Tips for Buying a New Mattress

Tips for Buying a New Mattress

Buying a new mattress deserves some thinking beforehand. The expensive mattress offers good quality and range around $1000 for a spring mattress and a memory foam costs more than $1200. A good mattress plays a very important role in your daily life and not only at nighttime during sleeping hours. A comfortable and supportive mattress will ensure you get a good sleep and don’t end up wasting your night by tossing and turning. If you are going to the market to buy a new mattress, then it is important to increase your knowledge before heading to the mattress store.

You don’t necessarily have to buy a mattress of the same size as the old one. You can change your mattress size as per the requirements.size up or downsize to save some space. If you’re moving out then you will need something bigger than a twin size mattress. Get a clear idea of your lifestyle and go out to shop. Changing the mattress size will also require a new bed frame. Take this opportunity

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and do a complete bedroom makeover.

  • Try and then buy

It may seem a little awkward but you need to lie on the mattress and understand its comfort before buying the mattress. Lie down and stretch out completely and try your favorite sleeping position to judge the mattress firmness. Try different mattresses for 5-10 minutes before buying.

  • Check trail and return policy

Even after trying the mattress in the store, the real test of the mattress begins after a week or month sleeping test. Many dealers offer a comfort trial period on the mattress. Normally the trial period is of 30 days, during this period you can return the mattress if you don’t find it comfortable. Be careful, some stores charge a restocking fee. Check for the trail option even when you are shopping online to buy a mattress.

  • Check the firmness of the mattress

Some manufacturers rank mattresses by firmness by using descriptive terms like soft, medium, firm, and also give 10 point rating system. Don’t confuse back problems with firm mattress requirements. Firm mattresses not always guarantee comfort. Some people sleep well on a mattress with average levels of comfort instead of a super soft mattress.

  • Pillow top need

Nowadays pillow-top mattresses are very popular. But this adds to the cost of the mattress. Always remember that a pillow is most likely to go flat after some time and way before your mattress is ruined. If you are light build you will not be able to engage properly and you may have body aches in the morning. Instead of pillow top buy a standard mattress with a thick mattress topper to get that luxurious feeling.

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  • Understand your options

There are different types of mattresses in the market, however, the most commonly used mattresses are memory foam, traditional innerspring, and hybrid mattresses. Sleep Number, an adjustable mattress is also very popular. Every mattress has its own pros and cons. Therefore it’s a good idea to familarize yourself with all types of mattresses before you buy one.

  • Innerspring mattresses are the cheapest mattress of all types. These mattresses provide good support and firmness od wide measurements. This is also romance-friendly. 
  • Memory foam mattresses are comparatively more expensive. However, these mattresses provide good cushioning to sore joints and aching muscles. 
  • Latex foam mattresses are like memory foam mattresses, but are more elastic and offer a “hug” than memory foam. The mattress is more bouncy and is romance-friendly than a memory foam mattress. 
  • Hybrid mattresses have foam overlay with springs. A good hybrid mattress provides the best of innerspring models and foam both.
  • Air mattresses can be customized according to the desired firmness just like you want, and some mattresses also allow both bed partners to change their half of the bed according to their preference. 
  • Skimp the Foundation

If you own a platform bed you don’t require a foundation but if you do not own a bed frame then you would not want to put your mattress on the floor and hence you will require a foundation to raise up the mattress. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on a bad frame. If the old bed foundation is in good shape and you will buy the same size mattress then you may not require to buy a new one. A standard bed frame that was used to hold the mattress and box spring can be converted into a platform-style bed by omitting the box spring/foundation and laying plywood sheets or wooden slats across the bed frame to hold the mattress.

  • When buying an online

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Buying a mattress online may seem scary and but it is a popular option now. There are many reasons why people are switching to online mattress shopping: many different choices, access to many luxury brands, no sales tax, no pressurizing salesperson, and better prices. There are some cons as well: you will not get to try the mattress before buying, returning the mattress is a whole new task, no salesperson assistance, you cannot negotiate on prices, and you will have to discard the old mattress yourself. Choose a reputable site to buy the mattress online and do not forget to check the return policy.

  • Set your budget Generously

A good and comfortable mattress will never be cheap, and a positive mood and good health are priceless. Although you should not spend more than you can afford, a mattress should not come at the cost of cutting your essential expenses later. You will spend only a third of your time sitting or sleeping on that mattress. Make these hours and investment count. You can save some money by cutting on unnecessary expenses after you buying a good mattress. Isn’t a good sleep worth that?


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