Small Shower Ideas To Have A fanciable Bathroom

Small Shower Ideas To Have A fanciable Bathroom

Living spaces in modern times are getting smaller and costlier with each passing day. Don’t you agree? One of the major problems which people face in tiny spaces is having a proper bathroom. However, using some small shower ideas can solve his problem easily. 

The decrease in the space has also taken the creativity a notch up. Thus, there are many bathroom shower ideas available. Some of these shower ideas, like a basement bathroom, are wallet-friendly and can easily add a class to any tiny space. 

In the article, we will tell you about some of the small shower ideas which you can try. These ideas, which we will explore, are some of the best that will help you make your tiny space exquisite. 

Corner Tub

addition of corner tub is one of the best  small shower ideas

Do you want a bathtub? Or a vanity in your bathroom? But can’t due to lack of space? Well, if yes, then this idea is for you. 

In such small shower ideas, a tub is added in the corner of the bathroom. These tubs are specifically designed to fit in the small bathroom. This simple addition of a tub in the corner not only allows you to enjoy your bath time but also carves out space in the bathroom. You can use this space to add a vanity or anything else according to your wish. 

The good thing about trying this corner tub idea is that it is wallet-friendly and doesn’t require much effort. It’s easy to install and implement. 

Addition Of Glass Door

glass door

If you are someone who feels trapped in the small bathrooms? If yes, then the solution to this problem is simple; all you need to do is add a glass door.

Yes, a glass door can completely change the outlook of any bathroom as it allows the space to be visually large. This helps in the creation of a virtually large bathroom, and thus it can be one of the best shower ideas to try. For privacy, you can choose between a variety of glasses. There are options available in the market, like fogging glasses, which create a shield when it is in use. 

 If you have money to spare, then you can go for additional shower tile ideas. One of the ebay shower floor tile ideas you can try is pebble floor tiles. You can also add some slate walls for an additional style touch. 

Redesign The Vanity

Vanity in the bathroom is something that is an essential piece, but it needs space. Don’t you agree? The solution to this problem is to get creative. 

For example, install a sliding door between the shower and your vanity in the bathroom. This will allow you small shower ideas to be perfectly fine while giving the vanity. If you think about where to add the vanity, then you can install it beside the commode. This will give you the option to store your beauty products and let you keep your phone with you. Come on! We all know that we are addicted to our phones and use them in bathrooms. 

For an additional style touch in such bathroom shower ideas, you can try some artistic glass doors. Or you can also go for some shower tile ideas. 

Rustic Wood Tub

It’s not always necessary to go for a traditional ceramic bathtub when getting one. One of the best alternatives is adding a wood tub. Yes, you can add a wood tub to your bathroom. 

Good thing about adding a wood tub in the bathroom is that they don’t require much space, and you can easily install them. They are also wallet and environment friendly. Another amazing thing about the wood tubs is that they will give your bathroom a rustic look. Thus adding something beauteous to space. 

In such bathroom shower ideas, you can also add some lighting to add a more rustic look to your space. 

Add A Glass Shelf

Want something different when searching for good shower ideas? Well, then the glass shelf can be the perfect choice for you. 

In this idea, you can add a clear glass shower shelf to your bathroom. This will not only upgrade your builder grade bathroom but will also add a class to your space. Another amazing thing about these small shower ideas is that they give the feel of the sauna when you use them. 

One thing to remember when going for this idea s that the glass shelf should be frameless to give it an eye-catching outlook. 

Large Format Shower Tile Ideas

One of the best things which a person can do to increase space without actually doing it is to create an illusion. 

Yes, sometimes, an illusion is the best idea. In such shower tile ideas, you need to add large format tiles. These tiles give a roomy feeling, thus creating an illusion of large space even in the small spaces. For an additional touch of style, you can also try some shower floor tile ideas. 

Good thing about this idea is that it’s wallet-friendly and lets you choose. So if you don’t want to spend more, then instead of installing a glass door, try some shower curtain ideas. 

Shiplap Small Shower Ideas

Don’t want to stick with the tiles? Or want something different than trying some shower tile ideas? If yes, then this idea is for you.

In this idea, you don’t need to spend much and don’t require much effort also. To implement this idea, simply get a child size tub and for walls, go for shiplap. The good thing about this idea is that it looks personalized and attractive at the same time. 

Only thing to remember when trying shiplap walls instead of tiles is to go for some marine-grade wood sealer. Also, remember to do proper waterproofing. 

Wetroom Shower Ideas

How do you fit in a shrimpy bathroom which measures some feet barely? The answer is by going for some remodeling. 

One of the best small shower ideas you can try in some spaces is creating a wet room. N such ideas, try some barrier free shower ideas. For an added benefit, go for a toilet top sink in such spaces. This is not only an environmentally-friendly water-saving idea but also saves space. 

In such shower ideas, waterproofing is an essential part so go for professional help to avoid problems. To add a touch of personalization to this idea, go for some unique shower floor tile ideas or shower tile ideas. One of the best is to try gray tiles with some hexagons. This will give your bathroom an eye-catching look. 

Sit Down Shower Ideas

Do you love to soak while showering? If yes, then this idea is for you. In it, you need to create a riser in your bathroom that can accommodate the small tub depth. 

In this, another aspect to notice is that the tub you choose must be in accordance with the user. This is essential as it will help in providing you with a perfect match. Once you are done with these two, go for some hand held small shower ideas. The addition of hand held showers let you choose how you want to go for a bat instead of a fixed routine. You can soak in the idea or can simply enjoy your shower.

The handheld shower in this shower idea not only adds some style but also makes soap rinsing a snap. 

Doorless Shower Ideas

In an already small space, the addition of a door can sometimes be space-consuming. Don’t you agree? Thus going for some door less small shower ideas can be your best.

Good thing about such small bathroom shower ideas is that they let you customize the space. In this idea, you can go for some shower curtain ideas if you want, although it is not a necessity. To save some more space, you can add a toilet top sink in such small shower ideas. Space which you save from the sink can be used for the addition of the vanity. 

One thing to remember in the doorless shower ideas is that the vanity you use must be waterproof. 

Final Words

Living space in modern times is a problem as it is getting costlier and smaller with time. In such a situation, having a decent bathroom can be challenging. However, by implementing some small shower ideas, you can achieve it.

It doesn’t matter whether you want a small attic bathroom or a small stowaway bathroom; getting creative always helps. Amazing thing about being creative is that you can try anything from shower tile ideas to bathroom floor tile ideas to personalize your tiny space. 

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