Make Your Slumber Party More Fun With These Sleepover Games

Make Your Slumber Party More Fun With These Sleepover Games

Are you organizing a sleepover for kids at home? If yes, these fun sleepover games will make the kids have the time of their life—no more worries about spending a lot of money on snacks. 

We have listed ample games to play at a sleepover party, and you will definitely find something that will work with the kids of different age groups. These sleepover games are perfect for both girls and boys.

The games are perfect for playing even at birthday parties and a fun family get together. So without wasting any more time, let’s jump directly onto the list.

Fun Sleepover Games

Below we have mentioned some fun games to play at a sleepover or slumber party.

Truth or Dare

This is one of the classic and fun sleepover games and really kicks up the slumber party up a notch. You can download a list of truth or dare games list online, which are targeted at tweens. The questions should be silly and fun without being too mature for girls. You can also download some printables to decorate the jar for the girls to pick out chits.

Spin the Nail Polish

We know girls are going to paint their nails in a slumber party, but why not make it more fun. Spin the Nail Polish is a creative game by One Creative Mommy. All you need is an old game spinner and turn it into a game using a free printable. One of the girls will take a spin, and the pointer pointing at the girl will use it. Doesnt that sound like the best slumber party games?

Would You Rather

This is another one of the classic and fun games to play at a sleepover. Would You Rather is a very fun slumber party game. Gather some fun and silly would you rather questions for the tweens, which will start some silly and fun conversations between the girls. You can also download the printables from online websites and put them into a glass jar.

Blindfold Makeovers

Forget about doing the traditional sleepover makeover ideas; instead, try this blindfolded makeover game. The rules of this game are pretty simple. The girl giving the makeover will be wearing a blindfold while applying makeup on another girl. The makeover mess created while playing the game is simply hilarious. When the game is over, the girls can clean up and give a real makeover to each other instead. 


Do you remember M.A.S.H, the game we used to play as a little girl? This game gives five choices to a girl like who they will like to marry, how many kids they will have, who will be their best friend, where they would like to like, what car they will drive etc. Make a spiral and shout “Stop” when all the items are crossed off their checklist, and the girls have their future told. If you don’t have time to make one yourself download a printable online.

Musical Sleeping Bags

Taking the sleeping bags out does not have to mean it’s the end of a fun time. Ask the girls to take out their sleeping bags and play musical sleeping bags. Let’s find out who will be the winner!

Sleeping Ball Game

If you are looking for some unique sleepover games and ideas, then this is it! Sleeping ball game would be a great game and icebreaker for the girls who are meeting the first time and don’t know each other. Find all the big plastic balls hiding in your garage and write questions using a marker. The girls will have to toss the ball to teach others while answering the questions. 

Slumber Party Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunt makes the best slumber party games for a sleepover, which you can totally customize as per the girl’s age, whether outdoors or indoors, the type of things you want to put for the hunt. This also makes a fun Easter game for kids. You can find the best list of items for collection hunt and photo hunt online.

Glow in the Dark games

These fun classic sleepover games for girls will make them have a blast in the dark. All they will need is some glow-in-the-dark paint and glow sticks. They can play glow in the dark hide and seek and search for the glowing treasure.

Funniest Photos

If you still haven’t find the perfect fun games to play at a sleepover, we bet you will like this one. Teens and tweens love getting their pictures clicked, and these free photo props will make it even more fun for them. You can get the free people from “OH HAPPY DAY,” and the set will include bowties, glasses, hats, crowns, and fun accessories. You can also get sunglasses and mustaches. 


Sardines will give a twist to the regular Hide and Seek game and will get the girls giggling. In this game, one girl hides while others will look for them. When the hidden person is found, the girl who is found will have to hide with her. This will definitely be a fun sleepover games idea.

Cucumber Face Race

Girls love the idea of putting cucumbers on their eyes for a cheap spa treatment at home, but a group of tweens will love a cucumber face race slumber party games even more. Put a cucumber slice on the girl’s forehead, and the first one to bring cucumber down the mouth will win. The catch in the game is no hands will be allowed.

Sleepover Pillowcase Craft

Turn the crafts into fun sleepover games for the girls once they are done. Give each girl one plain white pillowcase and ask them to decorate using markers or fabric paint. The one who is most creative and original will get an award.

This or That

There are no better slumber party games to plan than “This or That” for a busy mom. Moms only need to print out a list of questions, and the kids will love such fun games with a group of girls giggling and enjoying. 

Ankle Balloon Stomp

This is another one of the fun games to play at a sleepover. Each player will have a balloon tied at the ankles. The players have to protect their balloons while popping the balloon of other players. Turn up the music and let the kids have some fun. This game is apt for all age groups and gender. 

Wacky Wardrobe

Fill a large trash bag with silly clothes and accessories of all kinds like funny hats, oversized jackets, sunglasses, clip-on earrings, jewelry, lipstick. Start the music, and every time the song stops, the girl with the bag has to reach in and pull out one item and wear it. This will continue until the bag is empty. Take lots of pictures later and dance to some peppy music.

Princess and The Pea

In this game, the girls have to put the pillows in a circle and go out of the room. The mom will hide a green golf ball under a pillow. Then under other pillows keep similar look objects like orange, apple, kitchen spoon, toy, etc. The girls will come back to the room and sit on different pillows until they find the green golf ball. Only one girl will be allowed on one pillow. The girl, to guess the right answer, will have to hide the objects next.

Make Your Own Pizza

After playing lots of games, the tummies will start to rumble, which is when kids start feeling homesick and grumping. Why not make dinner time more fun by playing a game? Organize a Make Your Own Pizza station and prepare the dough in advance; the kids will choose their own toppings like cheese, ham, tomatoes, peppers, olives, pepperoni, or anything they like. They have to eat what they make.

The Flour Game

Challenge the kids with this classic old game and let them focus their minds. Shape the flour into a dome shape using a bowl and put a sweet on top of it. The kids will take turns and slice some of the flour using the knife. The winner will be the child who played last before the kid who made the sweet fall. Keep some extra sweets handy.

The chocolate game

This is another one of the classic sleepover games which are loved because it involves chocolates. Buy a big slab of chocolate, gloves, dice, hat, fork, and knife. Keep the chocolate and cutlery on a plate and gather all the children around the plate in a circle. 

The kids will take turns rolling the dice. Every time a kid gets a six, it’s time to dorn the hat, glover, and scarf and attempts to cut the chocolate using a fork and knife. As soon as the other kid gets a six, it’s their turn to eat the chocolate. This game is crazy fats and super fun. Bring some mini chocolates for backup in case some kids did not get a chance.

Balloon Relay

A slumber party is incomplete without fun sleepover game ideas. This is a super enjoyable game, and all you need to arrange is some balloons. Blow up a balloon for a group of four kids and clear the space to allow the kids to run. Divide all the players into a team of four. Give one player a balloon and have them run with the balloon in between their legs to the other side where their teammate is waiting. This will continue until the fourth teammate reaches the finishing line. The first team to finish the game will win. 

Pig Out

You will need a nig Vaseline jar, a bag of cotton balls, a large bowl, and a timer.  The players will have to smear their noses with the vaseline before they begin the game. Set the timer for three minutes, and as soon as the time starts, the players will have to pick cotton balls using their noses. The person who will collect the most number of cotton balls will win.

Commercial Game

Fill in a bowl with numbered chits, and every participant will have to pick one for their serial number. The kid who will come first will stand up, and the player in the second position will choose objects from the room. The first one will have to make a commercial for the object and speak for 30 seconds.

Final Words:

Slumber parties are so much fun. As a kid, we used to love going on sleepovers with our friends. If you are a mommy and planning to arrange a sleepover for your kids, check out these fun slumber party games. The kids won’t stop giggling and having fun. 


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