Clever Garage Organization Ideas To Utilize Space

Clever Garage Organization Ideas To Utilize Space

Not only your bedroom but your garage needs proper organization too. If you are looking for some Garage organization ideas, you are in the right place. 

Not all of us are lucky enough to have a gigantic garage with lots of space. Some people struggle with a garage that is too small to store a lot of stuff along with a car. If you are one of us, embark on garage organization ideas and DIY plans. You do not always need a lot of space to make your garage look nice; clever shelving and storage ideas can help you achieve that. All you need is time, patience, and some elbow grease. 

Below we have mentioned some super easy and clever DIY garage storage and organization ideas. Let’s Hop on to the list and get ready to do some fun DIYs. 

Garage Organization Ideas:

Try these super easy and smart tips to organize garage. We have made sure to cover every small and big space available in your garage including corners and ceilings.

Fishing Rod Organizer

Yes, we know that you hate entangled fishing rods; this is why we have come up with an easy fishing rod organizer. This is a very easy but effective way to organize the garage, all you will need is PVC pipe in a length of 3-in-diameter and one foam swimming pool noodle to DIY such garage storage ideas. 

Cut slits in the foam noodle using a utility knife, keeping a space of 4 inches. Line up all the pool noodle on any free garage wall making sure that two slits sit over studs. Pull apart the slits and slide a fender washer, and then screw the noodle to the wall using 2-inch screws. Screw PVC pipe at a comfortable height to the wall and insert your fishing rods. 

You can also use these garage storage ideas to store garden tools like shovels and rakes. Wall PVC anchored storage rack is an inexpensive way of keeping your things in place.

Stack Bins the Easy Way

A good storage system is the foundation of every organized garage. This also includes a shelving system. You can use DIY  garage shelving ideas instead of buying expensive and readymade ones. 

Do you know what makes a great garage storage system? Plastic bins. Plastic bins can be used to store sports equipment, tools, and much more stuff. Build storage towers to prevalent your things from getting lost in the stack. You can use colorful bins and put a label on each to make finding things easier. 

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Garage ceiling track storage

It’s time to make use of your ceiling and turn it into the absolute best garage organization ideas. Get big plastic bins off the garage floor and onto the ceiling. Screw 2x2s using 3-½-inch to the ceiling frame. Make sure that the lips of these bins slightly brush against the 2x2s when you slide the bin back into place. 

Then screw the 1x4s in the center to the 2x2s using 2-inch screws. The garage ceiling is the best place to store medium-weight seasonal items like lightings, camping gear, and other holiday decorations. 

Flexible Garage Storage Wall

Creating this garage storage system will solve two main problems for you.

  • First- how to create a solid mount to hold hooks and shelves for carrying heavy stuff?
  • Second, how-to DIY storage space for a narrow alley between your car and garage sidewall?

The only solution to solve this problem is by using the best of all garage shelving ideas using wood strips. Create a horizontal framework using shelf standards and wood strips. These can easily hold any arrangement of hooks and shelving and is also easy to rearrange. 

Garage Corner Shelves

Now that we are talking about garage organization and shelving ideas let’s not forget the unused corners. A corner shelving system always comes in handy. You can DIY a nifty and inexpensive corner shelving unit using studs. 

Use an oriented strand board or scrap plywood to make a snugly fitting shelf between the corner studs and support them using 1×1 cleats. You can use this corner space to store small items like oils, glues, polishes, and waxes, which usually get lost on a large shelf. 

Extension Ladder Storage

You all will agree with me that an extension ladder is one of the most difficult things to store in the garage. When you plan to organize your garage, a single extension ladder can ruin your hard labor of organizing. Fortunately, we have a solution for this problem. 

Mount your organizing extension ladder on the garage ceiling on sturdy racks built by scrap 2×4 screwed into the ceiling joists. Secure the racks by screwing each joint using 3-½- inches. You can easily slide the ladder in and out whenever you need it.

Ball Storage

Having kids in your house means lots n lots of walls- soccer, basketball, and rubber balls. These round objects can roll underfoot and cause big troubles. We have a perfect way of utilizing the narrow gaps between garage doors. All you need to do is install angled “ball ramps” made using scrap wood. The balls will fit in the gaps neatly because it is right at the edge of the garage.

Pegboard Cubbyholes

Here are the easiest garage organization and storage ideas for keeping all slender shop accessories and tools. Cut PVC pipes in a short length of 1-½ and 2 inches in diameter and slide them over the pegboard hooks. Load all the hacksaw blades, files, pencils, zip ties, and stir sticks. 

Pegboard Shelves

Here is a slick way to organize your garage and store a cluster of tools and equipment on pegboards. Cut wide mini shelves in 2-½ inches, drill slots for router bits, chisels, screwdrivers, and files. After that, drill ⅛ inches holes in the edge using pliers and vise. Bend the pegs at 85 degrees and hammer them properly into the holes. Make sure that the pegs fit in securely in the wood to keep the shelf sturdy. 

Build a Customizable System

You can build your own customizable Garage shelving and organization ideas and even corporate this into your home. Visit any good sports stores, and you will see there are walls with vertical slits with various bins and hooks. These shelves help in arranging the objects easily.

You can incorporate this system into your garage by making it a weekend project. 

Efficient Bike Storage

Hiring bikes is one great way of saving space in your garage. However, even hanging a bike can take a lot of space in a room. We have come up with a cool new storage hack to store your bikes. Install the Saris Cycle Glide system in your garage to store your bikes on the hooks. 

You can easily slide your bikes closer to the walls mounting them perpendicular to the wall area. This helps in keeping the bikes nestled together in a lot less space. You can also take your bikes down easily when hanging over a parked boat or car. 

Use a Built-In as a Mudroom

Need more space for gloves, boots, hats, or bags? We have a quick garage organization hack and ideas for you. It’s time to transform your basic cabinetry into a custom-designed mudroom for the garage at much lower prices. 

Final Words

Garage organization ideas can be space savers as well as lifesaversers. It is not uncommon to struggle with little space, especially in a garage. Using clever ideas to maximize storage and organize garage can help you big time.


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