tree or the porch area. One great thing about these lights is that you can lengthen them by connecting more strands of lights.

These Christmas tree lights come with two flasher bulbs, two spare fuses, and two replacement bulbs. They have a 3-inch end connector and 18-inch lead wire and come with clear, bright lights.

Frontgate 3-Pack Controllable RGB LED Kit

There are no better outdoor LED Christmas lights for display than Frontgate RGB LED lights. These come with three pairs of controllable LED lights set, which can be controlled using an iOS device to set the color and brightness levels as well as light effects. You can find these lights in more than 16 million color combinations, making them splurge-worthy.

Each strand is 16 feet long and comes with 25 LED lights, wherein each section includes one lead cord, which is 1 foot long. You get the option of choosing from 10 different lighting effects, including single fae, tri-color, twinkle, rainbow fade, and much more. You can even adjust the speed of the lights as well as direction pattern using apps. Isn’t that cool? Now you know why these are some of the best outdoor Christmas lights.

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The Holiday Aisle Fairy 100-Light Solar String Lights

There are ample outdoor Christmas tree lights ideas for decoration; however, these can add up a big amount to your electricity bill. This is why Holiday Aisle Fairy lights are your best bet if you want to cut back on energy costs. These attractive outdoor lights come with ground-mounted solar panels providing 6-8 hours of runtime every day. 

Holiday Aisle Fairy lights have a 55-foot long strand that comes with a total of 100 bulbs. You can choose from a range of colors, including regular white, warm white, blue, and red. These solar-powered Christmas tree lights can also be used to decorate the backyard and turn on automatically at dusk.

Home Accents Holiday 300-Light Clear Icicle Lights

No wonder these are some of the most popular choices of Christmas lights for decorating houses. These lights are super affordable and reliable and come with a strand that is 14 feet long and has hanging icicles in various lengths, giving a pretty display. Every string has around 300 white bulbs hanging on white wire.

These pretty icicle lights come with spare fuses and bulbs. In case one light shuts down, the other lights will stay put. All the lights are UL-approved and perfect for outdoor use. These are very affordable and look stunning against the snow on winter nights.

Home Accents 300-Light Multicolor String Lights

If you like using multicolored lights for decorating during Christmas the check out these Home Accents 300-Light Multicolor String Light sets. These are one of the best and top-rated outdoor Christmas lights as they feature 300 multi-color mini lights on 68-½ feet long strand with incandescent bulbs. 

These Christmas tree lights come with replacement bulbs in case of some burnout. However, you dont have to worry as the rest of teh bulbs will keep working fine. 

Home Accents Holiday 25 Multi-Colored Incandescent C9 Lights

If you are looking for some of the best outdoor Christmas tree lights to brings your dream decorations ideas to life, then check this one out. Large-bulb Christmas lights give a very retro vibe making outdoor decoration more fun. 

The strands are almost 24 feet long, featuring multi-colored C9 bulbs, and you can even connect two light strands end to end if you need. You will get one extra fuse and one spare bulb. These Christmas decoration lights are very durable and look stunning when used for decoration. 

Quwin White LED Christmas String Lights

If you want outdoor LED Christmas lights for decorating, which stay cool to touch and are also energy efficient, then Quwin White LED lights. The strand of these outdoor lights is 115 feet long and comes with 300 LED lights. On average, these can last for  50,000 hours, so no more worries about buying new lights for years to come. 

The bulbs that come with the lights are sturdy and waterproof and can be used for many hours on end.  You can save up to 90 percent energy over standard super bright Christmas lights. 

If you have to decorate a larger area, then connect up to three light strands end-to-end. You will have eight different lighting mode options to choose from for an extra festive feel.

ASENEK 33ft 100 LED Outdoor String Light

Turning outdoor LED Christmas lights on and off manually is an inconvenient task, especially if they are located in hard to reach areas. Lucky for you ASENEK Outdoor LED Christmas tree lights come with a built-in timer that turns on the light strand automatically for 6 hours.  

This light strand is 66 feet long and comes with 100 warm white LED lights that are battery operated and attached on green wire.

This Outdoor LED Christmas Light comes with eight different settings, including waves, twinkle, slow fade, and so much more. You can set an automatic timer to shut off the lights after six hours and turn them back on after 18 hours.


After reading this article, we can conclude that Prextex 100-Count Clear Christmas Light Set is the Best Outdoor Christmas Lights. These are perfect for both indoor and outdoor purpose and has a 20 feet long strand making it suitable for wide spaces. If you are looking specifically for LED lights, then you can also pick YULETIME warm white Christmas lights, which come with an average lifespan of 50,000 hours.


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